7 Best Formula Drink For Babies In 2022 – Guide to Newmoms!

Babies are fed formula drinks in every part of this world that are complete nutrition.
best formula drink for babies

Most infants survive on breast milk and can get complete nutrition from it. But there are cases where mothers can’t feed their little ones or for nutritional requirements of premature babies, these can be fulfilled by the best formula drink for babies. When I gave birth to my daughter I was sure that my little baby would get all the nutrition and other immune boosters from breast milk. But, when she turned three months old, And I had to resume my office, I was sure that it will be good if formula milk was added to her daily routine to keep her healthy and satisfied.

The best formula drink for babies must be laced with all nutrients for growth and development.
Best Formula drink for babies

Babies are fed formula drinks in every part of this world and there are many factors that undeniably matter when you select the Best Formula drink for babies.

How to select the best formula drink for babies?

There are many factors that are the parameter to use to select the best formula drink for babies. Some of the factors are discussed briefly here to ease the parents of the confusion. Parents must keep on track of all the information that is exchanged with the child’s doctor or other parents to find teh best solutions for their babies.

The factors to select the best formula drink for babies are:

  1. THE FORM OF THE COMPOUND: The formula drink is available in many forms like powdered contents, liquid form, or ready-to-eat formula. So, the parents have to mix the contents in boiled water to make it consumable for the infants.
  2. THE COMPOUND OF THE FORMULA: The milk formula is can be made from casein present in cow’s milk or goat’s milk. Some formulas are prepared for lactose intolerant kids with soy milk. Some formulas may have synthetic protein hydrolysates that are protein fractions of edible foods like soybeans, corn, wheat, peanuts, yeast, or gelatin.
  3. SIZE OF PROTEIN: The partially hydrolyzed proteins that are smaller are easy to digest, while fully hydrolyzed proteins are the smallest and used in case of some allergies or digestion problems.
  4. THE BRAND: Baby formula milk brands are popularly advertised and well received by parents. So, opting for a clean brand with a positive image is a good way to impart nutrition to the baby.
  5. NUTRITIONAL AND SAFETY TESTING: The safety food grade standards followed by the brand to bring the best formula drink for babies make them readily bought for little girls and boys. So, whether you’re planning about buying a more expensive brand or a lower-priced one, you can sit with peace of mind by knowing that each one contains the optimum nutrients for your baby and that these ingredients are monitored by the regulatory authorities.
  6. PREPARATION MANUAL AND TECHNIQUE: It is important to check the preparation instructions if you’re switching to a new formula. It is particularly important if you are buying a European formula, as the units of measurement may be different.

No matter which one the parents choose, it’s important to see if the formula settles with the baby.

Balancing Breast milk and Formula milk

When the baby is fed breast milk, it completes all the nutritional deficiencies in every manner. is the ideal food for babies. Doctors emphasize drinking exclusive break milk for about 6 months and recommend formula milk after that period.

You can choose formula milk if:

  • The baby is premature and needs an extra feed.
  • If the parents choose to add dietary supplements in the form of formula feed.
  • If the baby has medical complications and can’t thrive on breast milk.
  • If the baby’s hunger is not satisfied by the mother’s feed only.

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A quick list of the 7 best formula drink for babies

Let’s check out the details of the following best formula Drink for babies :

1. Best budget baby formula- Dexolac Stage 1

dexolac formula milk

Dexolac Stage 1 Best Values

Infant Formula Milk powder for Babies (up to 6 months), 400g

It is a powdered formula baby drink that is a good milk substitute for babies up to 6 months of age. Its nutrients are at par with the mother’s breast milk. it has nutrients to support babies’ complete growth and their body development. Laced with calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus it is good for increasing bone density. It has iron constituents to meet infants’ daily needs. With Nucleotides, Selenium, Zinc, and Vitamins A, C, and E, it is rich in nutrients and helps in supporting the growth of the baby.

What is good about it?
  • It has a very good consistency.
  • It is easy to digest.
  • Vitamin D present in this compound makes bones strong.
Some things to consider.
  • It has a little smell.

2. Best baby formula for colic- Nestle LACTOGEN 1 

Nestle lactogen1

Nestle LACTOGEN 1 Infant Formula Powder Best Values

Up to 6 months, Stage 1, 400g 

It is a Whey protein included in formula drink for infants in the age group 0-6 months. Lactogen stage 1 is easy to digest synthetic compound but it ensures enhanced safety, hygiene, and convenience. It is spray dried Infant Formula that has probiotics (L.reuteri) for infants from birth when they can not be breastfed. . It is good for colic babies and it completes nutrient deficiencies in babies. It contains iron, magnesium, and calcium for overall brain and body development.

What is good about it?
  • It gives digestive comfort to your baby.
  • It contains 12 minerals and 14 vitamins.
  • It contains maltodextrin which is very digestible and helps in brain development.
Some things to consider.
  • It must not be overfed otherwise it causes problems.

3. Best baby formula for constipation -Similac Infant Formula Stage 1

It is a vegetarian product. It supports easy digestion and better calcium production. The ingredients of this milk formula like vitamins, minerals, whey protein, calcium, and antioxidants help in bone development in infants. So, switch to Similac for better tolerance and easy digestion. It is an important formula drink to fill the gaps in nutrition due to a lack of iron and vitamins.

What is good about it?
  • It supports infant neurodevelopment.
  • Vitamin D is present in it and maintains healthy and strong bones.
  • Vitamin E present in the milk compound supports developing cells.
Some things to consider.
  • A change in stool color may appear.

4. Most similar to breast milk- Aptamil Gold 1 Infant Formula Powder with Prebiotics and HMO

aptamil formula milk

Aptamil Gold formula milk Best Values

Infant Formula Powder with Prebiotics and HMO (Up to 6 months), Stage 1-400g 

It is a balanced whole milk formula drink for babies that contains appropriate nutrients. It is a unique blend of GOS and FOS, nucleotides, zinc, selenium, vitamins A, C, E, and B-carotene. Also contained are an optimized blend of DHA and ARA, iron, iodine, folic acid, choline, and taurine. It has a whey: casein ratio of 60: 40. It is similar to breast milk as it is 100 percent lactose with protein, calcium, phosphorous, vitamin D, and K.

What is good about it?
  • It has broken down whey protein that is easy to digest.
  • It is good for gassy, cholic, and cry babies.
  • Suitable milk compound for bottle feed.
Some things to consider.
  • It contains less than 40 percent of lactose.

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5. Best baby formula for premature – Nestle PRE NAN

Pre Nan is a special Infant Formula drink for babies with DHA-ARA for premature or low birth weight infants during and after hospital discharge. It is a source of DHA-ARA, MCT, and Whey Protein. This milk formula powder comes in a tin pack that ensures enhanced safety, hygiene, and convenience for you and your baby. There are four stages (namely 1,2,3,4) of Nan Pro to fulfill the complete nutrition requirements of growing babies. Its regular consumption improves immunity in babies.

What is good about it?
  • It is good to gain weight for prematurely born infants.
  • It’s a health supplement.
  • The DHA promotes brain development.
Some things to consider.
  • Its incorrect storage can be harmful to the baby.

6. Best baby formula for colic – Farex 1 Infant Formula

farex formula milk

Farex formula milk Best Values

Infant Formula, 400 gms

Farex milk formula is a unique PreciNutri+ brand product that provides tailored nutrition to support growth, development, and immunity at all stages of the baby’s growth. There is a PRECI CUP that aids in proper feed preparation. It is a good Whey predominant formula drink for babies that supports easy digestion. There are Nucleotides and Zinc that help to support the immune function of infants. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids present here help in visual function and brain development. So, pick this baby formula as 100% lactose in it helps to support good bacteria.

What is good about it?
  • It is a good source of nutrients.
  • It is less sweetened.
  • It improves Gastro-Intestinal tolerance & supports gut health.
Some things to consider.
  • The milk formula has a 1-month shelf life.

7. Best baby formula for allergies – Enfamil A+ Stage 1

7 Best Formula Drink For Babies In 2022 – Guide to Newmoms!

Enfamil A+ Stage 1 Best Values

Infant Formula (0 to 6 months) 400gm

Enfamil is a stage 1 best formula drink for babies in powder form that comes packed with DHA, ARA, choline, and iron. Along with these, it also contains milk solids, edible vegetable oils (palm olein, coconut, and corn), minerals, lecithin, vitamins, corn syrup solids, taurine, and nucleotides. This is a vegetarian product that is a nutritional health drink for under-six months of infants. It is known to enhance cognitive functions in the baby. It improves mental development in 6 to 18 months to the extent that they increase index score and rule learning.

What is good about it?
  • It has enough milk nutrients and emulsifiers that keep the infants satisfied.
  • The formula is helpful in brain development.
  • It has 2’FL-HMO which is a prebiotic similar to that found in breast milk.
Some things to consider.
  • It is expensive.

What is the right time to start/ switch formulas?

The babies can start formula feeding if there are conditions of unsatisfied hunger, lack of breastmilk, and other medical complications where the mother can’t feed the baby. When you introduce the best formula drink for babies initially, she may show symptoms of rejection like excessive spit-up, fussiness, stomach ache, or poor weight gain. But there will be a stage when the body will start adapting to the formula drink for babies. But if the same negative condition persists for more days, pediatricians recommend that it is time to switch to another formula of milk. A parent can keep a “feeding log” for her baby which can also be helpful because then you can review it with your pediatrician later.

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Precautions to take while preparing the Formula milk

After reading the instruction to prepare the baby milk formula, keep on following certain precautionary instructions as mentioned here:

  • It is important to measure and pour the amount of water you want to use into a clean baby bottle.
  • If you are concerned about water contamination, use sterilized water when making the formula. Also, one can bring water to a rolling boil for at least one minute to sterilize it, and then allow it to cool before use.
  • After adding a scoop of baby formula powder, secure the cap of the milk bottle and shake it until the formula is blended and smooth.
  • Without wasting time immediately feed the prepared formula to your baby.

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With all varieties of baby formula milk available, you have a choice to buy the best formula drink for babies that suits your infant’s needs. Once the baby attains the age of 6 months, it is good to switch over to the stage 2 formula that has enough proteins and carbs to fill your baby’s tummy.

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