10 Interesting Books for Return Gifts (All types of books included)

Children and parents love books for return gifts equally. Select interesting and creative books online to woo little kids that attend your party.

When you are planning to give books as return gifts to children and adults who have attended a party thrown by you for your junior, the selection is a little tedious because many books will attract your attention. And once your search is over and you pack a bundle of beautiful books in a cute teddy print wrapping paper, you are waiting to see the smile on the little ones’ faces when you hand over each book to them.

Most Popular Books for Return Gifts
Cute books for return gifts

It is easy to pick great books for guests attending your party. There is so much variety to choose from, activity books, educational books, and storybooks. The parents of your guests will also be pleased to receive a birthday return gift that encourages reading.

Why select books for return gifts?

Children are very curious to receive gifts from their friends and elders. It is the happiest moment for them when they unwrap a shining paper to find something unique and usable. The gifts can be glittery stationery or cute toys, but the books will always teach them lessons of truth and life. They always love the dream world that is far from the harsh realities but then also, the books are the best way to introduce them to real-life situations and show them the mirror of their character. Also, the kids will be far from the gadget world for some hours.

Types of books adored by kids of all ages!

There are many types of books that children love. Creative books, coloring material books, fiction books, moral story books, suspense books, and sticker books are a few of them. Some of my favorite books for return gifts are on topics of-

  1. Celebrated Children Authors’ Books
  2. Science fiction
  3. Fact and files- Science Knowledge
  4. Sticker collection books
  5. Coloring Books For Kids
  6. Mythology Books
  7. Moral Story Books

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Best books available for return gifts

Books are the best gifts that bring joy to a child’s face. They are designed to curate enough curiosity among the kiddos as the colors, texts, and themes attract people from all age groups. Here are 10 great pics for all you parents out there who are looking for books for return gifts.

1. Kieana Kids Scratch Art Activity Books

The scratch art notebook with a pointed wooden stick is a good way to amuse little kids. It is a spiral-bound book that is highly portable and can be taken away while traveling. The kids adore such rainbow-colored pages that are hidden in black ink and can be revealed when the kids scratch them with their creativity. The colorful outlines reflect their inner self and enthusiasm about having a secret spiral scratch pad. It’s one of the best books for return gifts on the occasions of a birthday party or kids’ party.

2. Knowledge Encyclopedia For Children

Our planet Earth is an adventurous place. It is the third planet from the sun and is the only one with life. This is a set of 6 encyclopedia books that has all answers to all kid’s questions about our magnificent Planet Earth. The various formations on earth, its vast forests, mesmerizing natural wonders, and life-giving rivers are just a few of them. The book is one of the perfect books for return gifts where learning is made simpler with detailed images.

3. Ruskin Bond – The Little Princess

Ruskin Bond is the most loved child author and is one of India’s most popular writers. He has been writing charming kids’ stories from Mussoorie with his simple captivating charm. The Little Princess – is a haunting dreamlike story written in his style that wanders in the fantasy world. It is a story of two children, one in the present and one from the past. Read and find out more. Also, it is a gift for those who have an interest in suspense things.

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4. Moral Story Books for Kids

365 Moral Stories 

Moral Story book for kids

The moral storybook is a tool to shape children with delicate imaginations. The stories will not just transport them into a world of imagination but they will teach them good morals too. This book titled 345 moral Stories has a special story for each day of the year and a lesson that can be learned from it. So, kids will immerse themselves into the wonderful world of stories and learn new morals each day. So, buy it as this is a wonderful gift for kids to enhance their imagination.

5. Shiva mythology Book

These are informative books for return gifts that teach kids about mythology in a fun and illustrative way. Kids love stories of gods and goddesses where they can see magic and power. In the story, a curse from a Rishi made the Devas lose their control over Heaven. Lord Vishnu and Shiva helped the Devas and Asuras to find a way and manage to churn the ocean. Lord Shiva helped Devas to a great extent. What happened? Read the kid’s tale to find out the most interesting story from the pages of Indian mythology.

6. Dinosaurs – Coloring and Stickers

Wonder House publications have released a dinosaur-shaped book. It introduces the little ones to different kinds of dinosaurs in a cute book. It is packed with 150+ colorful stickers and large illustrations that give budding artists several hours of coloring and creative fun. The company used the talents of a dedicated team of editors and designers to develop these magnificent and enriching children’s books. The age-appropriate content and extensive research on dinos included in the books for return gifts make it unique.

7. In the Space – Pop-Out Book with 3D Models

In the Space – Pop-Out Book with 3D Models

Colouring and Stickers for Children Age 4 -10 Years

It is a cute and colorful sticker book from Dreamland Publications. it is worth buying for your kiddo or as a gift for others as it is designed for kids to color in, adorned with stickers, and paper models to create a frame-worthy masterpiece for display. It is called a 3D Pop-out – In the Space, as it will keep the creative little artists entertained for hours.  It is ideal for age-group 4-10 with an instruction manual given. There are two pages of bright stickers and one large paper sheet having images of the space world. The die-cut 3-D models are loved by children. It is a perfect pick to encourage the hand-eye coordination of kids and visual perception skills.

To all the parents who are seeking great sticker books for their kids or books for return gifts, pick from a selected list of 10 Attractive Sticker Books for Kids (Start Fun-way Learning).

8. My First Mythology Tale

Maple Press Publications are involved in high-quality children’s literature. The set is an amazing collection of 5 books that helps parents easily introduce their lovely kids to the world of Hindu Gods. It comprises some interesting and enchanting stories about Mahabharata, God Krishna, God Hanuman, God Ganesha, and Ramayana along with beautiful and colorful illustrations for the kids to relate to the stories and enhance their knowledge effectively.

9. 101 Panchatantra Stories for Children

Another Moral story book is a favorite one for kids and adults. The Panchatantra book is a collection of short stories from India that was written more than 5000 years ago by the “Intellectuals”. This is a collection of stories from that legendary collection of stories that are used to inculcate moral values in children in a subtle and fun manner. So, gift to kids and enjoy the stories where plants and animals converse with human beings very easily.

10. Novel by Sudha Murty for ages 8–12

The Magic of the Lost Temple By Sudha Murthy

Full-length children’s fiction novel 

There is one single story that is divided into many chapters in this children’s Novel. The language and vocabulary of this book are very easy to understand. It’s a long storybook that is loved by one and all. Even the adults keep themselves busy with such content. If the kids are interested in reading tales related to village life bring home some stuff from this author. It is one of the best books for return gifts.

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Books are unavoidable and catch the eye of anyone young and old. So, bring some for your little munchkin to engross them and pick many books for return gifts and enjoy every occasion with these chronicles of narration and visual treat.

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