3 Reasons To Buy Ruskin Bond Books For Children

When a friend of mine suggested getting my kids some Ruskin Bond books for children, I was skeptical about it. I mean, there are so many authors out there and why should it be just Ruskin Bond books for children. Since I didn’t want my kids to lose themselves in Television shows and gadgets I wanted to get them story books to make their leisure a productive one. 

I went ahead and bought a small book named The Blue Umbrella, just for my kids to try and they loved it very much. Sooner, before we could realise our kids’ bookshelf is now filled with around 20 Ruskin Bond books for children and they keep asking for more of his books!  So what’s special about Ruskin Bond books for children? Why do kids love them so much? Let us know it all here!

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Who is Ruskin Bond?

Ruskin Bond books for children
Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond was born on 19th May, 1934 in Kasauli which was then a part of British India. He was sent to a boarding school early in his childhood. He wrote his first story when he was 16 and published his book at 22. Till date Bond has more than 500 stories by his name and has published more than 50 books for children. He has been actively writing for more than 6 decades and has experimented with different genres such as fiction, short stories, novella, non fiction and much more!

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Themes of his stories

Set on the foothills of the Himalayas, Ruskin Bond’s stories are filled with adventure, moral values and nostalgia. Being Semi autobiographical, these stories are based upon his childhood experiences in and around the streets of Dehradun and other such places. Having lost his father at a very young age, Ruskin Bond spent most of his childhood in a boarding school. 

Themes of Ruskin Bond stories -Ruskin Bond books for children
Adventure as a theme in Ruskin Bond stories

At the age of 16, Ruskin Bond wrote his first novel named The Room on the roof and got it published when he was 22. His first children’s book The Angry River was published in 1970 upon the request of a publisher who asked him to write stories for children. Since then, Ruskin Bond has written numerous children’s stories with his wide experience and adventure-filled travels across India. 

Story value

Well known as Ruskin Bond books for children, his works are of great content value for kids and even for us adults. As said about the themes of his stories, they are full of adventures to distant lands, snowy mountains, talking animals and many other interesting features in them. Also it has moral values that teach good things to the children as an interesting story!

Adventure stories:

Children are curious by nature and they love to explore anything and everything when they are left alone. Being brought up at the foothills of Himalayas, Ruskin Bond is fond of mountains, trekking, and going into the wild. Also he includes characters from his real life as his grandparents, friends to make these stories more real and interesting. With simple vocabularies, these stories will keep your kids engaged and they’ll forget that your TV and other gadgets exist! 

Ruskin Bond books for children - Moral stories
Morl stories in Ruskin Bond books for children

Moral stories:

For our children to make a better future, it is essential that we bring them up with virtues. The sense of morality can easily be taught to them through stories. There are collections of moral stories such as Panchatantra, Jataka tales – but they are from a very old time. On the other hand, Ruskin Bond books for children conveys moral values with a context that could easily be related to them! 

Simple Vocabulary

While introducing new books to kids, it is important to choose the right books for them. You have to choose books that should suit their level of reading and understanding. You shouldn’t just give them any random story books and if you do, you could spoil your kid’s interest to explore the world of books. Rather with these Ruskin Bond books for children, you could kindle their interest in books as I did with mine. Most Ruskin Bond’s books as you know, are specially for children and they naturally have simple and small vocabularies for the kids to read and grasp easily. 

Simple vocabularies - Ruskin Bond books for children
Children could learn more vocabularies

With some Ruskin Bond books for children, you could give your kids the taste of literature and an amazing reading experience, you need not worry about their leisure or spare time anyways. Also, you could gradually introduce them to other children authors who also have been writing wonderful stories for children. One such favorite author widely read by children is Sudha Murthy. Check out this list of Sudha Murthy’s best short story books for children.

A Simple Guide to Ruskin Bond Stories

All said, you might still be puzzled about where you could start. Since Ruskin Bond has published over 50 Children’s books, it was also tough for me to choose his best works. Of all those books I’ve bought for my kid and from many such reviews we have handpicked and shortlisted a set of 10 Ruskin Bond books for children, just as a starter pack! 

Childhood is meant to be fun, memorable and educational(both academic and life lessons). Books can be a very good friend to your little one and help them walk through a moral path in their life. Ruskin Bond books for children will help your kids know a lot about life and the moral values they should learn! 

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