5 Best toy shops in Coimbatore – All types included!

Looking for the best toy shops in Coimbatore?! This article is for you! Kids love toys and it is we who have to take responsibility to get them the best toys. There are many toy stores in Coimbatore that provide toys at affordable rates with good quality. Though there are many toy shops, we would love to introduce you to the best toy shops in Coimbatore! are is the list of the best toy shops in Coimbatore that are easily accessible. We have made this list based on the wide range of toys and average customer reviews. So you could count on us in this one!

Best toy shops in Coimbatore - safe and durable tots for kids of all age groups! Soft toys, remote controller toys and much more.
Best toy shops in Coimbatore

Budget-friendly best toy shops in Coimbatore

Kids are highly enthusiastic and hyped up when they are into the game. Toys could break, subject to wear and tear in the heat of play. So when you have little kids in your home, we suggest you get them pocket-friendly toys without compromising the quality! Ironically some shops sell quality toys at budget-friendly prices. Listed below are some of the budget-friendly yet best toy shops in Coimbatore!

Kids love soft toys irrespective of their age. With their warmth, soft toys give your kids a safe companionship and lift their moods overall! There are many other interesting facts about it. Check here to know why you should get soft toys for your kids, know it all!


R.S.Collections Toy Shop

R S Collections – Town Hall

This is one of the best toy shops in Coimbatore and Town Hall. There are all types of toys available here right from the simple ones to the luxury ones that kids would fantasize about. Located opposite the flower market, this toy shop is filled with toys for two floors and is a treat to the kids’ eyes. You can’t escape from your kid without getting them their favourite toy if you enter this place.

Location – R.S. Puram, Coimbatore 641002

What’s special here?
  • Wide range of toys at wholesale price!
  • There is some unique toys such as Kids Toy Zone Tent and Kids Jumbo Castle Play Tent that helps in promote kids’ physical activities.
  • Kids’ bikes and cars here would definitely entertain your kids like no other toys!

Bhavani Toys

Bhavani Toys – Town Hall

Next on our list of the best toy shops in Coimbatore is Bhavani Toys, located in R.S. Puram. Despite being a small shop, this place is stuffed with a wide variety of quality toys. Though they sell all kinds of toys, Bhavani toys is known for its huge collection of soft toys! Made with different grades of materials, you could get soft toys for as cheap as ₹200. If you are looking for some squishy soft toys for your lovable little one, this is the place for you!

Location – Thomas Street, R.S. Puram, Coimbatore – 641001

What’s special here?
  • Not just soft toys, they also sell kids’ educational kits and kids’ activity boxes.
  • Soft toys are sold at wholesale prices even when you get them in retail!
  • Customer service and feedback response is topnotch and they respond immediately to complaints regarding the quality of their toys with the utmost responsibility

Unique toy shops

Soft toys, remote-controlled toys, and silicone toys have become more common and old-fashioned. You might even be worried about the material of the toys as the plastic material may sometimes be harmful to young kids. What I do to ensure the safety of my kids is to get them wooden toys! Wooden toys are in no way lesser than that conventional toys and are more sustainable and durable than those. There are some best toy shops in Coimbatore that sell these unique wooden toys for kids!


Toy Store(y)

Ganapathy – Coimbatore

If you are looking for some wooden toys for your kids, Toy store(y) is the place. Here they offer a lot of wooden toys in attractive colours and shapes to engage kids in active play. Right from traditional wooden games such as pallankuzhi and pearls, they even have modern toys carved out of wood! You can get a wooden car or a bike toy for your little one to play with. Also, they have wooden horse toys for kids to play. Toy store(y) also provides an online shopping service and to anyone’s surprise, their wooden toys are priced cheaper than many other online sites!

What’s special here?
  • Huge collection of wooden toys at an affordable price!
  • Wooden toys are made with utmost care without any sharp edges to make it safe for kids to play.
  • Guaranteed quality of toys that makes your purchase satisfying and worthy.

Aadhalya Creations

Ganapathy – Coimbatore

Another unique toy shop in our list of the best toy shops in Coimbatore is Aadhalya creations. This is a one-stop store for Kid’s Books, Toys, crafts and Home decor Supplies at affordable prices and the best quality. This is not another usual shop with boring toys! The toys here are attractive in design, scientific in functionality and provide never-ending fun to the kids. They have a wide range of mind-blowing puzzle sets, kids’ development games and other fun-filled wooden games of curious designs. Aadhalya creation facilitates in-store purchases and online shopping as well. You could choose the best toy for your kids from the comfort of your home!

What’s special here?
  • Unique wooden toys that focus on kids’ brain development.
  • Wide range of kids’ play toys, activity toys, imported books and home decor at one place!
  • Quality products that can be verified and purchased. Can be ordered online as well. Proper timely customer service make them special and reliable.

If you are unsure about the materials used in the regular soft toys, there are organic soft toys to ensure the safety and fun of your child. To know more about it and to get them, read this article on Organic soft toys for kids and be informed!

Branded toy Shops

As a parent, I always take an extra step to provide the best things to my kids. Toys are no exceptions. Even though we try to be economical, at times we get branded toys for our kids for that precious little smile. Branded products come with quality materials that are very safe for kids. Also, they are pretty durable compared to regular shop-bought toys. So in our list of the best toy shops in Coimbatore, here is a branded toy shop you should not miss!



Multiple Locations

If you are looking for age-specific or premium-quality imported toys, Hamleys got them all! Well-known for its wide range of collections and durable toys, Hamleys is located in Brookefields mall and Prozone mall. Here, you could find toys for kids of all age groups, right from newborn babies to kids in their teens. They have toys from almost all the prominent brands such as Hotwheels, Lego, Disney and Marvel-themed toys and much more! They also have multi-themed Kids’ UNO playing cards that would keep your kids occupied throughout the weekend!

  • One point stop for all branded toys for kids of different ages!
  • Premium quality soft toys, kids’ play cards and other toys for newborn babies to kids in their teens.
  • Provides in-store as well as online shopping facility, hence your quest for best toy shops in Coimbatore is just a click away in your mobile phones!


Getting the perfect toy for your kids is a tough task. Getting a perfect toy that is also durable and fun-filled is even tougher! But it is a piece of cake if you get into the right shop. Hence we have provided you with the best toy shops in Coimbatore for you to get some cool toys for your curious kids! Also, you would not want your kids to be outdoors during hostile weather conditions. To beat their boredom during those days, here is a list of the top 10 board games for kids as of 2022. Get these to your kids for unlimited fun!

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