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Birthday theme for girls

Planning a birthday party for your beautiful little girl is so much fun but it is also equally hectic. I have come up with a few ideas to help you choose the best among a bunch of birthday theme for girls.

Birthday theme for girls

A friend of mine’s daughter had a birthday recently and she asked me to help her to come up with some birthday theme for girls that her daughter would love. Often times, most of us end up spending a lot of time and energy trying to plan the event, that we end up feeling a little tired during it.

So, I thought that it would be useful for all if I shared the few ideas and hacks on the birthday theme for girls that I use for my daughters’ birthdays and the ones that I told my friend. To make it easier, I have included the five basic birthday theme for girls based on which you can modify according to your little princess’ wish.

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Disney theme

One of the most fail proof as well as easiest birthday theme for girls is the Disney theme. All of us would have grown up wanting to be one or the other Disney princesses. I remember wanting to be Snow White because she was supposed to be the most prettiest girl in the Universe. There are traditional princesses like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine and such. If your daughter is into these characters, you can easily get them a princess dress and decorate the party accordingly.

Moana inspired birthday theme.

These days there are even more Disney princesses like Elsa, Rapunzel, Moana, Merida and the likes. These princesses are strong, independent, skillful and most of all they are super cool. The dresses, party hats, props and even gifts based on these themes are easily available in Amazon and other such online platforms. Let your daughters live out their princess fantasy on one of their most important days!

I recommend this theme because,

It is suitable for girls above 2 years of age.
It is perfect for kids who love to be a princess.
The decorations and props are easy to buy.

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Cartoon theme

One of the most popular birthday theme for girls is the cartoon theme. Most kids these days are hooked to the screens and with the development in technology, they can keep watching these cartoons in repeat whenever they want. So, if your daughter has a favorite show and a favorite character from that show, do plan the birthday party around that theme.

Dora inspired birthday theme.

Few of the most popular as well as the ones with strong girl leads are Dora, Power puff girls, She- Ra and so on. There are a lot of cartoons these days that solely focus as well as cater to the young girls. These birthday theme for girls would definitely be a hit because your daughter would get to be the center of attention for sure. You could also let the other kids be one of the characters from the same cartoon. Gift your daughter the opportunity of being the coolest kid on the block!

This birthday theme for girls is recommended because,

It is suitable for girls between 3- 10 years of age.
It is perfect for girls who are cartoon lovers.
The clothes and accessories are easy to source.

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Hollywood theme

Every one of us irrespective of age love movies. Little girls are no exceptions to this. So, one of the smartest birthday theme for girls is to let them be a beautiful and powerful character from their favorite movies. Girls these days have a lot of women super hero characters like the Black Widow, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and such. They could dress up like these characters and the entire theme could be based on these.

Harry Potter inspired birthday theme.

Apart from DC and Marvel, there are also other Hollywood characters like Hermoine Granger from the Harry Potter series, Lucy from the Narnia series and such. These days there are also a lot of beautiful anime series and movies that cater to young girls. Most characters in the Studio Ghibli Universe are beautiful smart girls. If your daughter is into anime, video games or movies (be it Hollywood, Bollywood or any language), give them a choice to be those characters.

I’ve recommended this theme as it,

Is appropriate for girls above 3 years of age.
Is an easy way to please the actor/ performer in your daughter.
Is even though a bit expensive and elaborate, would be definitely memorable.

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Animal/ plant theme

An odd but also the easiest birthday theme for girls is the plant/ animal theme. If your daughter is more interested about animals and plants than cartoons, movies and books, go for their favorite plant or animal themes. My first daughter had a phase where she was completely into dogs and everything about them. It was one of the easiest theme for me to plan and execute because there are a lot of props available for the same online.

Animals and plants inspired birthday theme.

Most little girls are into butterflies, cats, dogs, and other cute animals and insects. Thus, animal/ plant based birthday theme for girls is one of the sweetest and the most easiest. If your kid is into pet animals, you can ask her friends to also bring their pets to the party. If it is affordable for you, you could even gift her that animal. She would get a lifelong friend to grow up with. It would be one of the best days of her life for sure!

In short, this birthday theme for girls is recommended because,

It is suitable for girls above 1 year.
It speaks to the animal/ plant lover in your daughter.
It is quite inexpensive and easy to put together.

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Famous personalities

The last birthday theme for girls that I have included could be a little shocking to you but trust me on this. There are a lot of young girls who are not into princesses, barbies and such. They find it hard to express that they don’t like these themes. If your daughter is one such kid, ask her for her favorite scientist, writer, leader, or any such personality.

Frida Kahlo inspired birthday theme.

One of my daughters is into reading a lot and her favorite writer is Sudha Murthy. I used to read her a lot of Sudha Murthy’s stories and she wanted a birthday based on the characters in those stories. You can also dress your daughter up like their favorite leader, artist, scientist and such. The birthday themes could include games based on these persons so that other kids will also get to learn about them.

I have recommended this theme as it,

Is suitable for girls above 5 years of age.
Is quite different from the usual themes.
Is even though a bit expensive, would be definitely remarkable.

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Birthday themes for girls when planned in advance would be easier to put together. You need not even have to pay other people to do it for you. You as a family can also have a great bonding moment through these events. It is always such a warm feeling to see your little daughters grow up. Make sure to make these days absolutely memorable for them as well as for you.

I hope that the above mentioned birthday theme for girls would be useful for you to plan the best birthday party for your little ones. Happy birthday to your beautiful little girl from me and mine!

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