5 Simple Tips To Help Children Love Reading 

Tips to help children love reading

Want to know some secret tips to help children love reading? You have come to the right place! As a parent, I could understand your need to get your kid into the habit of reading. There are so many mindless television shows and mobile applications that could not only get your kid addicted to it, but also they reduce your children’s ability to learn new things in a longer run.

Tips to help children love reading

In order to reduce their screen time I had to try out new ideas. At any cost, I wanted my kid to have a healthy, meaningful and productive leisure. Besides sports and other activities, I wanted to introduce the habit of reading to them. At the same time, I did not want them to feel as if they were being forced to read. Soon I learnt the magic to get my kids reading and here are those secret tips to help children love reading.

Benefits of reading to children

Before knowing the tips to help children love reading, here are some benefits of reading to your children!

  • Improves concentration
  • Great way for Parent-children bonding
  • Can learn more vocabularies
  • Improves cognitive and social skills
  • Promotes discipline and helps in academics
Reading stimulates creativity in kids -benefits of reading (tips to help children love reading)

If your kids are too young to read and understand story books, there are talking books for your little ones! Here is the link to the article talking books for children. Now let us get into the tips to help children love reading!

5 Simple tips

Read along

Here is the first of the tips to help children love reading! Read along with them! Children love it when you accompany and acknowledge them while they do something. So when you introduce reading habits to them, make sure that you sit and read along with your child. This will make your kid feel confident and see reading as a joyful experience instead of a boring, dreary one.

Keep Books in reach

You may like your books organised and stacked on a shelf. But here is a tip to help children love reading: Keep the books and magazines scattered!  Children’s mood is ever wavering and they do random things at random moments. One moment they will be playing and in the next they will be doing something else. So, if you keep those books in their reach at random places, they’ll pick a book or a magazine of their choice and will get involved in it in no time!

Let them choose

Kids love to explore things, no matter what it is. The same applies to books. Whilst you scatter books in your drawing room or the living space or even when you go to a bookstore, let your kid choose a book on their own. Be it just a magazine or big novel that you read. Let them pick it and ponder upon it for sometime. They may read or maybe not, but this creates a sense of familiarity in them and that is one among the tips to help children love reading!

Get them books with more pictures in it. They will love it - tips to help children love reading

Books with Pictures

Sometimes, kids might get bored of seeing books with just paragraphs after paragraph. Here is a tip to help children love reading, there are children’s books which come with a whole lot of beautiful pictures in it! Those short stories are beautifully illustrated in colorful pictures that kindle curiosity among children. So, if your child is reluctant towards books, do try a story book with some attractive pictures in it!

Books as Gifts

On a Sunday morning, while dusting my kid’s cupboard, I was bewildered by all the board games and remote controlled cars. There were too many. I then realised that it is all we have ever received/given to any kid’s birthday. This got me thinking and since then, I started getting them books as birthday gifts and to reward when they did something good. Now, this may seem to be a normal idea, but in fact with this little effort my kid and their friends do gather at the weekends to read and play together! Isn’t it awesome?

That’s about the 5 simple tips to help children love reading. When it comes to kid’s leisure, besides books and magazines, activity boxes are my kid’s new favourite thing! With activity boxes kids can be both educated and entertained by which you could curtail their gadget addiction! Know more about the importance of activity boxes here!

Short and quick set of tips

Tips to help children love reading - read along with your children. This would create deeper parent children bonding between you and your kid.
  • Take your children to the nearby library to get them to know about a whole lot of books.
  • There are so many books adapted to a movie such as Cinderella, Charlie and the chocolate factory, Alice in the wonderland, Jungle book etc. Get your kids those books and watch those movies with them later. They will love it.
  • Read bedtime stories to your children. The more stories they listen to, the more their curiosity grows! 
  • Introduce books of different authors for your kids to find their own favourite genre and author!
  • Always carry a book with you. Be it a casual evening walk, or a little stroll to the nearby park, give them their favourite book instead of a gadget!

So that’s about the tips to help children love reading. If you are looking for a book suggestion for your little ones, we got you covered! There are so many Indian authors who write specifically for children. Learn more about Ruskin Bond’s books and Sudha Murthy’s children’s books here!


Developing the habit of reading in children is a lot easier than how it sounds. You would have to follow these simple tips to help children love reading and besides, try reading books when you find time. Kids, most of the time imitate the things they see and when they see you reading something or the other, naturally they will be interested to read books! Happy reading!

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