5 Unique & Best Selling Remote Control Toys, that are not cars!

5 Unique & Best Selling Remote Control Toys, that are not cars!
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Unique remote control toy or regular boring toys? Which one would you prefer for your kids? Children are always full of energy and its highly impossible to get them outdoors all the time to play. When you are free you would take them out, but when you aren’t free? I was facing the same thing and wanted to get my kids something fun and interesting. 

Whilst looking for toys for my kids, I couldn’t think of a better choice than remote controlled toys! 

My kids have had boring experiences with board games as the rules are a bit hard for them to grasp. But remote controlled toys, they love it! It’s attractive with sounds and lights, it’s fast and matches up the kids’ energy levels and helps them in their hand – eye coordination.

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Here is a list of some exciting remote controlled toys for your kids to have fun and beat the heat by staying indoors.


Unique Remote Control Toys

Unique RC toys

While there are some most common remote controlled toys, I’ve found some uncommon, unique remote control toys that would catch your kids’ eyes!

A JCB is something we would have looked at with awe even in our childhood. Well, why not have some fun with it. This Remote controlled JCB comes in two different models as wired  and wireless. 

Wired JCB toys:

This toy is suitable for kids over 3 years of age. This is the best toy if you want to be unbothered by your child while they have fun in a small area. This wired model ensures that the child plays within a small range as the wire is just a metre long. 

Ranked among top 30 remote controlled toys on flipkart, this unique remote control toy JCB will surely entertain your kids. There is a 7 day replacement policy in flipkart if there is a malfunction in the product. under this price range, this is the best remote controlled toy.

  • Dimensions:  Width × Height – 25 × 13cm
  • Weight: 200g

Remote Control Battery Operated JCB Crane Truck Toy Affordable

Fast and attractive toy that could be enough to keep your little one busy and excited.
unique remote control toy jcb
wired remote control JCB
Why should you buy this?
  • This toy is appropriate for kids of age 3-6. Kids are so active and they want to play most of the time. With a wired toy like this you could keep them in your eyes’ range and needn’t worry much.
  • You could get this quality toy for just ₹400, which is a great deal I wouldn’t miss.
  • This comes assembled and there is no need to toil much looking for catalog to assemble.
  • The toy is of light weight and it’s harmless for kids.
Things to consider
  • Batteries for the remote control are not included and you would require 2 AA size batteries for this to function.
  • Though the tyres are of rubber, the body of the toy is made of plastic, which is subjective to wear and tear.

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Wireless JCB toys:

What’s better for your kid? The best one! Wireless RC(remote controlled) JCB. As it is wireless, this is another unique remote control toy that allows your kids to roam around freely and to play at their will. Unlike the wired toy, sensor range is quite farther and can be controlled up to 10 meter radius. 

It works with 4 AA size batteries. With its rechargeable batteries you needn’t have to buy batteries often, which means – unlimited fun!

  • Dimensions: Width × Height – 25 × 18cm
  • Weight: 490g

Remote Control JCB Construction Loader Excavator Truck Toy Best seller

Fantastic toy with good functioning ability and operating system.
remote controlled wireless jcb
Why should you buy this
  • The built quality is excellent and will sustain rough plays.
  • Rechargeable batteries allow your kids to have fun anywhere, any day.
  • Simple controls which are so easy for the kids to learn
Things to consider
  • A quality product comes with a price, yet ₹1949 is a great deal for this toy.
  • This one’s a bit heavier than the wired version and requires parental guidance whilst the child plays.


Most kids are terrified at the sight of insects and snakes if they happen to see one. They won’t freeze in fear anymore when they have these beautiful toys to win their courage. These unique remote control toy rattle snake come in four colors such as silver, black, orange and green. 

Firstly, It’s a remote controlled toy that functions with rechargeable batteries and produces realistic sound and movements. Secondly, This toy is safe to play and it looks funny instead of terrifying. Also, this is suitable for kids above 5 years of age, this toy has wheels under the head and body that are controlled with a cute egg shaped remote.

  • Product details:
  • Made of high quality plastic which is safe for children to play
  • Dimensions: 38 × 4 × 3cm (length × height × width)
  • Weight: 240g

Realistic Remote Control RC Snake Toy (Assorted Colors or Design) Best deal

Scared of snakes? You won’t be anymore because you get to play with them now.
Remote control snake toys
Why should you buy this?
  • Made of high quality plastic
  • This toy can be used to teach your kids about snakes and their role in our environment!
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries that can easily be charged with any USB cables.
  • Easy remote controls suitable for children over 5 years of age.
Things to Consider
  • Though this snake toy is a bit pricey, it surely is the best deal and also makes a ‘value for money’ purchase.
  • Needs parental supervision while playing outdoors such as lawn and gardens.


What are the odds that we or our children will see a military truck on our roads? Zero, right. Here is a unique remote control toy truck for your kid that looks just like those used by our security forces.

This cute little toy would definitely make a birthday gift and a return gift for kids of age 3 and above. It’s simple, it’s sturdy and it is super cool!

  • Product details: 4 wheel drive made of high quality plastic. Non-toxic spray painted, safe for kids to play
  • Dimensions: Length × Breadth × Height- 20 × 9 × 9cm

RC Army Truck Remote Control Military Truck affordable

Let your kids experience the joy and surprises of automobile world.
Remote control army truck
Why should you buy this?
  • This toy is moisture proof and is made of non-toxic ABS plastic which is safer and healthier for kids.
  • Heavy coated spray paints make it look shiny even after years.
  • Make your kids learn about border security forces by making up interesting stories with these toys!
  • Comes in attractive three colors such as navy blue, brown and green representing Navy, Border security and military forces
Things to consider
  • It has only forward and backward movement controls but not sideway movements.


Be it travelling by train or even while sightseeing, my kid is always fascinated by trains. While looking for some train toys, I got my eyes on this realistic remote controlled metro train toy!

It is 79cm long, giving it the picture of an actual train and makes it more real along with the LED light attached to its head. This train avoids the hassles of setting up a track and runs on any flat surface.

Plastic Remote Control High Speed Long Simulation Metro Train/Bullet Train Value for money

Excitement of driving a bullet train is guaranteed.
Remote controlled train toys
  • Product details: Battery operated remote controlled train, made of plastic.
  • Dimensions: 79cm long
Why should you buy this?
  • Easy to play on with. Assembled and ready to operate
  • No tracks required! All that you need is a flat surface.
  • Realistic toy that has light and sounds similar to that of a live train
Things to consider
  • The simple and realistic features of this toy is both the plus and minus of it, as this puts the toy on a pricey side.
  • The toy is a bit heavier as it weighs around 1.1kg and requires parental supervision to avoid mishaps of any kind. 

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Trendy Remote Control Toys

Trendy RC toys


The first thing that comes to your mind in terms of remote controlled toys would undoubtedly be the colorful, super fast cars, isn’t it? As kids we were all crazy about having a remote control car for us, why not our children then! Give your kids a 100 different remote controlled toys, kids would also want remote controlled cars for some reason. That may be because they look super cool. Here are the best ones in that category

Ranked as the #1 bestseller among the list of remote control toys in amazon, this product sure justifies its place. This toy car is suitable for kids of age 4-10, would actively engage them and lets you have some peaceful time!

  • Dimensions: Length × width × height – 25×13×10cm
  • Made of: Good quality Plastic
  • Weight: 390g

WireScorts Chargebale Plastic Racing Car for Kids with Remote Control Best seller

Amazon’s #1 bestseller remote controlled toy is here!
Remote controlled toy car
Why should you buy this?
  • This remote controlled car comes with rechargeable batteries that lets your kid have unlimited fun, all the time.
  • Available in multicolors.(Red, yellow, orange, grey, white)
  • Easy controls suitable for kids of age 4-10.
  • Ranked as #1 remote controlled toy on amazon!
Things to consider
  • Though it is advertised as multicolored, you couldn’t choose a color of your choice and will receive a random color based on the availability.
  • The car comes with rechargeable batteries whereas you’ve to buy 2 AA size batteries for the remote, separately.

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My Kids are always fascinated about anything that flies over their heads. Be it a bird, kite and more importantly, helicopters! With their whirring sound and attractive design, helicopters never fail to catch your kids’ attention.

This product is ranked as #1 in the list of remote controlled helicopters in amazon. With four wings, rechargeable batteries, USB port for charging, this remote controlled helicopter has all that you’d look for!

  • Dimensions: Height 6cm

VRION Toy Plastic Helicopter Remote Control Helicopter Best seller

#1 bestseller remote control helicopter on amazon!
Remote controlled toy helicopter
Why should you buy this
  • Simple design with flawless functioning.
  • Available in multicolors as Green, red, blue, yellow.
  • Rechargeable batteries, USB charging port.
Things you should consider
  • The product is of height 6cm that makes it look tiny but also the very compact size ensures its effective flight
  • As it is small, it is best suited for indoor plays.

That’s the end of the list. These are the best remote controlled toys currently available on Amazon and flipkart. Though they are a bit costly, they guarantee the fun worth that money. With these remote controlled toys, you wouldn’t have to sweat about your child’s leisure!

5 Unique & Best Selling Remote Control Toys, that are not cars!
5 Unique & Best Selling Remote Control Toys, that are not cars!

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