A Mom’s Guide To The Best Toy Stores In Chennai

Being a mom is definitely not easy. Particularly, while it includes ensuring that you have given a safe space for your child with their toys. As a mom, I’ve always wanted to provide the best and safe toys with good quality.

Most of the toys in the market aren’t of high standards. You can see that some soft toys may pose chocking hazards when being bitten by the kid. Toys with smaller magnets and batteries are not carefully sealed to prevent dangerous encounters.

Thus, after exploring quite a few toy stores in Chennai, this list is made by me with shops that make toys with great quality!

If you are looking for the toys of best brands ignoring the price, you must go for Branded Toy Stores In Chennai

For toys with good quality available in affordable/wholesale prices check Affordable Toy Stores In Chennai

If getting healthy toys is the bigger concern, I would personally suggest you to go for these toys that are available online Healthy Organic Toys Online

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Branded and Best toys for the little ones!

Branded Toy stores

The best brands like Lego, Fisher-price, Barbie, Playskool are all available in toy stores in Chennai. These stores offer toys with great quality that also lasts long. These toys are more attractive than the ordinary ones attracting the kids on a large scale. The features and varieties are also not ordinary, making them grow with the kids.

1. Hamleys

If you set your budget for your kid’s toys high for a great quality of toys, then Hamleys is the right choice. The ambience of the shop also makes you stay longer and look for more. Hamleys has earned lots of trust over years that their toys are safe and also innovative. Hamleys toy stores in Chennai is a great treat for the entire family right from kids to adults.

What’s special here?
  • The soft toys are so pretty and would enthrall kid’s excitement and choose them to be their pretty partners.
  • Motor toys like bikes and cars that work on batteries and remotes are also huge and give the best experience for kids.
  • Robotics for kids can be the best choice if you want a gift that would be unique and memorable.
  • Lots of events and workshops like “Get creative”, “Ramp camp” are conducted by them to enhance the minds of the children and engage them in fun way learning during weekends.
Forum vijaya mall, Vadapalani – 044 66528312
Express Avenue, Royapettah – 044 48510088
Phoenix market city, Velachery Rd – 044 66513564

2. Funskool 

This is India’s first LEGO brand store. Funskool toy stores in Chennai becomes the favorite for kids as they design toys according to the needs of the children. They delight every child with their vision and aid in their holistic growth. Their toys act as a subtle force to improvise the imaginary growth and cognitive abilities of the child. Even for adults, these toys provide them a pleasant and fulfilling diversion, keeping the kid in them vibrant.

What’s special here?
  • Lego toys are always loved by children for their designs. From small aero planes to big colorful blocks that your little one can build buildings with, Funskool is filled with varieties. 
  • The toys are categorized based on age, brand and type. Innovative and educational toys for preschool aged, motor skill development toys for toddlers and hygienic toys for newborns are all available here.
  • For kids of age above 14, the toys that would enrich their vocabulary, improvise their memory and develop their math skills are all widely offered by Funskool.
  • As the shop is filled with branded toys, they also ensure the durability of the toys and provide the best guarantee for the toys purchased. 
Forum Vijaya Mall, Vadapalani – 044 6652 8365

Affordable stores with attractive toys for your kids!

Affordable Toy stores

Toys bring great joy to kids and you can never escape by saying ‘NO’ to them. If you don’t want to spend much on toys, all you can do is choose the right shop that provides affordable toys with good quality in your area. Some toy stores in Chennai are shortlisted here that provide toys at a reasonable price. 

1. Sigma Toys

Sigma toy stores in Chennai has all varieties of toys. They have been involved in distributing and importing enjoyable toys for many years. The quality checking team they have ensures the quality and standard of each toy sold there. They customize toys based on the needs of customers. Kids would definitely get attracted to the beautiful toys with great finishing available there.

What’s special here?
  • A large variety of toys are available right from toys that work on batteries to wooden toys that are suitable for all age groups.
  • Educational toys that help in enhancing the skills of kids are also available here.
  • Any preferences or types of toys that you expect to buy can be provided after taking down the order from you.
  • Most of all, this is a wholesaling toy shop that delivers toys at an affordable price.

2. Mera Toy Shop Mera Baby Shop

This toy stores in Chennai is filled with toys for kids of all ages. You can find hygienic teethers for babies, soft fluffy toys and other varieties too. Toys of all price ranges are available here making it easy for you to choose toys based on your need. There are toys conveniently placed for all groups including colorful stationery items for the school going kids. If you get the visiting card of this shop during the first time of your visit, you will get discounts on your next purchase.

What’s special here?
  • From teethers and soft toys for babies to stationery items and scrap books for kids, all kinds of toys are available here.
  • Every kid inside us still fantasizes tall teddies. Here is a rack filled with soft toys including teddies for various sizes. Starting from INR 250, you can get soft toys even for INR 3000.
  • This is a good option if you want to get the best educational toys for your kids. Puzzles, architectural board games, painting, t-shirt designing and many others that induce brain activity are available here.
  • For surprise gifts, there are pop up boxes and others starting from INR 200. Sports collections also accommodate a large variety like football, basketball and colorful skipping ropes.

3. Rangoon stores

This is the best motor toy stores in Chennai. Having all the types of toys in them with good quality and affordable prices, they can be highly appreciated for the designs and varieties of motor toys available there. The motor toys of all price ranges are present there. You can buy a toy BMW at an affordable price with warranty and get your kid surprised. 

What’s special here?
  • They have good educational toys for toddlers and remote control toys for children aged above 4.
  • They have massive soft toy racks that have soft toys of 3 feet tall which would amaze your kid.
  • If your kid deserves a treat for being a good girl/boy, this is the right place to take them to as the motor toys that make the kid sit and drive them would make you feel good too.
  • Any toy bikes, cars or cycles with colorful designs are available here at wholesale rates. 


Healthy Toys Online

If you want your kid to have great fun with toys but you are concerned about their health as they spend lots of time with plastic, you must choose these healthy toy brands. The toys here are completely hygienic as they are made of non-toxic materials. The toys from these brands are of nominal price range and can be bought online with discounts at times.

 1. Kindora Toys

The kindora toys are designed to provide the best toys made with wood and toxic-free fabrics. These toys and books are handpicked by early childhood educators to make sure that your child gets what their heart desires. With kindora toys, you are fostering a joyous learning and explorative journey for your child.

What’s special here?
  • The toys are categorised based on age and are made of wood. Books, organic toys, curated gift combos and DIY kits are available here all of which are made of hygienic materials.
  • Teethers and rattles made of wood are completely safe and cleaning can be done just by food grade oil like coconut oil.
  • Books available here would act as a great source of knowledge and also induce their imagination and creativity on a great scale without doubts. To improve their pronunciation and vocabulary skills, the books in the ‘Read aloud’ category are of great help.
  • Soft toys are made of organic cotton and other toys for grasping and role play are all made with accordance to the comfort and safety of the child.

2. Berrybee

Toys that help in all types of development for kids are available in berrybee. These toys are especially made in a way that the kids find simple and interesting. They also greatly help you in connecting with your kids. These toys are made with non-toxic materials so that you can always keep your kids hygienic while letting them have fun!

What’s special here?
  • The chalk series that they offer is a great way for kids to practice writing, doodling and also develop their creativity. They support the kids in pre-school learning as they are available based on subjects too.
  • The sensory toys here are made of vibrant colors and different textures that are not harmful for the kids. At the same time, the kids would enjoy playing with them as they find them attractive.
  • The toys under ‘Observation and reasoning’ are also of notable use for the kids. Puzzles, memory play, doodles are various types of activities that would keep the little brains active.
  • Products like story pillows and innovative mats would make the kid think and create stories and explanations on their own. These products would give the kid a great knowledge and also keep them engaged.
A Mom’s Guide To The Best Toy Stores In Chennai
A Mom’s Guide To The Best Toy Stores In Chennai

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