12 Best Crochet Soft Toys- The Ultimate Collection!

The best Crochet Soft Toys in the toy collection for your bunny boys and kitty girls are great. Babies love super cute soft toys designed to woo the cuteness and livability factor among kids. The purpose of soft toys is to provide immense comfort and satisfaction to newborns as well as toddlers. They feel safe, loved, and pampered when they hug plush toys tightly around them. The material of the natural soft toys is specially procured to protect the baby’s skin and the environment.


What are Crochet Soft Toys?

Crochet Soft Toys – Description

Crochet soft toys are the ones that are toxin-free and use natural fabrics in their making. The fabric of the crochet soft toys is the natural yarn that is a pure cotton thread. In simple words, it is a knitted toy that is derived from the Japanese technique of crocheting.

best crochet soft toys
Crochet Plush Toy Collection for newborn babies in blue and pink

How is the Crochet toy different from other soft toys?

The right toy for your baby must include a favorable texture, safe and hypoallergenic material, and safe quality. It is the developmental stage of the baby when he wants to put things in his mouth and explore the world around him. The Academy of Pediatrics has suggested many norms when it comes to the safety of the kids.

Are the crochet toys any cheaper than the other soft toys?

Crochet toys are a little more expensive than other fur soft toys as they are organic and need extra craftsmanship. The design and color combination of crochet soft toys is known to be fine quality.

Are crochet toys easy to handle?

The crochet toys are designed in slender shapes. So, the child can easily carry them around the house or lift them here and there. If we talk about fur or velvet toys, they are made up of a little bulky material that is hard to carry sometimes.

Why is it important for moms to look at the material of the soft toys?

The only answer is that crochet toys are hygienic and safe for your baby. Children have a habit of checking each toy with their mouths. These soft toys can be chewed or licked by your bundle of joy at ease. The use of bad-quality soft toys may increase the risk of suffocation, choking, or entrapment for babies of all ages. Many types of lung diseases are caused due to inhaling fibrils that are present in poor-quality soft toys. This may cause a risk of breathing problems in many children like Asthma and bronchitis.


Why do we introduce Crochet Soft Toys to our little ones?

Specialty of crochet toys

We choose soft toys so that our kids can be away from plastic. Soft toys are safe but when they are not made of good quality, they are definitely unsafe. Even when made of good quality, when the naughty ones at our home bite them or chew them, they are unhygienic without a doubt. The new fascinating crochet toys are hygienic, safe, organic, and whatnot. It may be hard to believe but to actually feel that your kids are safe with toys, you can go for crochet toys.

They don’t cause any harm to kids when placed in their mouths. Here is a list of organic soft toys that includes crochet toys too. Check out this mom-made list of organic soft toys and grab them for your little munchkins!

Modern parents are well aware of the benefits of organic soft toys for babies. The kids live in an environment that is almost polluted with ample pollutants around them. So, it is a good idea to introduce toxin-free soft toys to them.

For other developmental toys for newborn babies, check our list!


Best Crochet soft toys for Newborns and Toddlers: Mom-made List

List of crochet toys

The age group of 0+ is a sensitive one that needs extra effort and care when selecting some crochet soft toys for them. Toddlers have the habit of throwing their toys here and there. They keep themselves busy by having parties with soft toys and making tea and biscuits in the toy kitchen along with the dolls and bears. Hugging and clutching organic toys will not pose any health problems to them because the fabric is skin-friendly. Breathing in a clean and dust-free environment with clean and safe toys around them will stop any toxins from getting ingested into their bodies.

Just go with the flow and gift your toddler a new organic soft toy from a wide range of Crochet soft toys online collection from Amazon. Here are some ultimate picks for infants and grown-up babies that are high in quality and superb in looks.

1. Crochet Princess doll

A Blue-yellow doll is one of the perfect organic soft toys that may enchant your baby and keep them engaged all over their playtime. The raw material kit is known to be made up of 100 percent cotton fabrics and fillings. They are naturally procured and the embroidery thread of natural soft toy is pure cotton. It is a sweet addition to the baby’s crochet soft toys collection. It is a perfect-sized toy to carry in the small hands of your cute darling.

Never miss the opportunity to select a few pieces of soft toys for the baby shower of friends and family as this is a unique and eco-friendly gift to little munchkins.

What are the lovely features of this soft toy?
  • Made of pure cotton
  • Very affordable

2. Happy Threads Crochet Activity Ball – Multicolour

crochet ball

Happy Threads Crochet Activity Ball #1 best seller

100% Eco-friendly material soft toy for kids

A very unique developmental toy for infants is this website’s pick for your baby. Just enliven the baby’s life with happy colors in the crochet ball with cute dolls and bears. Although this is quite expensive, you will never regret it adding to your kid’s crochet soft toys collection of dolls and bears.

What are the lovely features of this soft toy?
  • Amazing ball to look at
  • Children love the skin-friendly fabric

3. Bunny Cotton Knitted Stuffed Soft Toy

Bunny Cotton Knitted Stuffed Soft plushie toy is affordable and can be proven as a beautiful gift for your child and your loved ones. It does a splendid job of entertaining your infant baby girl or boy without compromising on their health. So, it is one of the best classy skin-friendly crochet soft toys designed especially for your baby.

It’s a natural plush toy designed with unique features. So, all the parents out there must introduce such BPA-free handmade dolls to their infants and toddlers without fail. If there is a baby shower or a birthday party to attend, impress your acquaintances by presenting them with a unique toy from a crochet soft toys online collection.

What are the lovely features of this soft toy?
  • Proven to be skin-friendly
  • Very comfortable to hold

4. Crochet Soft Elephant Toy

Highly appreciable features of this splendid elephant that has dazzling eyes and a most trendy outfit. Choose from a wide range of nontoxic materials and high-quality yarn manufacturing brands. An Elephant toy is sure to keep your baby busy for hours and help you enjoy your blissful parenthood. The product is easily washable and the lines made are meticulous which protects the toy for a long period of time.

What are the lovely features of this soft toy?
  • Handmade yarn can save your children from lung diseases.
  • Very attractive and colorful

5. Handmade crochet Zebra Plush Toy

This is an amazing plaything for your baby and one of the best crochet soft toys. It is a magic zebra that is a soft toy made up of wool and yarn. The weight is 158 grams. The size of the product is 20 x 10 x 40 cm. It is a handmade product that is specially made for infants and teenagers.

The face of this cute Zebra crochet toy doesn’t have a smile but is made neutral so that it doesn’t hurt the feelings of children during times of worry. Children can use it as a close friend with whom they can travel around, eat, have fun, adventure, watch web series, and many more. The soft cotton wool doesn’t get ruffled which ensures that the toy has a long life.

What are the lovely features of this soft toy?
  • Teaches emotion to children in a unique way
  • Durable soft toy

6. Pluchi Wheels on The Bus for Toddler Kids

organic soft toy red double decker bus

Pluchi Wheels on The Bus for Toddler Kids in Red & Natural Color kid's Choice

100% Cotton Knitted Stuffed Soft Toy for Babies

This brand has an awesome crochet plush toy collection available online. This Plushie soft toy is named wheels on the bus. It’s length is 30cmx20cm (12″x8″). It is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. The product is manufactured by Pluchi which is a well-known branded soft toy manufacturing work. The toys manufactured by Pluchi show an extra soft hand feel which is even adored by adults.

It is a knitted toy that is as soft as wax. It is made up of cotton. It is ensured that the product is away from the use of harmful chemicals. It is red in color with the title “LONDON” printed on it. The toy is easily washable and doesn’t need much effort but machine wash must be avoided. On the contrary, hand washing in cold water will result in a nice output.

Always buy the best gift for the baby shower of your best friend’s cute little mischievous boy. The train looks cute which attracts small children.

What are the lovely features of this soft toy?
  • Different design- a transportation vehicle
  • Handsome weaving and design

7. Bunny rabbit soft toy

A vibrantly colored toy that has every quality to distract your little one with its design and colors. It is a top pick if you want to own a cute doll for your toddler. The craftsmanship of such a masterpiece will even surprise the adults. The soft toy can be snuggled in the cot of the baby when she falls asleep. She will love the soft touch and feel the security while sleeping with this happy bunny doll.

What are the lovely features of this soft toy?
  • Amazing seam work and design
  • Light-weight and eco-friendly

8. Kitty Crochet Stuffed toy

Hand-made crochet toys are the best pick for kids of all age groups who want their playthings to stick to their bodies. Cuddling and hugging skin-friendly organic soft toys in different animal shapes like kitty is sure to give a soothing environment to the baby and keep them busy for hours. The calming effects of the soft toys are not hidden from anybody. So, indulge in buying a very affordable kid’s toy collection.

Buy one to gift your expecting friend and one for the baby boy of your siblings.

What are the lovely features of this soft toy?
  • Most affordable crochet doll
  • Exuberant colors for girls and boys

9. Bunny in orange

orange Crochet Bunny Soft Toy

Bombay Toy Company Rumi Crochet Bunny Soft Toy value for money

eco-friendly and skin-friendly
₹  974₹1299.00 Buy this on firstcry

The kids are very delicate members of your family. When you buy anything to increase your tiny tot’s crochet soft toys collection, it has to be the best skin-friendly plaything. This plush toy is designed specially to attract little ones as well as children of 3 years and up. These are handmade knitted crochet soft toys that are an amazing combination of attractive colors and highly designed facial features.

The feathery touch of this orange bunny is non-toxic. The kids adore such a beautiful bunny which is clad in eco-friendly fabric. Even the filling is truly safe and polyester to keep your baby smiling for hours. It has a splendid grip for a one-year-old who loves to take his cuddly toy to every place that it visits. This habit of dragging the toys to the living rooms and playrooms will surely wear out the toy but it is sure to keep its promise and always be safe for your cutie pie.

Hence your child will love these crochet soft toys called “The Bunny”.

What are the lovely features of this soft toy?
  • Delicate fabric
  • Available in tempting colors

10. Giraffe rattle soft toy

girraffe crochet

Love Crochet Art Giraffe Rattle Cum Soft Toy for Infant, Kids & Babies (Yellow) Highly affordable

Early Age Toys with Squeeze Handle for Squeaky Sound

The crochet soft toys are made with supreme quality yarn fabric. It is the first choice of parents who are looking for playthings for their munchkins. Just keep looking at the colors that will never fade on washing and keep warm your sweet baby in the cot or while sleeping. It gives a clean environment to the baby.

What are the lovely features of this soft toy?
  • Light-weight material
  • Unharmful if the baby chews it

If your kid is about to start their schoolings, you must give these best toys for 3 year old made my a mom purely for the development of kids.


Hanging crochet soft toys

Hanging crochet toys

We also have some hanging crochet soft toys for you to choose for your toddler baby.

1. Rocking potato hanging crochet toy

hanging crochet soft toy

Rocking Potato (Crochet Animals) heavy discounts

Safe baby toys

It is an awesome multipurpose usage toy. Just find a place like a stroller or baby pram and hang it for your baby. It is one of the unique crochet soft toys online that is also used as a Baby Gym Hanging toy. The product is mentioned as a 1 Month+ because it develops visual awareness skills, grasping, reaching Skills, and provides sensory stimulation. But it can be used for kids’ rooms to decorate.

What are the lovely features of this soft toy?
  • Children’s favorite animals
  • Great pass time for infants when placed in crib

2. My Yarnery Crochet Sheep Soft Toy

sheep hanging crochet toy

My Yarnery Hanging Crochet Sheep Soft Toy affordable

Wall or Door has a customized name for Kids Room
₹1,100548.00 Buy this on amazon

It is one of the most creative crochet soft toys that toddlers will love to play with. It will pose as a best friend for them. It is available in many colors and even the website has many other animals to choose from. They can be washed regularly to remove every single germ from the vicinity of your child. These are best as gift options at such an awesome price range.

What are the lovely features of this soft toy?
  • Customized toy to put baby’s name
  • Attractive design for children

Are you interested in Musical Soft Toys for babies? Check out our perfect list of toys that are top rated and child-friendly.


Babies love soft things to play with. The crochet soft toys online collection from many renowned brands will flatter you the moment you start searching for them. There are some unbelievable animal designs for your baby that you will be highly surprised by.

Don’t hold back and select from the best crochet soft toys to pamper your cute little one with colorful and handmade plush toys that are a rage this season.

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