A Trichy Mom’s Super Exciting Toy Guide!

I, being a mom of a two year old know how hard it is to find good and healthy toys to make our kids happy. Though Trichy is my hometown, I just moved back here from a different city. Initially, it was hard to find the best toy shops in Trichy but later after exploring for a while, I’ve handpicked a few shops that are unique and are special in different ways.

Remember the times when we were kids? The holidays we had, the places we roamed and all that fun..! Good old days. As a mom, I feel that my child shouldn’t miss the happiness of their childhood. They can’t go on an adventure trip, nor explore the places around, but we could make it fun inside our homes

No TV or mobile phones could possibly give the pleasure of playing with their favourite baby dinosaur toys, racing battery cars or those tiny cooking sets and Barbie dolls..! 

Hello to the fellow parents in Trichy! Here’s a list of toy shops I’ve been to and suggest you take your children to fill their little world with their favourite toys.

If you prefer quality over the pricing, (which you should if you have kids under age 5) here is the list of toy shops with quality, pricy toys Quality toys with best prices in Trichy

Does your child row and throw their toys? You might consider getting them affordable toys to keep up. So here are few Affordable toy shop in Trichy

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Affordable Toy Shops In Trichy

Affordable Shops

1. Bommai kadai

Looking for soft toys? Barbie doll sets? Remote controlled battery cars? ‘Bommai kadai’ – toy shops in Trichy has it all in here. They have both Domestic made and imported soft toys. Though imported soft toys are a bit costlier it’s worth the money as they are softer and look realistic. They also have push toys, with lights and sound. Bommai kadai has a wide variety of battery toys as much as around 80 different toys such as battery helicopters, JCB, police cars and so on.

What to look for?
  • Soft toys of height 30cm starting from ₹150 onwards
  • Barbie doll set starts at ₹120 and with additional set ups and costumes, the price varies
  • Push toys of different shapes as Dog, ice cream man, with light setting starts at a handy ₹150
  • Battery Helicopter that are remote controlled ₹1750

2. Ambay Toys

There are very few wholesale toy shops in Trichy that sell toys in retail. Ambay toys is a place where you could get toys in retail for a wholesale price! Toys start from just ₹20. They have a large collection of toys such as animal toys, kitchen sets, doctor sets, vehicle toys, puzzle sets, card games, water guns, squeaky toys and so many. Toys are very much affordable at the same time they are of good quality.

What to look for?
  • Animal toy sets like wild animals and domestic animals. Your kids would love to learn the names of animals through toys!
  • Cooking set, doctor kit! Who knows what professions our children would be into! Let’s kick start their curiosity with these basics.
  • ‘Hot wheels’ are too costly. You can get quality miniature push cars at a handy price without hurting your wallets and child’s happiness!
  • Puzzle sets can make your children creative and sharper! So give it a try.

3. Shree Ramdev Toys

Appearance could deceive you, well it’s true here. Though this toy shops in Trichy looks small, it has a large collection of affordable toys for your kids. They have both normal toys as well as remote controlled toys. Right from the jingles for toddlers they have different sets of toys for different age groups of children. 

What to look for?
  • Rubber toys that are safe for children to play without getting hurt.
  • Remote controlled toys start from ₹150 onwards!
  • Minions, Pikachu dolls come in single as well as sets too
  • Besides, they sell toys on wholesale prices!

4. STS Complex

This is one of my personal favourites that brings back so many memories! Remember playing ‘Choppu saaman’ (miniature cookery set) with your mates?! Here’s the toy shops in Trichy where you could get those at a reasonable price. If your kid could have fun and learn a life skill, why miss that chance! This shop has traditional cookware made of clay, like the same we had in our childhood. 

What to look for?
  • This isn’t a joke but they have almost all the kitchen utensils right from cup and saucer to pans, rolling pins, spoons made of clay pots.
  • Your kids could actually learn to cook with these pots with your little help and guidance!
  • No chemicals, no hazard! Made of 100% natural products! This kit is truly safe for your kids.
  • Bonus tip: while your kid is having fun, you could record their cookery skills that would make an awesome YouTube content..! 
(Miniature Cookery sets made of other materials as silver, brass, aluminum are available in the shops near Theppakulam)

Branded Toy Shops In Trichy

Branded Shops

If you would love to spend more on quality products, here are your choices. These toy shops in Trichy has a wide variety of brands and they are available on a large scale.

1. Game point

What if you could customize your own toys? Well, this toy shops in Trichy – Game point you could do it. This a heaven of soft toys and basically known for its teddy bears. Available in 5 basic colors as Red, pink, yellow, blue and orange you could customize these teddy bears as you like with hats, hearts with your photographs and what not! They also have soft toys as superheroes, animals and much more.

What to look for?
  • Soft toys ranging from heights 30cm to 6 feet!
  • Toys on different themes, multiple colors and you could choose your favourite design.
  • Toys come in hand stitch and machine stitch based on your preference.
  • Washable, repairable, safe to use toys. They do take online orders too!

2. AH Kids Corner:

Wake up the adventurer in your kid! Looking up to their favorite superheroes and cartoon characters flying off on bikes and cars, our kids love to race on a bike of their own. Here is a super toy shops in Trichy with super cool miniature bikes and cars for your kids. Now they could wheel on your terrace, indoors, and even outdoors  without the risk of getting hurt.

They’ve Quality trendy products to ensure your child’s safety and allow them to have fun at the same time.

What to look for?
  • These are like the miniature versions of the actual bikes and cars that we use, so your kids could get on it and ride them by themselves!
  • Bikes and cars operate entirely on batteries, making them safe for the children. 
  • Attractive sounds and lights that add fun. The shop’s employees assist you in assembling the product.
  • Starts from ₹4000 and ranges up to ₹15000 based on the vehicle’s model and design.
  • toy shop in trichy

B2B Little Big Store:

This could be a one place stop for all the above mentioned toys and dolls! Yes, they have a wide range of collections of soft toys, smiley cushions, battery toys, and miniature bikes and cars. Though it’s a bit above the affordable margin, the quality sure does make up to it. So don’t forget to add this toy shops in Trichy to your shopping list too!

What to look for?
  • Fond of cartoon soft toys? B2B got them all! Panda, Pikachu, Tom and Jerry, Sonic Rabbits and many more of your children’s cartoon characters are here as soft toys.
  • Realistic vehicle toys such as transformers cars, JCBs, military tankers with functioning accessories, that operate on batteries!
  • Customizable Cars, Jeeps, and cool bikes and scooters for your children to ride on.
  • This comes with both manual and semi automatic functioning models. Kids love these very much.
  • Toy shop in trichy

Life, post lockdown is indeed boring even for us adults. Imagine kids with all those online classes and stuff. Our kids do need some fun and treats. To make their days fun and to make them love you more, do visit these toy shops in Trichy with your children and get them some awesome super cool toys! 

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