Aveeno baby lotion vs Sebamed baby lotion – Which brand is better for your baby?

Aveeno-baby-lotion-vs-Sebamed-baby-lotion, comparison and uses.

When babies come into the world, we are overwhelmed by the happiness of possessing cute little gems. There is always confusion about the selection of baby products like Himalaya baby soap or Jhonson’s baby soap, or Aveeno baby lotion vs Sebamed baby lotion. When my cutie pie became a month old, I chose baby lotion, soap and body wash from a well-known baby brand. I wanted his skin to get a good buttery softness from the baby cream that protects the epidermis from cracking and getting dry. My childcare radar always picks the best baby product from the market after thorough research.

Aveeno baby lotion vs Sebamed baby lotion
Difference between Aveeno baby lotion vs Sebamed baby lotion

This article is a comprehensive one to bring out the best features of two best baby products -Aveeno baby lotion vs Sebamed baby lotion. Both brands are great so, it is a little confusing for the parent to zero in on one of them. But I am sure that reading it till the end will help you to choose the one that is made for your baby’s soft skin.

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The newborn skin doesn’t need a lotion or a moisturizing cream to cover the delicate skin unless it is dry. The pediatric association has issued guidelines to select baby products to help first-time parents. The pointers are as follows:

  • Ingredients: The products must have a list of all the ingredients and must be free from common allergens or irritants.
  • Cost: The products must be available for a wide range of budgets.
  • Reputation: The products must have a high reputation in the business industry and must adhere to the industry’s best practices.

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About Aveeno brand

This brand has been a favorite baby brand since it introduced its colloidal oatmeal cream. Baby products from this American brand are popular among new parents. This company was owned by the baby skin care giant Jhonson’s and Jhonson’s in 1999. The mission of the brand has always been to harness the natural properties of nature to benefit human skin. The company was initially started by the two brothers Albert and Sidney Musher who began their experiments with raw cereals like oatmeal powder as skincare ingredients for centuries. The Aveeno has all baby products are made with colloidal oatmeal and other active naturals.

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About Sebamed brand

The Germany-based brand for baby and adult skin care products is very popular around the entire world. The main reason it is a leading brand is that they have a pH value of 5.5 which is the healthiest pH for a baby’s skin. The full name of this brand is Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG which was established by Heinz Maurer (1921-2016) in the year 1957. The brand was a global brand since 1971 when the products started to be exported to over 70 countries. Their products contain high-quality active ingredients that are responsible for cleansing and nourishing the skin without harming its natural acid protection mantle. Hence, there is no worry about the side effects of this product.

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Important differences – Aveeno baby lotion vs Sebamed baby lotion

The brands are worthy of buying as they have a reputation for being safe and good quality baby products that use healthy ingredients. If you are concerned that Aveeno or Sebamed which is better? Keep on reading some key features to compare the brand products that are listed in the following points.



While we are talking about the most important feature in Aveeno vs Sebamed is availability, we will not neglect the other crucial factors. The easy availability of Aveeno or Sebamed baby lotion online makes it a good buy. There are certain discounts also that make the prices very competitive with any other international baby brand.


Price range

While comparing Aveeno baby lotion vs Sebamed baby lotion, it is found that Aveeno costs about ₹1999 for 580 gm/ 532 ml quantity. Here the cost of every 100 ml is ₹380 appx. While the Sebamed lotion is ₹1,300 for 400 ml. It means that it is ₹325 only.

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The track record of both companies is found clean when we are comparing Aveeno baby lotion vs Sebamed baby lotion. The international companies owning both baby brands have been doing their share of good work for almost 50 years.


Company’s background

The Aveeno brand is older and has more credibility as it has a parent company by the name of Jhonson’s and Jhonson’s. Also, Seba med brand has won awards in the category of baby-quality products. It is a 5-time winner of the Parents’ Choice Awards that are organized by Lisa (Food and Lifestyle Family monthly magazine in Hong Kong) in its weekly infotainment magazine. Moms and dads have chosen our Baby Sebamed Range from 2008 to 2012 the most popular brand in the Baby cleansing and moisturizing categories. Here, out of Aveeno baby lotion vs Sebamed baby lotion, the Aveeno brand wins.



In comparing the effectiveness of Aveeno vs Sebamed, it is seen that the Aveeno cream is more effective in moisturizing baby skin. The oatmeal ingredient is the USP of this brand and is known to be very effective. The effectiveness of Aveeno baby lotion is 12 hours and more to protect the skin from growing flaky. For children suffering from eczema, this Aveeno lotion comes as a savior.



A pH protects your baby’s skin by forming an unaltered barrier between the environment and the skin. The baby’s skin is known to have a pH of 5.5 and the same levels are maintained by the glands present in the skin. The pH of the Sebamed baby lotion is a perfect 5.5 and it keeps the protective barrier intact. The pH of Aveeno baby skin lotion is 6-6.5. So, there is a slight difference in the pH levels of both lotions. So, in Aveeno vs Sebamed, we may consider Sebamed the winner here.


Possible side effects

There is no serious side effect of any of the brand products as seen in many user reviews. They have trusted brand names that have a reputation to maintain. So, they use authentic ingredients that are mentioned in the list printed on the back of the cover. If your kiddo suffers from some kind of skin allergy or skin reddening after the use of these lotions, it is better to stop the use and meet your doctor for further consultations. Parents must use any one of them, Aveeno vs Sebamed that is truly compatible with the baby’s skin.

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The comparison of Aveeno baby lotion vs Sebamed baby lotion can be done on the basis of fragrance. The artificial smell may be added to increase the attraction of the baby product. But the additional scents are a source of irritated skin and allergies. The Aveeno brand has a little fragrance that keeps the baby’s skin with a mild scent for hours. So, pick the Sebamed one with a controlled fragrance.



The Cruelty-free baby products that are used for grooming are always the best buy that is never tested on animals and are also kind to the baby’s skin. There is a long list of PETA Certified baby brands, and both these are included in the list. Thus, these are popular with parents all over the world. So, make sure there is no compromise on quality and safety. Hence, in comparing Aveeno vs Sebamed it is found that they both come out clean.


Environment pollutant free

The use of non-toxic plastic bottles to store the contents is necessary for a brand to minimize environmental pollution. There are certain sustainability features recognized by both companies to using recycled plastics and planting trees to compensate for energy consumption. Aveeno has plans for 100% recyclable, reusable, or compostable packing in 2025. In comparing Aveeno vs Sebamed we found that both companies are responsible enough to take care of the environment.

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Bottom Line
Aveeno baby lotion
Bottom Line
Aveeno Baby Lotion has active natural oats formula which protects and nourishes even sensitive skin for 24 hours.
1. It provides amazing prevention and temporary protection from chapped or cracked skin.
2. The natural ingredients are wonderful for a baby’s delicate skin.
1. It is more expensive than other brands.
sebamedd body lotion
SebaMed Baby Body Lotion
(400 ml)
Bottom Line
Sebamed baby lotion has a pH of 5. 5 And contains natural lipids.
1. The lotion safeguards the skin against dryness and makes the skin smooth and supple.
1. It has a mild fragrance.
2. Its consistency is watery.

Aveeno or Sebamed which is better?

To conclude this reasonably informative article, I suggest that parents must pick Aveeno baby lotion for what it has. It is worth using on your newborn baby’s skin and has passed all dermatological tests and become a safe product for babies. The product is easily available and can be ordered without any problem online after comparing Aveeno vs Sebamed here.

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