Baby Boutiques in Coimbatore – 5 Must-visit Shops!

Baby boutiques in coimbatore. Baby essentials

If you are in Coimbatore and have a little angel in your home, here is a list of the best Baby Boutiques in Coimbatore! What adds happiness to a family with babies? Cute and lovely outfits for your babies! You may be a parent, or you could be a relative who loves to give thoughtful gifts while visiting a baby – this article is for you. Check out this hand-picked list of baby boutiques in Coimbatore for your adorable babies.

Baby boutique shops in Coimbatore - the best shops

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Baby Boutiques in Coimbatore

There are so many boutiques and traditional clothing stores in Coimbatore, no doubt about it. But when it comes to your baby, a little extra care has to be given. The baby clothes at regular textile shops are made of the usual cloth material, which may not suit your baby’s soft and smooth skin. Baby boutiques in Coimbatore help you to choose the most comfortable and safest clothes for your young ones! 

Here, we provide you with a list of baby boutiques in Coimbatore that has daily, casual wear, and fancy festive collections. Hence you could choose the right shop for the right occasion. Read through the article to know about some key points you should remember while buying clothes for your baby.

Boutiques for Daily Wear


Popmint Babies & kids’ fashion

Cross-cut road – Gandhipuram
Popmint Babies and kids' fashion - baby boutiques in Coimbatore
Popmint babies & kids shop

We try to pick out the best baby boutiques in Coimbatore at the city’s heart for haste-free shopping for your babies. First on our list is Popmint Babies & Kids’ fashion. They flaunt the largest organic cotton baby cloth collection in Coimbatore. The prints are designed with fresh and breathable fabric which is good for the babies’ smooth skin. 

This women-owned shop knows the needs of a mother and provides you with quality daily wear for your little one. This baby boutique in Coimbatore is a must-visit! 


KidzCrush Baby shop

Pappanaickan palayam
KidzCrush Newborn baby shop - Best baby boutiques in coimbatore
KidzCrush Baby shop

Nothing is more satisfying than a customer-friendly shopping experience. Kidzcrush Newborn baby shop gives you such a happy experience on your shopping day. This women-owned shop welcomes every parent including those who belong to the LGBTQ+ community! You could get everything from Newborn baby garments, baby beds, cradles, and toys to maternity products such as maternity pillows and maternity binders! Do check out this shop on your quest to the baby boutiques in Coimbatore. 


Babyhug Store

Diwan Bahadur road
Babyhug store

All baby boutiques in Coimbatore have clothes and toys for babies. Only a few shops care about the unnoticed essentials for your babies. Babyhug is one among them! Baby teethers, made of food-grade silicone– safe for babies help your babies to ease during teething. Babyhug also has rattles, cradles, toys that are soft and safe, footwear, and much more. They also have baby products and clothing from popular brands

Teething is an important milestone in a baby’s growth. Whereas, it comes with a great deal of pain and itch. Teethers can make this easy for your babies! Know more about this and a list of the best teethers for your babies here!



OPUS RKID - Baby boutiques in Coimbatore

Next on our list of best baby boutiques in Coimbatore is OPUS RKID, which has a huge collection of daily wear baby clothes and fancy wear. They have these thoughtful Baby kits that have all the essentials for the baby and moms as well. New moms would find breastfeeding challenging with regular clothes. This shop has feeding tops and feeding nighties for you to conveniently feed your baby without having to compromise your comfort! 

As a mom, you could either shop for clothes for you and your baby at different shops. Or, you could save your precious little leisure time by shopping for feeding clothes and baby clothes here, at OPUS RKID. This is one of the other must-visit baby boutiques in Coimbatore!

Boutiques for Fancy wear


Juzz Kiddin

Juzz kidding baby boutique in Coimbatore
Juzz kiddin

Most fancy clothing for babies that we could get in regular textile shops won’t suit our babies. Either they are unfit or the material could be bad, many things could go wrong. But not when you could customize your baby’s clothes. We are not kidding! Juzz Kiddin is one of the few baby boutiques in Coimbatore that has customized clothing for your lovely babies. What looks like a house, is one of the most unique baby boutiques in Coimbatore!

At Juzz kiddin, you could choose the fabric variety, style, and fit of the clothes for your babies. You could also choose to buy from their huge readymade outfit collections, but customization gives your baby a unique look altogether! Check out their Instagram account for their impressive designs @Juzz_kiddin


The Nesavu

Tatabad – Hudco colony
The Nesavu - Baby boutiques in Coimbatore

Hailing from the Tamil word ‘Nesavu‘ – meaning – to weave, this shop brings the elegance of traditional artistry to your babies’ clothes. If you want your baby to look dashing in traditional outfits, the Nesavu got you covered! Mixing our heritage with modern sensation, baby clothes from here are absolute beauty with a charm. You could shop in-store or order from the comforts of your home. Also, you could recommend this shop to your relatives from other parts of the state

Also, you could recommend this shop to your relatives from other parts of the state. The Nesavu delivers clothing to all major cities in the state. Visit or order online and witness the incredible collection at this baby boutique in Coimbatore! 


  • For newborn babies, always prefer cotton clothes to synthetic fabrics until they are at least 2 years old.
  • Make your baby wear the new clothes a few days before any occasion. By this, you could know if the dress would cause any inconvenience to the baby. This would prevent a lot of hassles during the occasion.
  • Ensure that your baby’s clothes are not too tight and they are fresh and clean.
  • Always wash and dry the new clothes before you wear them to the baby. This makes the cloth soft and aerated.
  • Baby’s comfort is the utmost priority of every mom. Needless to say, but to remind – While choosing toys, rattles, teethers, outfits, or accessories of any kind make sure that they do not have any tiny attachments that the baby could accidentally swallow. 

Keep these basics in mind while dressing up your baby from the clothes bought from the baby boutiques in Coimbatore. Dress them up like never before and adore them even more! Also, we have curated a short list if you are looking for the best toy shops in Coimbatore. Do read and follow TheKeenkid for more useful blogs!

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