4 Benefits Of Water Play Mat For Kids And Its Special Features

Benefits of water play mat for kids

Have you heard about the benefits of water play mat for kids? If not, this article is especially for you! Even if you have heard about it, here we have reviewed it after using it for a while to save your time and money from being wasted on other unworthy products. This is an unpaid and honest review after trying out the product in person! So keep reading to know more about this water play mat for kids and the benefits of water play mat.

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What is a Water play mat?

Recently I saw this water play mat on Amazon and decided to give it a try. Being a mom and a working woman is a bit of a challenge as it gets harder to look after the child when they start to crawl. I realised the benefits of water play mat then. This water play mat for kids is basically a waterbed with colorful attractive toys in it and can provide both cooling effect and allows babies to play with the toys within! Made of food grade PVC, this water play mat for kids is perfectly safe for the kids to play and sleep. 

Benefits of water play mat for kids
Water play mat for kids

Of the two layers, the outer layer can be filled with air and the inner layer with water. Thus the outer layer acts as an edge that prevents babies from rolling out! This water play mat for kids is inflatable and light weighted. Hence it can be folded and carried anywhere. Babies over 3 months old can be laid on this water play mat for kids, after tummy time so that they could have fun watching and playing with all the floating marine animal toys inside the water play mat.

Special features

Why should you buy this
  • Portable – This water play mat for kids is foldable and lightweight. Hence it can be carried anywhere at will!
  • Quick setup – With two separate valves, one for air (outer layer) and another for water (inner layer), this water play mat for kids can be set to play in no time!
  • Quality – Made with ecologically safe PVC, this water play mat is completely safe for babies to play with. Also the material is of superior quality as there is no water leakage or inconvenience of any sort!

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In the video: Our baby is very much comfortable and happy to be on this water play mat and play with it. Unlike the other boring toys, she spends more time on this, leaving me unbothered to finish my work! With improved posture, strong back and neck support, her crawls have become more confident these days!

Benefits of water play mat

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4 Benefits of water play mat for kids

Helps in development:

The benefits of a water play mat include helping your baby develop strength on the back, legs, arms and neck. As a mom, I was always careful about the overall development of my baby. My baby got easily bored by the regular toys and I wanted to try something new and exciting. With all these colorful, attractive toys within, this water play mat helps them to coordinate the hand and eye properly. With this water play mat now my baby is so cheerful and loves to crawl on it all the time!

Fun and entertaining:

Babies can get as bored as we are, but they can not express it the right way. One of the benefits of a water play mat is, it is fun and entertaining. When we got my child some normal plastic toys, she was happy but not for a long time. But with these floating marine animal toys such as octopus and other cute little animals, now she is all laughing and playing on it and I could do my work without having to worry about them.

Good posture for Babies 

The major problem of using a normal flat bed for babies is that it makes their head lose its actual shape and makes it flat. The prime benefit of a water play mat as I realised with my baby is that it helps the babies to maintain a normal head shape and hand arches. Also it helps in good back and neck strength by holding the babies in the correct posture. With good back support, crawling was easier for my baby as she grew up.


Made of fine quality PVC, this water play mat for kids is durable, lightweight and foldable. I have been using this for a very long time and with proper maintenance this water play mat is durable and you don’t have to  worry about leakage or damage. This water play mat can be filled with either hot water or cold water, depending upon the season, so as to comfort your child! Also, don’t forget to wash it gently after every use to keep it clean and hygienic for your baby.

Why do I recommend?

In short, My role as mom became easier with this water play mat and I was able to focus on my work more efficiently. Of all the other water play mats I have looked out the one I mentioned stood out in its make and looks and it didn’t fail me as I have now used it for almost one year for my baby. Now I can work in peace, knowing that my child is playing safe and happily on this awesome water play mat for kids.

Benefits of water play mat
Being a mom and a working woman is challenging

So I recommend this water play mat for kids as a must try product for your young babies for them to have fun and be comfortable. Not just that, it is very much affordable and it will be a buy that is value for the money. Do buy this amazing product from Amazon and share your baby’s happy moments as comments! 

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