7 Best baby beds with net in India: Features, Prices and more!

Babies are the most precious things in the world. They need proper sleep to stay happy and healthy. A good sleep keeps them energised and allows us as parents to also get some rest. It is thus important to invest in a good mattress/ bed for our little ones, so that they can sleep peacefully. If you are looking for the best baby beds with net, worry not, for I have taken time to guide you through it.

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Why do we need mosquito nets in baby beds?

Importance of mosquito nets in baby beds

An important thing to consider beyond the bed is the sleeping space. It should be sanitary as well as thoroughly ventilated. But the problem with ventilation is that it gives way to mosquitoes and bugs to enter the house. These carry with them several disease causing viruses. Babies can easily catch these diseases as their immune systems are not full developed.

We need to protect them from acquiring any and all infections and diseases. Viral fevers caused by mosquitoes are one of the most common and deadly diseases that affects a baby. The chemical mosquito repelants and their fumes are toxic for the babies respiratory system and their soft skin. So let’s look at how to tackle this.

The only safe alternative to the toxic chemical mosquito repellents is the usage of baby beds with mosquito nets that are attached to it. Apart from screening mosquitoes, they also have other incredible uses. Let’s look at few of their uses.

  • They keep away bugs and thus protect babies from bug bites.
  • They screen large dust particles that could potentially be inhaled by the babies.
  • The nets are secured from the outside, thus the babies can’t reach for anything outside the bed.

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Types of baby beds with mosquito nets

Types of beds with mosquito nets

Like any other product, baby beds with mosquito nets also come in different types, shapes, and colors. They also differ according to the age range of the babies. It could be confusing to look for one on the internet given the multitude of products. Thus, I’ve categorised the common types and provided a detailed review of a product from each category. Let’s dive into the types first.

Baby bed with net

The most common baby beds with mosquito nets are the swing beds and the floor beds. The swing beds come with a stand which holds the net covered cradle. The cradle could be physically pushed to soothe the baby to sleep. There are even automatic swing beds that could be controlled using a remote.

The floor beds as the name suggests are the beds that could be placed on flatter surfaces. These beds are easier to carry around and could be used outdoors too. Some of these mattresses also have additional options like a built in play gym for babies.

Check out the pros and cons of floor beds and swing beds before diving into the best baby beds with net.

Floor beds
1) Doesn’t take up space.
2) Easily portable.
3) Cheaper compared to swing beds.
1) New borns outgrow easily.
2) Older babies might get bored.
3) Doesn’t have automatic controls.
Swing beds
1) Contains cradle.
2) Babies love it.
3) Some have inbuilt music.
1) Takes up space.
2) Some are not easy to wash.
3) Costs more than floor beds.

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Best baby Floor beds with mosquito nets

Best baby floor beds

I have carefully chosen the best baby beds with net among the floor beds as well as the swing beds. These products are recommended based on personal experiences and suggestions from those I know. Let’s first look at floor beds and then go for swing beds.

1. Anchara New Born Baby Bed.

7 Best baby beds with net in India: Features, Prices and more!

New born baby bedding set Best Value

It’s a 3 piece set containing a soft mattress, a pillow and a mosquito net.
₹379₹999 Buy this item
Suitable age: 0- 6 months old.

In short, this bed is recommended ’cause it is:

  • Cheap but worthy.
  • Easily removable and foldable.
  • Simple design.

The first product among the best baby beds with net is this beautiful floor mattress. It is suitable for newborn babies and can be used until the baby turns 6 months old. The bedding along with the pillow is made of cotton. They are filled in such a way that makes it soft and fluffy so that the baby can feel like it’s laying on the mother’s lap.

The bright blue colour combined with white gives it a look of serenity. The colorful cartoon images would keep the baby entertained. It also has a lace border which makes it all the more cute. Even the strong plastic wire frame of the net contains cartoons.

he mesh of the mosquito net is knit loosely enough to ensure proper flow of fresh air around the baby. But it is also tight enough to stop any mosquitoes from getting close to the baby. The frame of the mattress is made using high quality plastic wire. It is light in weight and has high tensile strength.

2. Fareto Baby Sleeping Mattress.

7 Best baby beds with net in India: Features, Prices and more!

Fareto baby sleeping essential mattress Best SELLER

It’s a 8 piece set containing a Mattress with net, a reversible nest, a carry bag and 5 pillows.
₹899₹1299 Buy this item
Suitable age: 0- 6 months old.

I recommended this bed because:

  • It has other useful items along with the mattress.
  • The pillows can be used even if the baby out grows the bed.
  • It has a reversible nest.

This beautiful bed is one of the most versatile of the all the baby beds with mosquito nets. The bedding as well as the pillows are made out of super soft cotton material. It is thus easily washable. It can be used until the baby turns 6 months old.

This mattress set contains 1 reversible baby nest , 2 small star pillows, 2 long bolsters, 1 fluffy square pillow, 1 U- shaped pillow, 1 mattress with net and 1 carry bag. The bright purple color along with the colourful apple design makes it all the more attractive for the baby.

The sleeping/ carry bag provides proper support to the baby while you carry your little ones around. The mattress with the net can be easily folded and you can take it anywhere. The reversible baby nest has a thick base making it extra comfortable for the baby to sleep or play around.

3. Kwitchy Baby Bedding Set.

7 Best baby beds with net in India: Features, Prices and more!

Kwitchy new born baby bedding set Best OFFER

It contains a pillow, a mosquito net, a large Mattress with bumper guard.
₹1399₹3000 Buy this item
Suitable age: 0- 12 months old.

This bed was recommended because,

  • It is quite large.
  • It is made of foam so it is softer.
  • The bumper guard is stronger.

This floor bed is suitable for babies upto 12 months. The bright baby pink colur and the colorful teddy bear design makes it attractive for the kids. It also has a cute bow. The bed is lightweight, so it easy to fold. Thus, the bed could be carried along when you are travelling with your baby.

The bed and the pillow are made out of extra soft foam. This ensures a safe feeling for the baby as well as deep sleeps. The cotton fabric makes it skin friendly as it is the most suitable for the baby’s soft skin. The mosquito net is made out of see through mesh fabric and it is highly durable.

Since it is designed for babies upto 1 years old, it gives a lot of surface area for your new borns to sleep and move around. The big bumper guard will make sure that the baby doesn’t roll away from the bed. Thus, it is one of the safest baby beds with mosquito nets.

4. Tender Care Baby Bedding Set.

7 Best baby beds with net in India: Features, Prices and more!

Tender care baby bedding set Fast moving

It contains a pillow, a bedding with mosquito net and a play gym.
₹699₹1200 Buy this item
Suitable age: 0- 12 months old.

I am recommending this bed as,

  • It has a play gym.
  • Easily affordable.
  • It has removable toys.

This is one of the fastest moving baby beds with mosquito nets. It is due to the play gym that comes along with the bed. The bed and the pillows are also made of high quality polished fabric. The base of the bed is thick and thus soft and bouncy.

This bedding set is of bright orange colour. It has beautiful polka dots as well as cartoon designs. The mosquito net can be zipped from the outside. It is made out of premium quality mesh, thus making it safe for the baby. It is also light weight and easy to carry around.

The play gym has bars at the top of the frame. This provides support and structure to the bedding. It also gives space for your little ones to jump, hop and play around. The plush toys attached to the top frame encourage tactile play in your kid.


Best baby Swing beds with mosquito nets

Best baby Swing beds

Let’s look at the best swing beds that are available online in India.

1. Flipzon Baby Swing Bedding.

7 Best baby beds with net in India: Features, Prices and more!

Flipzon premium new born swing bedding Multi purpose

It contains a mattress with mosquito net that doubles as a cradle.
₹1549₹3499 Buy this item
Suitable age: 0- 9 months old.

This product is recommended because,

  • It has a detachable clarinet.
  • It is cheaper than other swing beds.
  • It is easily washable.

It’s time to look at the swing categories of the baby beds with mosquito nets. First is this swing set for new born babies. The mattress is stuffed with foam and covered with cotton. It is extremely soft and easily washable.

The bassinet is suspended from the sturdy frame. It could also be removed and placed anywhere. If you are taking your baby outdoors, you can simply remove the bassinet and use it as a floor bed. Otherwise, it could be used as a swing and you can cradle your baby in it.

This bright blue bedding has cute cartoon prints over it. The frame as well as the bed has teddy bear shapes on it. The mosquito net is also blue and it protects the baby and ensures a safe and sound sleep through day and night.

2. Kiddery Maia Baby Cradle.

7 Best baby beds with net in India: Features, Prices and more!

Kiddery Maia baby cradle Best value

It contains 1 baby cradle with Mosquito Protection Net.
₹3189₹5999 Buy this item
Suitable age: 0- 8 months old.

Brief reasons for recommending this,

  • It has wheels and thus easily portable.
  • Removable mosquito net.
  • Foldable frame.

This is one of the best baby beds with net in the swing category. This cute cradle is simple yet effective. It has a strong and secure frame with wheels. The wheels make it easier to move the unit from one place to another. The wheels also have independent locks to make sure that the frame stays in one place.

The baby basket is attached to the frame and it could be removed if needed. This makes it easier and smoother to swing the basket. The basket also comes with a swing lock function if you need to stop the swinging action. The cute mosquito net which is attached to the frame is also removable. Since each part is detachable, it is easier to carry while traveling.

The light baby pink colour is soothing for the baby and it helps them sleep easier The fabric of the basket is super soft and it is also detachable The fabric is washable thus making it sanitary for the baby. The detachable mosquito net could also be used when the basket is detached from the frame.

3. Baybee Wanda Electric Swing Cradle.

7 Best baby beds with net in India: Features, Prices and more!

Baybee Wanda automatic swing cradle Worth the price

It contains 1 automatic swing bed with foldable bracket.
₹8,590₹9,999 Buy this item
Suitable age: 0- 24 months old.

I’m recommending this product because,

  • It has automatic swing technology.
  • Inbuilt soothing music.
  • Rotating toy bar.

The list of the best baby beds with net would remain incomplete without this electric swing cradle. The cradle comes with three gear swing adjustments and it controls the speed of the swing. It also has timer settings, which could be set so that the baby will be swayed to sleep without you having to push the cradle physically.

The most important feature of this swing bed is that has a sensor to detect the baby’s movements. This sensor activates automatic swing function and it puts the baby back to sleep on its own. Another interesting feature that makes it desirable is that it has an inbuilt music set. It comes with 8 soothing music that helps the baby to fall asleep peacefully. The music will also automatically stop after two cycles.

The swing bed also has a rotating toy bar. It helps the baby to try and reach for it. Thereby, enhancing the baby’s gripping and grasping abilities. It also improves the baby’s physical flexibility. The toys could be removed and can be replaced with your child’s other favourite ones. The toys are made of washable materials thus they could be sterilised from time to time.

This Electric swing cradle is made up of safe environment-friendly and durable material. The fabric of the bed is intertwined so that it can quickly dissipate heat and absorb sweat easily. It is also washable and could be sterilised easily. The mosquito net is also detachable and so, it can be cleaned too.


A peaceful sleep is necessary for every living being and it is particularly important for babies. Baby beds with mosquito nets provides that safe and peaceful sleep as they keep away bugs, insects, flies and mosquitoes.

I hope that the above mentioned list of best baby beds with net would be helpful for you to choose the best product for your baby. Happy napping to you and your little munchkin from my end!

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