6 Best gifts for baby shower in India – an easy guide!

Best gifts for baby shower

It is not easy to choose a gift for someone else and it is particularly hard to choose the best gifts for baby shower. This is because pregnancy is one of the most memorable time of her life for any woman. Even to this day, whenever I think of my baby showers I feel a rush of happiness and contentment. That’s why it becomes important to celebrate every mother and be collectively thankful for this beautiful gift of nature.

Every mother deserves to have the best baby shower, surrounded by her friends and family. One way to ensure that she feels loved and appreciated is by giving her gifts. It could be hard to choose a gift that would be useful for the mom to be and also the baby that’s on the board. That’s why, I have listed some of the best baby shower gifts that I found to be thoughtful.

I have further divided the list into two categories – one for moms and another for babies. Each category has a minimum of 3 items. I’ve also linked one product for each item to help you choose the best baby shower gifts easily.

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Importance of gifting a mom

Best baby shower gifts for moms

Often times, most baby shower gifts end up being for the babies rather than the mother. Even for my own baby shower, a lot of people gifted only soft toys and rattles. There’s nothing wrong with gifting toys but it would be considerate to gift something that would be useful for the mom to be.

Baby shower gifts

That’s why I decided to make a seperate list of the best baby shower gifts that would be useful for an expecting mother. These gifts solely focus on the mom and would help her to get through the last few months of her pregnancy.

Gifts For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women need the most care and attention than the unborn baby. So be the change and gift the mom-to-be rather than the little one who is yet to come!

1) Pregnancy Care Gift Packs.

One of the most visible changes that a woman goes through during pregnancy is that of her body. That’s why the first product among the list of the best baby shower gifts is a care pack. The hormonal changes during the pregnancy might lead to the loss of moisture and elasticity of the skin. Thus, it is important for an expecting mother to use good moisturising products and to look after herself.

6 Best gifts for baby shower in India – an easy guide!

The Mom’s co. pregnancy care pack Highly recommend

A care pack to pamper the pregnant mother.
₹1,122.00₹1,689.00 Buy this item
The best pregnancy care pack out there.

I am linking one of the best pregnancy care packs that I have come across. It is the mom’s co pregnancy care package with four essential items. I’m calling it the best ’cause it has the most important products that will help with dry and elastic skin. The care pack has a natural body wash, a foot cream, a belly stretch mark oil and a body butter.

As the baby grows in her belly, it is common for a mom to have dry skin. The natural body butter, foot cream and the body wash will help reduce the dryness, moisturize the skin and reduce morning sickness. The stretch mark prevention oil is made of seabuck thorn oil and it helps improve the elasticity of the skin. The Moms Co. is a brand that is founded and run by an Indian mom, thus it is particularly designed for Indian moms to be.

In short, I’m recommending this product because,

It is toxin free.
Nourishes the skin, hair and bones.
Prevents stretch marks.

2) Maternity Clothes.

Moms to be usually feel hot and sweat a lot more than other people. Maternity clothes are important because it helps with the circulation of air thereby cooling down the body. Many expecting as well as new mothers find it difficult to come across maternity clothes that are different from the usual full length maxis. Thankfully, there’s a growing consciousness on improving the quality and utility of maternity clothes these days.

One brand that produces such maternity clothes for pre and post pregnancy is Easy Feed. I’ll give a brief review of one of their products so that you can choose the one that would be perfect for the mom you’d be gifting. They have different colours, patterns, length and size, thereby making it very inclusive.

6 Best gifts for baby shower in India – an easy guide!

Easy feed pre and post maternity dress Best Value

It’s a calf length maternity maxi dress for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
Best maternity dress that aids breastfeeding.

This elegant blue maternity dress is made of the material called rayon mixed with cotton. Rayon is a great fabric because it is very light weight and it also allows air flow thereby cooling down the body. It has an invisible zip that allows for hustle free breastfeeding. Since it is a free flowing dress, it could be used during as well as after pregnancy.

In short, this beautiful dress makes one of the best gifts for baby shower because,

It could be worn for parties and functions.
It is made of breathable fabric.
It comes in a lot of sizes.

3) Maternity/ Pregnancy Pillows.

One of the hardest things to do towards the beginning of the third trimester is the ability to sleep comfortably. Carrying moms find it difficult to be able to sleep in a way that balances the weight of their belly. This is where pregnancy/ maternity pillows come for the rescue. These pillows are designed in a way that’d provide the utmost comfort for a pregnant mom.

Mothersyard C shaped body pillow is one of the best maternity pillows for it provides full body support. It is designed in a contour shape that helps align the mom’s spine thereby reducing body pain and discomfort. It follows the natural shape of the body and supports not only the belly but also the head, neck, back, and hips along with other parts of the body.

6 Best gifts for baby shower in India – an easy guide!

Mothersyard full body C- shaped maternity pillow Fast moving

Pillow that’s useful to help relax the baby bump and also for breastfeeding.
₹1,199₹4,099 Buy this item
Best pillow that helps relax the mom.

The outer cover is made of cotton and there is a zipper at both the outer and inner cover. This makes it easier to wash the cover and sanitize it properly. It is washable by machine and even after multiple washes, it doesn’t clump at all. Apart from serving as a pillow for pregnant and breastfeeding women, it could also be used by any person who suffers from body aches.

This particular pillow was recommended because,

It is easily washable.
It is long lasting.
It can be used by anyone.

It is important for a carrying mother to prepare the nursing room before delivery. This reduces a lot of stress post partum. Check out our list of new born bed side essentials and gift the items for a baby shower.

Gifts for new borns

The most common gifts for baby showers are usually for babies and they would be toys. But there are a lot of other products that can be gifted apart from soft toys. It is advisable to give something that would be useful for the new parents.

Without further delay, t’s look at some of the best baby shower gifts that caters to new born babies.

1) Baby Clothes.

During the first few months after a baby is born, the most needed item for a baby is the clothes. There could never be enough clothes for a new born. Most parents start stocking on clothes during the last few months of the pregnancy. That’s why baby dress sets becomes one of the best gifts for baby shower.

The mini berry 13 piece baby clothes set makes a perfect gift. It is unisex and can be used for both boys and girls. It comes with towels, socks, mittens, wash clothes, t-shirt, pants, shirts and what not. It’s made out of 100% cotton, therefore completely safe for the baby’s precious skin and hair.

6 Best gifts for baby shower in India – an easy guide!

Mini berry 13 piece unisex baby set Best selling

Clothes for new born babies that covers from head to toe.
₹610₹899 Buy this item
Beautiful dress set for new borns.

The cute pink and white colour combination along with cartoon prints would make the new born baby look like a doll. It also comes in blue, red and other such colours. It is easy to wash and sanitize. This could be used as a daily wear or as a special wear. This dress set will be helpful for the new parents as they don’t have to buy all these clothes seperately.

In short, this makes one of the best baby shower gifts because,

It has all the essential baby clothes.
It is soft and perfect for a new born.
Towels and such items can be used even if the baby out grows a few articles.

2) Diaper Bags.

Having a new born baby in the house means that there would be clutters on the floor and every other surface. That’s where diaper caddy organiser and diaper bags come in handy. It reduces the clutter and also helps keep the baby items organised. It would also help a lot while traveling. That is why diaper caddy organiser/ bags become one of the best gifts for baby shower.

Baybee is one of the best company that specialises in baby items. This diaper caddy organiser is multifunctional as it can be used as an organiser as well as a travel bag. It has various compartments that are designed particularly to hold the different items that a baby would need. The partition of the compartments could be dismantled to make space based on our own needs. The bag could also be folded flat after removing the compartments, thereby could be shelved if not needed.

6 Best gifts for baby shower in India – an easy guide!

Baybee diaper caddy organiser Best value

A bag that helps with organising baby items along with diapers.
₹499₹1,099 Buy this item
Best diaper bag that helps new moms.

The classic grey colour of the diaper caddy makes it all the more stylish. The complementary colour of the handles stand out and they are also very strong. The bag is made of high quality eco friendly material and is perfectly safe around a baby. The sharp edges of the organiser is covered with protective ribbons. It is easily washable by hand, and so there’s no fear about spillages.

What makes this one of the best baby shower gifts is that,

It is larger than most organisers.
It is handy for travel.
It is customisable to the needs.

3) Swaddle Clothes.

Swaddling a new born baby has a lot of advantages. The first and foremost one is that it would remind them of the time when they were in the womb, thereby making them feel safe. It also helps the baby to sleep peacefully without being awakened by their own hands and body. That’s why the list for the best baby shower gifts does not end without swaddling clothes.

The luvlap company specialises in creating baby products that are the safest for the babies, particularly the new borns. This set of swaddle clothes are multipurpose as they can be used as a burping cloth, baby blanket, nursing cover during travel, diaper changing sheet and what not. Thus they can be used for a longer period of time even the baby out grows swaddling.

6 Best gifts for baby shower in India – an easy guide!

Luvlap muslin swaddle clothes Long lasting

Three white clothes that have multiple uses apart from swaddling.
₹586₹839 Buy this item
Best swaddling clothes in the market.

The ultra soft white muslin cotton material makes the cloth very soft. The light and open weave of the material allows natural regulation of the baby’s body temperature. It also keeps the baby cool during summer and warm during winter. These light weight breathable clothes contain zero toxic chemicals and is absolutely safe for the baby. It is machine washable and gets softer with each wash.

This product is one of the best gifts for baby shower because,

It is unisex.
It serves as a multipurpose cloth.
It’s perfect for the baby’s soft skin.

Another important item that makes one of the best baby shower gifts is the new born care pack. Check out our review of Mama Earth vs Himlaya baby products and gift the best care package.


Gifts are a unique way of conveying your care and affection towards a person. Carrying mothers need all the love and attention in the world. So, shower them with thoughtful gifts along with sweets and pickles.

I hope that the list of the best gifts for baby shower in India will help you choose the best gift. Happy gifting!

P.S – If you are really close to the carrying mother, you can also gift a bed with protective mosquito nets for the baby. Check out our best baby beds with nets and gift one!

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