Best Newborn Baby Toys – A complete guide!

‘What would be the best newborn baby toy?’, have you ever wondered?. Kids are the gift to our lives in many ways. Not only do they make us parents, they are the bundle of Joy that make us more responsible. So when I had the first kid, I wasn’t so sure about many of the newborn baby toys.

May be a year old child could express if they likes the toy or not. But what toy could possibly entertain a newborn baby as their senses are yet to develop. So I started to buy all those toys that are advertised, and started giving all the toys that I received as gifts from friends and relatives. Only after a great deal, I found the suitable toys for the newborn babies of age 0-3 months.

There are these colorful toys, squeaky toys, toys that develop your baby’s brain functions, teethers and so on. Here we give you a complete list of baby toys that are tailor-made for your infant to giggle a lot.


Toys for Newborn Babies

All Newborn Toys

Be it parents, or relatives, most of the time they are clueless about the needs of a newly born infant. So as a ritual, we always get them a gift hamper that has baby soap, baby shampoos and oil, a pair of dresses may be. Well, everyone gets these same things that would probably pile up useless.

Rather, you could be thoughtful enough. Spend some little time reading this article to get the best toys for the newborn little wonders. Here’s a list of basic toys for a newborn baby! (0-3 months of age)

Check out Set of 8 baby toys

1. Colorful Set of Newborn Baby Toys

WISHKEY Colorful Attractive Plastic Non-Toxic Set of 8 toys Amazon's choice

Shake & Grab Rattle and 1 Soothing Teether for New Born and Infants
Why should you get this!?
  • This pack of eight toys are specifically designed for newborn babies.
  • Multicolored and very much attractive
  • Safe and non-toxic toys for your lil ones.

This product is listed as amazon’s choice and is undoubtedly worth it. Being a pack of eight toys, this is an all in one buy. It has shake and rattle toys that produce sounds that your babies love. It has a teether that helps your little one’s itchy gums. They are multicolored and are so soft and smooth.

These compressible toys can also be used as bath toys in a little tub. All these eight toys are handy and designed with utmost care for your little baby. Besides amazon, as a mom, I highly recommend this for your newborn!

2. Crib Chimes – Newborn Baby Toys

Ratna’S New Born Baby Gift set Value for money

Ratnas baby gift set 4 in 1 a perfect gift for a new born boy or girl.
Why should you get this!?
  • Easy to use and easy to maintain!
  • This pack of 4 toys include a chime, attractive rattles and a teether
  • Made of high quality plastic and is harmless
  • Value for money!

While you are doing your chores, most of the time, the baby is going to be in the crib. For the newborns, besides crying, they love to gaze upon things. Their curious eyes never miss the sight of anything moving or sound producing. Here is the thing you need. 

These crib chimes are to be hung over the cribs. As they dangle, they make pleasant sounds that your babies would love for sure. For your newborn this is a treat for their eyes as well as ears.

3. Newborn baby Teethers

Mee Mee Multi-Textured Water Filled Teether (Red/Green, Pack of 2) Limited time deal

Made of bpa free, soft silicone, which is safe and non toxic
Why should you buy this!?
  • Easy to use, sterilize, carry and store. Travel friendly.
  • Relieves gum pain and helps oral stimulation
  • safe for your baby to chew
  • 100% BPA free

Made of soft silicones, these multi textured, water filled teethers are among the must buy newborn baby toys. The multi textures not only comfort the baby’s gums but also lets them explore new tastes.

These can be refrigerated and have a cooling and soothing effect on the gums of your precious little ones. Also these toys are easily washable and can be taken along easily even during travels.


Best Toys For Newborn Baby Boys

Specially For Boys

Every baby is a boon, despite their gender. They enter into our lives to make it even more beautiful. The above mentioned is a list of common toys for newborns. But there are specific needs for each gender as there is a difference in their brain development and functioning. For instance, baby girls have more advanced vision, learning and memory when compared to the baby boys. Whereas the latter ones outperform girl babies in visual – spatial integration and have enhanced hand eye coordination.

I have had hard times selecting the right toy for my baby. After so much time spent looking for the perfect toy, Here is a handpicked list of toys for your curious little newborn baby boys.

1. Dumbbell Rattle Teether

Babygo baby dumbbell rattle teether bell toy for babies Best deal

dumbbell rattle teether bell toy for babies,Non toxic Plastic(Pack of 1 piece)- Multi color
Why should you get this!?
  • Early development toy to promote Sound and Touch Development
  • It has magnificent colours and a clear sound.
  • Easy to hold and to play with.
  • Quality and customer support assured by the seller.

This rattle set has a smiling face at the end that helps your newborn baby boy to develop the ability of shape recognition. Different sounds are played  When the ring is moved that makes the baby laugh and play with it.

The round ball in it helps in shape recognition and the toy comes with a good grip for those tiny fingers to hold. Also the rattle sound is pleasant and cheerful and without doubts your baby boy will love this.

2. Organic Plush Newborn Baby Toy

Shumee Ele and Ball Rattle Organic Plush Toy Top quality

Soft Rattle Toy for New Born, Soft Ball for Infants | Enhances Curiosity & Imagination
Why should you get this!?
  • Enhances curiosity and imagination from a very young age.
  • Non-toxic, eco friendly, 100% cotton
  • Multicolors of this toys play a vital role in visual and auditory development

This beautiful toy is in the shape of an elephant will surely impress your baby boy.   Soft and colorful, this plush toy makes soothing sounds that your baby loves. This toy is made of 100% pure cotton, non toxic water based dyes. Hence it is safe for your baby as well as an eco-friendly toy. Give it a try!

3. Wooden Baby Rattle Toy

Shumee Wooden Baby Rattle Toy (0+ Years)  Value for money

Wooden rattle toys – 100% safe, non toxic!
Why should you get this!?
  • Develops motor skills.
  • No plastic, non toxic, 100% safe with blunt edges
  • Improves curiosity, provides sensory and visual stimulation.

Made of wood, this rattle toy makes gentle sounds that soothes your highly sensitive baby boy. With vibrant colors, this rattle toy induces curiosity and promote the newborn’s motor abilities. This cute little toy is 100% natural and unlike normal wooden toys, these have blunt edges. Hence this is safe for your baby and you could be carefree. 

Easy to grasp, this rattle toy provides tactile, sensory and visual stimulation.


Best Toys For Newborn Baby Girls

Specially for girls

Did you know?! Though the average brain size of boy and girl babies are the same when they are born, they respond differently to sound and speech! Baby boys may be good at hand-eye coordination and stuff, but when it comes to girl children, they have more advanced vision, learning and memory than those of baby boys. 

Newborn baby Girls are more sensitive to touch and smell and respond to face and voices better! So here is a list of toys for your baby girls to have some fun with you.

1. Colorful Musical Instrument Baby Toy Pack

WishKey colourful plastic bpa free non toxic pack of 7 musical instruments rattle for new borns Best seller

Musical instruments rattle for newborns, maraca, blowing trumpets, tambourines, castanets- Multi color
Why should you get this!?
  • Brightly colored toys to amuse your newborn!
  • Smooth and polished surfaces ensure safe play of your little angel.
  • Free of BPA, latex and phthalate
  • #1 Best seller on amazon’s newborn baby toys.

Girl babies are quick to respond to sounds, voices and face. This colorful rattle toy pack of 7 toys helps you and your baby girl to develop a bond and have fun at the same time! There are maracas, blowing trumpets, tambourines, castanets in this pack. This amazing toy set is designed to amuse your newborn baby girl. She would love to shake, jiggle and play while experiencing different textures, grip and sounds. 

Contrast colors, blunt edges, BPA free, latex free and the features of this toy go endless! I highly suggest that you get this to your baby girl! 

2. Kitty Face Rattle cum Soft Toy

Pikipo Kitty Face Rattle Cum Soft Toy  Must try!

Rattle plush toy, Squeeze Handle for Squeaky Sound)-Plush,Red,Pack of 1
Why should you get this!?
  • Cute and attractive color that newborn babies like!
  • Soft plush fabric
  • Entertaining rattle sounds!

This cute kitty will be your baby girl’s companion for a very long time! Made of very soft material, not only does this toy feels good to hold but also makes soothing sounds to comfort your newborn baby. Bright colors of the toy keeps the baby very much engaged for a long time and that leaves you to get your work done without any worries!

3. Crochet Soft Owl Newborn Baby Toy

Love Crochet Art Crochet Owl Soft Toy  Best offer

Amigurumi Toys (0+ Years) – Discover Sounds and Explore Textures (Sea Green)
Why should you get this!?
  • Simple and elegant design. Multicolored
  • Soft and safe for your baby
  • Made of 100% ecofriendly natural products. No plastic, non toxic

This beautiful toy comes in sea green and peach pastel color. Wooden handle offers perfect grip that makes it easy for your baby to grasp the toy. This tiny cute crochet owl complies with all safety standards to that of a newborn baby.

The rattle is soft and is safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. With its vibrant colors, designs and soothing sounds, this cute little own enhances your baby girl’s tactile, sonic and visual stimulations. 


Developmental Newborn Baby Toys

Developmental Toys

Your newborn baby would seem like they are so still, but they do observe a lot. With their sharp senses, babies explore the things, sounds and people nearby. This is an important stage as their brain activity and cognition starts to develop in this very young age. These developmental toy packs contains all that your baby requires! Right from the high contrast flash cards that helps them in visual stimulation to soft rattles, these toys have it all. 

Well, here is a handpicked list of developmental toys for you newborn babies!

1. Einstein Box Gift Set

Einstein Box Gift Set for Babies, Newborns and Infants Amazon's choice

High Contrast Gift Set with Set of Rattles+ High Contrast Books+ High Contrast Flashcards| for Baby Boys & Girls
Why should you get this!?
  • You could bond with your baby while having fun!
  • Multicolored and high contrast, as babies need them.
  • Affordable gift box with quality products.

This gift box has rattle toys for your newborn baby’s auditory stimulation and high contrast flash cards for visual stimulation. Besides, there is a high contrast book specifically designed for new born babies. With large graphic and high contrast images, it is now easier for your newborn to get a good look over their new world! 

These multicolored toys and cards require no assembling. Mindful of the basic requirements of a newborn, this gift box is crafted with toys that helps in the sensory developments of the baby.

2. Montessori Learning Wooden Toys Box

Curious Cub Montessori Learning Wooden Toys Box for Newborn Babies Value for money

Box 1: 0-6 Months | Early Child Development, Sensory Learning, Develop Fine Motor Skills 
Why should you get this!?
  • Wisely chosen products that cover overall needs of your baby.
  • Tested and certified by BIS Standards for toys. Safe for Babies.
  • Designed by experts based on montessori method of learning.
  • Age appropriate boxes for different age groups.

Why’s this product expensive? Because it has it all! So many toys, all chosen based upon research are in this one box. Complex Black and White Card Set, Simple Black and White Card Set, Mirror Card, Standing Card Holder, Grasping Rattle, 2-in-1 Crinkle Mat, Kicking Ball, Two – Sided Mobile, Wooden Rattle, the box has everything that your newborn needs for their brain development.

The toys in this box improve visual stimulation, encourages baby to kick, strengthens leg muscles and core, improves concentration, tummy time, vision, helps auditory stimulation. Good stuff comes with a price, so does this. But this definitely worths your money as your baby’s smile is all that matters.

3. Newborn Baby Toys – Development Soft Animal Toy

Baby Station Plush Infant Baby Development toy Best price

Soft Animal Handbells Rattles Handle Toys with Teether Baby Toy (Giraffe)
Why should you get this!?
  • Attractive build and design
  • Can be easily attached on cribs, car seats.
  • Soft texture that is safe for your baby’s sensitive skin.

I would say this as an all-in-one toy! It crosses all the boxes on your checklist. It has rattles, bright color, cute design, good grip for finger control and what not! This helps your baby to explore things around with their touch and thus enhancing their senses! Contrasting Multicolors improves their vision and thereby promotes brain function. 


Hygienic Newborn Baby Toys – Food grade silicone and Wooden Toys

Hygienic Toys

You don’t want your cute little baby’s smile to be interrupted by some random fevers or infections. With babies, as they keep the toys in mouth often, it is important to cleanse them too often. Here is a list of some hygienic toys as silicone teethers and wooden toys for your young one.

1. Organic Silicone Teethers

BabyGo Silicone BPA Free Natural Organic Nipple Teethers Best deal

Organic Nipple Teethers with Storage Box for Newborn Infant, Babies (Pack of 3)
Why should you get this!?
  • Can be sterilized with hot water and stored in the assorted box
  • This teether has ridges that are easy to grip at the same time, safe enough for the baby to play with.
  • Food grade silicone, safe for chewing

As babies grow, they start teething and their gum starts itching. They might feel uncomfortable and start crying and you won’t even know why. With these food grade silicone teethers, your babies will keep on chewing in peace. These are organic toys and are perfectly safe for your baby to nibble on. Plus these are easy to wash and easy to store!

2. Wooden Teethers

Gift Equals Love Neem Wooden Teethers Best deal

Neem Wooden Teethers Shaped Like Apple and Carrot, Brown for Babies Handmade and Safe Set of 2
Why should you get this!?
  • 100% natural and non toxic
  • Easy to wash, easy to use, long lasting
  • No sharp edges – safe for the little hands

If you are more concerned about your child’s health, here is the 100% natural, healthy wooden teether made of neem. These teethers help the babies to ease their teething pain and while doing so, the neem essence in the trunk promotes immunity and digestion. 

Available in a variety of fruit and vegetable shapes, these wooden teethers are easy to grip on, withstands the rough chews of your baby. Besides these are easily washable and are hygienic for your little ones to play with.

3. Channapatna Newborn Baby Toys

Channapatna Toys Wooden Rattles for Baby, Infants, New Born Babies Toys ( 0+ Years) Best deal

Set of 5 pcs – Non Toxic Multicolor – Made in India – Discover Sounds & Develops Sensory Skills
Why should you get this!?
  • Extensive varieties and distinguished colors
  • Quality finishing and safe non toxic colors
  • Compact and easily portable
  • Develops cognitive abilities

Channapatna toys are known for its craft work all over the world. This set is inclusive of a xylophone, a jingle bell, a rumba maraca egg shaker, a tic-toc bell, and a dumble ring. Each toy is unique in its own way and grabs your newborn’s attention with ease! 

With rattles and other instruments that produces different sounds, this pack of toys comforts your child while you are busy. Made of non toxic and natural wood, these toys are safe for your precious babies to play with.

Children make our life more beautiful, make us more responsible. With this, I end this wholesome list of ‘best newborn baby toys’. You could choose any toys among these for your lovely child, but always remember to choose quality over money. A quality toy is not only safe but also enhances the fun in it. Happy parenting!

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