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Best play areas for kids in chennai

After every long boring uneventful week, I always look for the best play areas for kids in Chennai. Kids do need some time off their routine and these play areas could be the best place for them to vent. To keep my kids off gadgets and TV screens, I got two tricks. I either hand them their favorite storybook or take them to some of the best play areas for kids in Chennai. Thus, on my quest, I’ve explored so many play areas in Chennai with my kids and I would like to share with you the super cool exciting play areas for kids!

The Importance of Play areas

Play is how young children learn to navigate the world and build narratives, knowledge and social skills. Play is an essential business for children. It is an effective way for parents and children to connect and express love. ..Read more

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Play areas are a necessity for kids to be free and play - which is usually difficult in urban areas. 'Best play areas for kids in chennai'
Play area for kids

We spent our childhood roaming and playing freely in our little streets where there weren’t these many vehicles or any pollution. Nowadays a playground or even a free space is nowhere to be seen in urban areas. Besides, the open terrace is a luxury as most of us – city dwellers – reside in an apartment. Kids, in the growing stage, should play. They get to know about the world around them and learn words, form ideas, and much more by playing games. Young kids need to play for at least an hour or two for their physical and psychological well-being.

Best Play area for kids in Chennai

There are play areas for kids where you could take your kids to spend their weekends. These play areas are filled with different kinds of playthings for your kids to play on. In this article, we introduce the best play areas for kids in Chennai where your kids could have fun and make some new friends while you could get a breather and get some time for yourself!

It is very natural for the kids to be playful and distracted. At the same time, it is not a Herculean task to make them attentive and focused. While looking for weekend plans in this article, do check out this article on 4 simple tips to help your kids concentrate better

1. Moosaa Land

Moosaa land is indeed a magic land for the kids and undoubtedly one of the best play areas for kids in Chennai. When we first visited Moosaa land, our little girl was so thrilled as there was a huge collection of playthings. There is a Fix-it Car garage, a young chef’s cute little kitchen, a puzzle well, slides of different sizes, a hanging bridge, a fun-filled trampoline space and much more!

Not just that, Moosaa land also provides you with Party spaces where you could celebrate your little one’s birthday with your family and friends. You could choose between the hourly packages and annual packages based on your kid’s review. 

Best play areas for kids in Chennai - Moosaaa land
Moosaa Land’s cool and colorful fun space!

(Note: To ensure your kid’s health and hygiene, kids are asked to wear socks in the play areas. Make sure you have a pair of socks on your weekend trip to Moosaa land)

2. Kartwheel

Next on our list of the best play areas for kids in Chennai is a special place with so much to offer! Kartwheel is known for its huge space and the wide range of services they offer. Firstly, for kids, the kartwheel has a unique Play Gym just for kids! Being worn out by the boring lessons, my little girl found this play gym so refreshing and had great fun there!

Best play areas for kids in Chennai - Kartwheel
Kartwheel’s wide range of playthings collections

Secondly, for parents, Kartwheel offers workshops on parenting and other ideas to engage us productively. Besides, they have an elegant and spacious party space to conduct events right from baby showers to birthday parties! Another thing I love about this place is they rent playthings that we could use to keep our kids entertained without having to spend much on buying them!

Every parent wishes to make their kids the best at everything, but how would you do that? To make your kids good at everything! The solution is surprisingly simple than one might think. Read now to know how to make your kids all-rounders.

3. Takeshi’s Kastle

Another special place and one of the best play areas for kids in Chennai is Takeshi’s Kastle. This is a lovely space for kids to play Arcade games, has a quarter lap swimming pool, and a kids-friendly Disco – all in one Play zone. The Soft play area or the Play Zone provides a safe and secure place to slide, run, climb, jump around and enjoy! 

Best play areas for kids in Chennai - Takeshi's Kastle, Anna nagar
Takeshi’s Kastle’s fun-filled softball space!

Takeshi’s Kastle has a simple fun formula for all the kids: Come, play, repeat! And for us parents, their peaceful cafe offers a wide range of vegetarian cuisines for us to munch and relax while our kids have fun! Being one of the best play areas for kids in Chennai, Takeshi’s Kastle is fun and also very easy to navigate through. So the travel was less and the fun time our kids’ had was more!

4. Play ‘N’ Learn

I have had busy weekends when I wanted to go shopping as well as I wanted my kids to have fun too. I didn’t want to miss either of those and I chose the right spot! The one where you could shop and also can be one of the best play areas for kids in Chennai – Play ‘N’ Learn, located at VR Mall Chennai! Their play space is super safe as well as has great support staff which lets me shop in peace without having to worry about my kids’ safety.

Best play areas for kids in Chennai - Play 'N' learn, VR mall, chennai
Play ‘N’ Learn’s we’ll equipped play area for kids

All their play space and play equipment are curated by a team of child development experts from Singapore! This makes this indoor play area special besides its attractive ambiance and wide range of games. They also provide private space for birthdays and family events. Unlike other play areas that operate on specific timings, play n learn is open on all days, and there is no need to book your visit prior, which is a bonus!

5. Tugbug children’s center

The last in our list of the best play areas for kids in Chennai is nevertheless a very exciting space – Tugbug children’s centre! Unlike many other play areas, Tugbug not just offers play space but also aims to create joyful experiences for children. On my first visit, I was amazed to know that what looked like fancy artworks bought from stores were indeed made by kids during their playtime at Tugbug!

Best play areas for kids in Chennai - Tugbug children's center
A Happy kids at TugBug children’s centre’s playspace

Here, besides and through games and activities, they nurture the kids’ imaginations and encourage them to be creators through many games and workshops. These include storytelling, puppet shows, painting, handicraft, clay modeling, recycling, gardening, fun science experiments, reading, rhythm, movement, song and self-directed play. Indeed a fun and safe space to spend your kids’ weekends!


Let’s agree on the fact that Parenting is not always fun. Kids can sometimes be pestering, and adamant or maybe you would need some personal space on weekends. Play areas can be one of the ways to ease your burden, where you could let your kids play until they are tired and you could have some time for yourself as well. Hence this list of the best play areas for kids in Chennai! Take your kids to the nearest play areas and let us know about your experience there in our comments!

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