6 Best Talking Books for Children (Learn in a Touch!)

Do you know there are talking books? You have read it right – There are Talking books! When I was looking for some educational but interesting books for my kid, I found these best talking books for children. In spite of giving them the usual boring books, I tried out these and it worked out wonders!

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Best talking books for children

What’s a talking book and how does a Talking book help?

By talking books for children, we don’t mean the books that come along with a CD with the book’s contents or any random audio books. Firstly, these talking books are indeed talking books. It speaks out the words, letters and pictures as your kid touches it. Kids grasp easier through sounds rather than reading. Therefore these talking books will help them to learn easier and quicker. 

These Talking books for children come with a properly chosen content. There are alphabets, numericals, simple words and attractive pictures. As your kids touch each of them, the book speaks out the words aloud. Thus helping your kid to learn. Also, there are preloaded nursery rhymes that enable your child to sing along with the talking book. 

Here is a list of 6 best talking books for children available on the market. This is to guide you through the right talking book for your kid and to save you from the lengthy process of choosing a book from a lot!

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Best Talking Books for children

Talking books for children

Talking books not only help your kids in language learning, additionally they help the kids to overcome their communication barriers and improve their social skills.

Benefits Of Talking Books

  • Helps greatly in the developmental of reading and listening skills of children.
  • The attention span of the children could be increased when talking books are used properly.
  • Helps in developing the memory of your kids.
  • Fluency of the kids can also be increased as they are made to listen to audio without letters or visuals.
  • RWL (Reading While Learning) method is used here that especially helps in second language learning.

1. Interactive Learning Reading – Talking book:

This talking book is filled with so many interesting features! It is loaded with alphabets, numbers, fruits, vehicles, funny little stories and rhymes for your kids. These different subject areas encourage your child to learn different and new things simultaneously. Therefore it’ll cover all subject areas at a time.

Wishkey interactive talking book for children

WISHKEY Interactive Learning E-Book  Best deal

Early Education Activity Books with Sound & Music Features for Toddler Kids 
₹649₹999 Buy this item

Also, this is one among the best talking books for children that enhances the kid’s observation, sensory and listening skills. Besides, as a parent, you could use the questioning option to keep a check on your kid’s learnings.

Why should you buy this?
  • The sound quality is pristine and clear
  • Different subject areas help them to learn many things at a time.
Things to consider
  • The product needs delicate handling.
  • Though the contents of the book are great, it has an average outlook.

2. OANGO Kidzz Intelligence Talking book:

OANGO talking book for toddlers has alphabets, simple easy vocabularies and numbers in it. It has more images and when an image is touched, the sound of the alphabet, the word and the spellings are played. 

Elisburry interactive talking book

OANGO Interactive talking book Value for money

English Letters & Words Learning Book,Fun Educational Toys.
₹799₹999 Buy this item

This is an interesting and simple way for your kids to learn their basics. Though it is mentioned as a product for toddlers, it has clock and time puzzles and measurements. Few of which may be a bit advanced for toddlers.

Why should you buy this?
  • The product quality is better than the previous one.
  • Informative and fun filled learning experience
Things to consider
  • Slightly advanced for toddlers.
  • Simple and average pictures.

3. GRAPHITOS Talking Book for children:

I couldn’t avoid the talking book of Graphitos as it flaunts an amazing feature of 100+ sounds with familiar songs and melodies. Additionally this book focuses on 3 major modes. Through Identification, spelling and quiz, your kids will have a great time with this talking book. Also it has attractive colors to keep your kids engaged.

Graphitos talking books

Graphitos learning book for kids Best deal

 E-Book for 3+ Year Kids – Learning Book with Sound
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The sound quality is clear and the pages are sensitive. Therefore you don’t have to tap hard as in most talking books. Variety of colors and different sounds enhances the kid’s vision and auditory skills. That’s a bonus besides learning. 

Why should you buy this?
  • Additionally, this book has a lot of stories in it. Numbers, words, colors are taught with the help of stories.
  • Clear sounds help in grasping the pronunciations easily.
Things to consider
  • Since it contains less number of pages, the information are cramped.
  • Quiz is lot easier.

4. KIDDALE Talking Book for children:

This talking book is quite different from the previously mentioned talking books for children. The earlier talking books focused more on language teaching and pronunciations. On the contrary, these talking books for children by Kiddale, is theme based and is titled ‘A trip to the Zoo’.

Kiddale interactive talking book for children

Kiddale interactive talking books Best deal

Trip to The Zoo’ Animal Series English Educational Learning Electronic Book for Kids
₹999₹2499 Buy this item

The objective is to teach the kids about our environment and the various animals, birds, insects in it. It contains lots and lots of pictures with detailed classification. Also it provides knowledge on the food and ecosystem of the animals. This helps your children to learn about the environment around them and the importance of protecting them. 

Why should you buy this?
  • Theme based Talking book!
  • Attractive pictures with wholesome information.
  • Teaches good values in a fun filled way with songs and music.
Things to consider
  • Focus area is quite unique.
  • Kids may be indifferent when it comes to a specific theme like this. They love it much more diverse.

In conclusion, these talking books for children has everything that your children would need. Language, basic environmental knowledge, words, sounds and lot more. Give it a try.

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Other Talking Books With Pens

Books with talking pens

So far we’ve seen a list of talking books for children with different features. They’ve sounds, music, pronunciations, pictures and a lot more. What’s special in these talking books for children with talking pens is, they interact with your children more specifically.

Talking Books with Talking pens for children

For instance, there is a quiz and your child answers it. The talking pen motivates them with a green light for correct answers and rectifies them with red light for wrong answers! Interesting, isn’t it? Let’s take a look at these talking pens.

1. PLUSPOINT Intelligence talking book with Pen:

Pluspoint launched this talking book especially for toddlers. The talking pen that comes along is small to fit in the little hands. As said, this talking book has contents that suit toddlers. Alphabets, numbers from 1-10, common animals, fruits, vegetables, shapes, colors and vehicles. 

Pluspoint interactive talking book for children

Pluspoint Talking Book for children with Pen Value for money

Activities With Numbers, Shapes, Animals phonetic learning book for Toddlers
₹939₹1499 Buy this item

This is made of good quality plastic to withstand the rough use of toddlers. Also, it is made of attractive colors and pop up buttons that keeps the kids engaged while you are at work and having some personal time. 

The music and rhymes are soothing and there are over 100 different sounds as well. To sum up, this talking book with the pen could be your child’s good companion to help them study.

Why should you buy this?
  • Suitable for toddlers as it is more colorful and attractive.
  • The pen that comes along is simple to use and effective
Things to consider
  • Requires proper hand-eye coordination to use the pen.
  • Limited subject areas as it is targeted for toddlers.

2. Toddler book and a Smart Talking Book:

This early learning preschool talking book is one of the best talking books for children and it has 36 pages in it! This is far more compared to many other talking books for children of this price range. Also it helps in the kid’s brain development.

Talking book with smart talking pen

Kids learning talking book with smart talking pen Must Buy

Educational and Learning Toys for 3 Year olds
₹498₹1999 Buy this item

This book interacts with the children which in turn makes them communicate more with their family. In addition, this book has this smart talking pen. This smart talking pen instantly motivates kids whenever they answer a question correctly. Therefore increasing the interest of the children to learn more.

Why should you buy this?
  • More pages – more activities – more fun!
  • Postive reinforcements with blinking lights and appreciations through the talking pen.
Things to consider
  • Requires proper hand eye coordination.
  • Battery to the talking pen is not included.

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Kids usually talk more fluently in their mother tongue when compared to English. This is because they mostly listen to their mother tongue at home. These talking books for children increase their listening time and children learn English without spending extra time on it. Besides, these talking books remove the communication barriers that the children have.

Language learning is now made simpler and easier with these talking books for children. In brief, a talking book is all that your kids need to fill in their free time to learn language. Don’t wait, gift the best talking books for children to make your little one’s leisure fun filled and productive.

6 Best Talking Books for Children (Learn in a Touch!)
6 Best Talking Books for Children (Learn in a Touch!)

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