Best Toys for 3 year old | Developmental and fun toys – Mom’s Perfect list

Best toys for 3 year olds

If you are looking for best toys for 3 year old at your home, believe me, I know your struggles too! By now, children would have been so active both physically and mentally. Hope you’ll be having a hard time engaging them with anything. What could attract a 3 year old better than toys!? Here is an elaborate list of the best toys for your 3 years old to have fun, so that you could be stress free.

In this article, for every category, we are going to suggest you a simple affordable toy and a quality premium toy.  

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Best Selling 3 Year Old Toys

These handpicked toys are the best selling and most preferred. Parents who wanted to surprise their kids with toys that are top rated can blindly go for these toys. These are the overall best toys for 3 year old kids.

1. Toyshine kid’s football – Unicorn

Unicorn football soccer - 3 year olds

Toyshine Kid’s football soccer Affordable

Ball Size 3, 4-8 Year Kids Toy Gift Sports – Unicorn Blue
₹449₹799 buy this on amazon

As they are full of energy, kids are active for most part of the day. This unicorn football will be your kid’s perfect game partner at your lawns! Made of latex and rubber, this unicorn is durable and can withstand all weather conditions. Therefore, the fun is unlimited! 

This affordable football can be used to play after your kid’s tiring preschool classes, on holidays. This helps you to bond with your child better and is undoubtedly one of the best toys for 3 year old kids.

What does it do?
  • Enhances motor skills, improves brain activity and provides basic cardio workouts’ benefits. 

2. Magic Swing car

Magic swing car toy

Magic swing Car for Baby | Twister Ride On Car Value for money

120 Kgs Weight Capacity | 3+ Years with Scratch Free Wheels (Red Blue)
₹3799₹4995 Buy this on amazon

This safety certified swing car ensures that your child is safe whilst having their fun. This super cool car is super fast and is made of BPA free plastic. As the wheels are smooth, this car can be ridden even indoors and they won’t leave a mark on the floor! 

The high price guarantees your child’s safety as well as a product of supreme quality. 

What does it do?
  • This magic car gives your kid a great time. Also it improves their hand-eye  coordination with its smooth riding experience.

Best Play Set For 3 Year Old

Kids don’t just play, while playing they create an imaginary little world for themselves. In which they create a set of happy rules, cool ideas and so on. For them to build these new ideas, you should get them these best play sets to play with!

1. Doctor set Toys

Doctor set toys for girls and boys

Royals Hub® Doctor Set Toys for Girls Boys  Amazon' s choice

 Set Pretend Play Learning Toy { Made in India }
₹579₹1420 buy this on amazon

With 15 toy medical equipment and tools, this doctor set can be pretend-used on family and friends. Kids could even use this to play with their stuffed animal toy friends! This is a great learning tool to teach them the basics of doctor visits and to reduce their fears. Being gender neutral, this doctor set can kindle the dreams of your children despite their gender.

What does it do?
  • Improves communicational and social skills as they play. Therefore it gets easier to socialize with family and friends.

2. Construction vehicle set

Constructiin vehicle - set of 6 in 1 pack

Toy Trucks Play Set Building Vehicles Set Amazon's choice

PLUSPOINT Exclusive Collection of Construction Vehicles for Kids Pretend Play Toy 
₹1299₹1999 Buy this on amazon

Most kids own car toys. Why not get something unique for your kids? This construction set has 6 toys – Excavator, Bulldozer, Dump, Cement, Steamroller and a Tower Crane. Each vehicle has moveable working arms, therefore children can pretend to do all kinds of construction jobs with these vehicles and will spend hours working on creative and imaginative play. This unique toy is definitely one of the best toys for 3 year old kids.

What does it do?
  • Helps children to develop imagination, patience and perseverance. Basically, this set of construction toys enables them to nurture good social skills with their friends.

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Best Musical Toys For 3 Year Old

All we’ve seen till now, focuses much on hand-eye coordination and social skills. But do you know? Children are so alert and sensitive to even minute sounds when they are young. Why not concentrate on their auditory abilities a bit. Here are the best musical toys for your lovely 3 year old.

1. Xylophone musical Toy

Best Toys for 3 year old | Developmental and fun toys – Mom’s Perfect list

Guitar Wooden Xylophone Musical Toy  #1 Best seller

Musical Toy with 8 Note, Multicolour, 3+, 1 Xylophone, 2 Sticks
₹349₹499 buy this on amazon

Children by nature love music. What if they could create their own music! Instead of just listening, with this pretty little xylophone, kids could now learn to play basic music. This safe, non-toxic painted xylophone is an exciting musical toy for your 3 year old should put their hands on! 

What does it do?
  • Promotes auditory abilities, improves memory skills. Helps kids to relax and refresh after a long boring day at preschools. 

2. Piano – Xylophone 2 in 1 toy

Piano xylophone 2 in 1 toy set

Toyshine 2 in 1 Baby Piano Xylophone Toy Amazon's choice

8 Multicolored Key Keyboard Xylophone Piano
₹886₹1200 Buy this on amazon!

Why is this a bit pricey than the previous one? Because it is a bit better than that! Toyshine guarantees you this piano – xylophone to last longer. Besides they assure you that this toy is non toxic, lead free and BPA free. This musical toy comes with preloaded sounds that adds extra fun while your kids play their own music.

What does it do?
  • This toy improves the hand eye coordination of your kid. In addition, they help them to unleash their creativity and music skills to the world.

Best Educational Toys For 3 Year Old

Besides fun, you would worry about your child’s education, wouldn’t you? Instead of boring paper and pencils, there are a wide range of cool educational toys available to make your kid’s learning simpler and exciting. The best toys for 3 year old, that also help in learning is listed here. Let’s take a look at a simple affordable educational toy and a top quality, most sought after toy as well!

1. Learn and Write Slate

Learn and write slate

 2 in 1 Magnetic & Dry Erase Board Amazon's choice

Early Learning, 3 Years & Above, Preschool Toys, Multicolor
₹470₹649 Buy this on amazon

This is a 2 in 1 educational toy! On one side, there is a white board for your kid to write, draw, scribble anything that is on their mind. The other side has a magnet board, on which you can stick alphabets, numbers, vowels to teach them with ease. A 50-50 participance where you could give 100% care to your kid!

What does it do?
  • It kindles the imagination and improves brain function as they write and draw. The magnetic board can be used to train their memory skills with numerous tools that come along.

2. Literacy Wiz – fun game

Literacy wiz fun game

BOHS Literacy Wiz Fun Game Best deal

60 Flash Cards – Preschool Language Learning Educational Toy
₹1018₹1452 buy this on amazon

If you are looking for an easier way to teach your kids some new vocabulary, this is the rigjt toy for your 3 year old kiddo. This pack comes with 60 cards, pictures printed on both sides, 2 sets of alphabets. With these, the child could make words, spell them and you could even teach them the sounds! Pretty cool way to learn some new words, eh?

What does it do?
  • Teaches your kids new words and makes it easier with pictures. Improves memory and language skills. This toy could teach words up to 5 letters, a pretty good number for a 3 year old!

Best Wooden Toys For 3 Year Old

Best toys for 3 year old is not complete without adding wooden toys to the list. As parents we always provide our kids with good things. Let’s extend the goodness to toys too! Of all the toys available, less than 50% are made of non toxic plastics. Sometimes you won’t have time to look into the details. Hence, you could always opt for the best wooden toys without second thoughts.

1. Block stacker and Shape sorter

Wooden geometry stacker and shae sorter

Wooden Angle Geometric Blocks Stacker Shape Sorter  Amazon's choice

Blocks Stacker Shape Sorter Column Puzzle Stacking Set for Kids- B
₹426₹899 Buy this on amazon

This shape sorter and stacker consists of 5 different shapes such as circle, square, rectangle, triangle and Pentagon. These wooden blocks are 100% non toxic and safe to play, also they are made of attractive colors! The blocks are of light weight and make a perfect toy for your little one. 

What does it do?
  • These wooden toys  stimulate the brain to a greater extent, teach them about colors, shapes, matching and logic.
  • Playing with these improves the child’s motor skills , inspires the toddler’s imagination, hand-eye coordination and promotes their physical and intellectual development.

2. Wooden activity toy

5 in 1 wooden activity box shumee

Shumee 5-in-1 Wooden Activity Triangle Learning Toy Amazon's choice

Learn Alphabets, Counting, Time & Movement with Abacus, Drawing Writing Board, Alphabet Blocks, Clock & Gears 
₹2609₹2695 BUy this on amazon

The toy is made of top quality wood and hence this toy will last longer. The brightly coloured parts attract your child’s attention and keep them hooked for hours. Also the toy is light in weight and you won’t have to worry about your child’s safety. 

What does it do?
  • Teaches them the basics of everything they want to learn. Alphabets, abacus, clocks and what not!

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Best Toys For Birthday Gifts

We are always headed to searching for the best toys for 3 year old when it comes to gifting your friend’s kids too. Why not check the best toys for birthday gifts in particular? Be it your own kid or neighbor’s kids, they always love you more when they get toys as gifts from you! You might have looked on and on for a perfect birthday gift for a 3 year old. Here we present you the best birthday gift toy for a 3 year old.

1. Colorful transparent Aeroplane toy

Colorful aeroplane toy- birthday gift toy

Transparent Bump and Go Plane Aeroplane Must buy

3D Lightning, Moving Gears and Music | Birthday Toy Gift for 2-5 Year Old Boy, Girl, Baby
₹899₹999 buy this on amazon

This toy has all things in it that children love. It is colorful, it produces charming music, it’s super fast and it moves 360°! Hence it makes a perfect toy to be gifted during birthdays or any other occasions. Kids would totally love this for what it is, as it has all they want! 

What does it do?
  • A feast to Visual, auditory senses of the kids. With it vibrant colors, it’ll be quicker to grab their attention  

2. Dancing Cactus Toy

Dancing cactus musical toy for kids

Wembley Dancing Cactus Toy for Baby Best deal

Can Sing, Record and Repeats What You Say Creative Kids Educational Musical Toys
₹999₹1999 buy this on amazon!

This is one of the best toys for 3 year old. This cactus toy could be your kid’s or their friends’ perfect companion in your absence. Preloaded with 120 songs, this toy can make a cheerful atmosphere. This cute lil cactus here can repeat any sounds that we make and make your little ones giggle and laugh their heart out. Therefore, not just for your kid, also this toy can be a perfect birthday to any 3 year old kids around!

What does it do?
  • Can be used for teaching them words in a cheerful way. Dancing cactus here can be your kids’ happy companion.

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Best Book Gift For 3 Year Old

Toys are fun, but can you introduce the habit of reading through toys? Absolutely yes! There are toys that make the kids read and keep them engaged as well. Those are listed below.

1. 4 in 1 books

4 in 1 teaching book toy

4 in 1 Alphabet Numbers Colours Shapes: Padded Board Books #1 Best seller

All in one book to teach colors, alphabets, numbers and shapes.
₹159₹250 Buy this on amazon

A beautiful picture book for your little one to learn ABC, numbers, colours and shapes. This attractive book is made of padded boards. Therefore it’ll withstand tears, water spillage and rough play by your children. 

This book will take your kids’ time off from screen and inculcates the habit of holding a book and reading them endlessly. Get this to ensure your kid reads more of the world’s knowledge!

What does it do?
  • Well researched words, accurate word labels and bright pictures will encourage your child to link words with pictures and build up their perfect vocabulary.

2. Boxset – set of 10 books for Kids

Set of 10 books for kids - basic concepts

My First Library: Boxset of 10 Board Books for Kids #1 Best seller

Introduces every day concepts with pictures and fun
₹399₹750 buy this on amazon

The box set includes books on: ABC, Numbers, Farm Animals & Pets, Colours, Wild Animals, Shapes, Birds, Fruits, Vegetables, Transport. The pages are made of thick, high quality board paper to withstand wear and tear. Bright images and wholesome topics makes this book a perfect book companion for your kid. Your 3 year old will never be the boring, slouchy as others!

What does it do?
  • Introduces basic concepts and vocabulary at a very young age, thus promoting improved brain activity and communication skills.

Best Traditional Toys For 3 Year old

Ever worried that the toys of our generation are long lost and there is no way our children would be able to cherish them? This category is for you! Our traditional toys are now available with a little upgrades here and there. But the fun of playing with it remains unchanged! Let’s take a look on those nostalgic toys. These classic toys can also be placed as the best toys for 3 year old.

1. Wooden spinning Tops

Spinning toys for 3 year old

Shumee Wooden Spin Tops (3 Years+) Must buy

Curiosity & Fine Motor Skills (3 Pieces)
₹392₹445 buy this on amazon

These spinning tops come as a set of three that are multicolored and made of wood. Because they are made of wood, this toy is durable and it remains ageless. Not just kids but anyone can play with these spinning tops and have fun.

What does it do?
  • This top promotes hand eye coordination while improving concentration and balancing skills.

2. Cooking Set

Wooden toy cooking set - 16 pieces

Lil chef’s wooden cooking set Amazon's choice

Wooden Cooking Set (Age 3+) |16 Piece Toy Set

A perfectly crafted wooden kitchen toy set is here in the place of our clay pots! Their colorful toys grab kid’s attention and indulge them to play endlessly. The toys are perfect for pretend-play as they are carved smoothly around the edges. This perfectly safe provides unlimited fun with its amazing quality.

What does it do?
  • Helps teach the children about cooking as it is a basic life skill for babies of both genders. Can be played both indoors and outdoors.

Best Magnetic Toys For 3 Year Old

Magnets are always fascinating even to us adults. Children, no wonder, would like magnetic toys as they are cool to play with. Be it those small fishing magnet toys are plain magnets, they like them all. Here is a comprehensive list of the best magnetic toys available on market as the best toys for 3 year old.

1. Magnetic Puzzle toys

Best Toys for 3 year old | Developmental and fun toys – Mom’s Perfect list

ButterflyEduFields Magnetic Shapes Puzzles Toys for Kids 2 3 4 Years Best buy

Large Size Magnets, Magnetic Slate, 100+ Pattern Challenges | Educational Toy Gift Fun & Play for Baby
₹398₹499 Buy this on amazon

With 23 magnetic shapes, your children can now create various shapes and structures of their wish! Right from the refrigerator or a computer, any day to day household objects can be made out of these magnetic toy shapes. The possibilities are infinite, so is their fun! 

What does it do?
  • Encourages visual perception skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills. With a tinge of science, these toys kindle their curiosity and creativity to a greater extent.

2.. Magnetic Numbers and Letters

Magnetic learning toys - 3 year old

ButterflyEdufields 143 Magnetic Letters Numbers for Kids with Board Best seller

4in1 Fun Alphabets Words, Foam-Made & Phonics Spelling Guide, ABCD Learning Educational Toys for 3 4 5 Years Boys Girls
₹549₹999 buy this on amazon

With soft foam one side and strong magnet on the other, there are letters and numbers in this toy set pack. Therefore, they can be stuck to the magnetic board to arrange numerous words and numbers. The foam is of good quality and so are those magnets. Your children can now have fun and they could learn at the same time. Grab one of these sooner!

What does it do?
  • Improves curiosity and the spark of creativity in your child. You can introduce them to a lot of vocabulary and enhance their brain function.

Best Fun Toys For 3 Year Old

A sound body makes way to a sound mind. Even though kids generally play, it’s important to engage them in outdoor games and in group games to enhance their social skills. The best way to teach them life skills is through fun and a lot more fun! Here is a list of fun filled toys for your lovely kids. These absolute fun toys are also the best toys for 3 year old kids.

1. Sit and Bounce rubber Hop balls

Sit and bounce rubber hop ball for 3 year old

Storio Sit and Bounce Rubber Hop Ball for Boys Girls Best buy

Hop Ball for Boys Girls Toys, 17 Inches Ball for Kids (Multi Colour)

Children require some active, physical activity in order to get better sleep. These fun filled rubber hop balls can be used both indoors and outdoors. Since it has safe handles, your child can play with full josh without the fear of getting hurt. Also, you can deflate these balls when not in use. 

What does it do?
  • Helps in building coordination skills in your kid. Improves their concentration ability and sense of space and directions.

2. Kiddie fun – Slide

Giraffe slide for kids

KIDDIE FUN Baby Giraffe Slide Indoor / Out Door and Garden  Value for money

Indoor / Out Door and Garden Age-2 to 8 Years Size-(156 x 76 x 82 cm)
₹3650₹4150 buy this on amazon

Your kids no longer have to wait at public parks and malls to slide! Here is your own private lil slide that will provide endless fun to your kid. This slide is built strong to withstand up to 20 kgs. Therefore it can be used for a longer time. The slide is made of non toxic plastic with attractive, colorful designs. Besides, it has handrails for safe climbing too!

What does it do?
  • Improves concentration and sense of balance in kids. Promotes tactile sensing while being fun all the way.

We might badly want to get beautiful and appropriate toys for our kids. The problem is within the initial few years you will find baskets full of toys at home. Did you find that they don’t excite your kids anymore? Check Easy ways to sell your old toys to make good money from those toys.

Why are toys important at age 3?

By 3 years, children learn and speak around 250-500 words by observing their surroundings. Also they become curious and more creative by this time. For instance, they could speak clearly and tell stories on their own. To enhance their cognitive, visual, sensory abilities and to improve their communicative and social skills, toys are the essential tools. 

With the right toy, you could address the needs of your child. For example, if your kid is more responsive to music, get them some musical toys to nurture their skills. If they are into stories, tell them more stories and get them some books. Likewise, the right toy would not only educate your children but also shape them into a happy personality!

Parenting is easy if you understand your kids and easier if you know what toys they like. Go get them!

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