Best toys for 6-12 month babies (With in-depth reasons)

You are halfway to your baby’s first year. You could notice lots of changes in your baby and your baby also gets fascinated by the world around. Unlike the previous months your baby now seeks attention and wants to feel engaged.

Toys play a vital role at this stage to make their days interesting. Your baby now begins to sit without support, brings things to mouth and sometimes responds to sounds by making sounds. This is when the toys would help them to enhance their abilities and make their days interesting while making yours a little relieved.

Choose toys that are hygienic and that encourage them in exploration and nurture their thinking and most importantly those that they would enjoy playing with. If you are looking for return gifts for kids, I have listed the best budget friendly return gifts here


Hygienic Teething toys

Teething toys
How do they help?
  • Teething toys make the baby feel less irritated
  • Safe and convenient replacement for plastic toys
  • Helps with irritation and pain caused while developing their fine set of pearly whites

Warning – Teethers are not suitable for newborns. If you are looking for toys for newborn babies, check out handmade list here.

Teething is an important milestone in your baby’s development. Soothers, pacifiers and teething toys make the baby feel less irritated and subsides the discomfort of the baby making you feel relaxed. The significant part is that these toys must be hygienic and also attractive so that the baby doesn’t get bored of them. 

Best teething toys are made of food grade silicone. This is a safe and convenient replacement for plastic toys. It can be easily cleaned and it is germ free. As you know toys like teethers and pacifiers must be safer than any other toys since they spend a bit of time in your baby’s mouth. These toys are also helpful to a great extent for your baby to cope up with the irritation and pain caused while developing their fine set of pearly whites.

Listed below are the best teething toys available in India, hand listed by me.

Baby Teether For Sale in Amazon

1. BabyGo Silicone Fruit Teether and Nipple Food Nibbler for Baby (Multicolour) Combo Pack of 2 Best in Market

Best Baby teether available in the market and made of food grade silicone…

This is an affordable teether with a wide variety of uses. This is a pack of two fruit and nibbler teethers. The tip of the teether has different types of fruits and it is multicolored. It can be easily washed with warm soap water or boiled to sterilize. Can be stored in the fridge and is convenient to carry.

How do they help?
  • Massages teething gums and soothes the baby’s pain
  • Has wide handles and easy-grip
  • Light weight and fits baby’s mouth
  • Attractive and worth gifting to expectant moms
Best toys for 6-12 month babies (With in-depth reasons)

2. Chewy Silicone Food and Fruit Nibbler/Feeder with Extra Silicone Mesh (Multicolor) Best Value

A pacifier fruit holder which can double down as a teething toy…
How do they help?
  • Can be used to store fresh/frozen fruits and even medicines
  • Good method to introduce solid food to the baby
  • Has soft textured surface to ease the discomfort and irritation for the baby

This is both a pacifier fruit holder and teething toy. The textured surface is used to massage the gums while chewing. The product is BPA free and is made of food grade silicone. The teether is stain-resistant and can be washed with warm soap water. This pacifier feeder is healthy and is best in the league.

To ensure safety of the child, a safe snap-shut design is made and the food is locked into the pouch to prevent choking. This product is also perfect for travel and has a good grip.

Best toys for 6-12 month babies (With in-depth reasons)

3. Food-Grade Silicone Baby Teether Ring Shapes with Easy Grip BPA-Free for Pain-Relief Best Value

A pacifier in perfect shape and easy to hold which acts as a huge pain relief.
How do they help?
  • Designed in a way that the baby can hold it easily and is light weighted.
  • Relieves gum pain and provides oral stimulation.
  • Highly safe and can be used even for a long period of time.
  • Also used as an exercise for baby’s finger flexibility.

A simple baby teether that is easy to hold and is of great use. The grooves and bumps in the teethers gently rubs the baby’s gums without harming the child’s mouth area. The bright colour used, grabs the attention of the baby and becomes the baby’s favourite toy.

This toy is completely toxic free and is made with a good quality of food silicone. The multi sensory textures help the baby to explore when chewing them and eases the discomfort in their gums.


Musical toys for Listening and attention

Musical toys

A lot of research has been done on the benefits of music for young minds as it stimulates neural pathways and helps in sensory development. Babies and toddlers who are exposed to music acquire knowledge faster in areas like language development, speech and listening. 

Recently lots of Activity boxes have been released for young kids. They are researched and built specifically for each ages. If you do not have issues with the budget, check them out. I have listed detailed comparison of activity boxes like Flintobox, Xplorabox, Intellikit etc here

How do they help?
  • Helps in language skills and understand sounds.
  • Starts to try and express themselves through sounds.
  • Increase the listening capability in a large scale.

A six months baby begins to make sounds and pays attention to music. These toys would encourage the baby to express their joy through sounds. Self-expression also occurs when a baby engages with musical toys. Babies have poor vocabulary and they get frustrated when they want to express themselves. These toys promote the ability to verbalise their feelings and express however they are feeling at the moment.

Best toys for 6-12 month babies (With in-depth reasons)

1. Dancing and Spinning Rolling Doll Tumble Monkey Best Value

Clap activated that will make your child curious about the functioning of things…
How do they help?
  • Increases the baby’s curiosity about the outside world
  • It works on sensor thus a clap from the baby makes the monkey move and plays music
  • Easy to grab the attention of baby and creates joy

This product is toxic-free and is safe for the kids to play with. The monkey will swing and dance automatically when the switch is ON and then stop. It is again activated by just clapping near the monkey. Here the baby also witnesses cause and effect making him/her more curious about the functioning.

The music and light from the toy creates happiness in the baby and the baby expresses it by making sounds.

Pioneer Robot Musical Toys Amazon

2. Pioneer Bot Robot with Colourful Lights and Music GIFTED A LOT

Widely used for gifting purposes, this is a fancy looking toy that makes your baby move
How do they help?
  • Helps the baby to recognise different colour of lights
  • The toy moves in all directions thus helping the baby also to develop interest in moving from one place to another
  • Attractive and keeps the baby occupied

The product is made of toxic-free material and has gone through product safety certification inspection. It is available in multiple colours and is so attractive. The baby can listen to the sweet sounds made by the robot and watch the robot move in all directions.

The hands could rotate and the feet could move in any direction. This also encourages the baby to keep moving and the baby could develop fine motor skills. This fascinating toy is widely used for gifting purposes too.

Worried about carrying the toys in flight? Check our DOs and Dont’s

Toyshine Dog Musical Toy

3. Toyshine Dancing Dog with Music Flashing Lights

Bump and move musical toy, which keeps in every direction possible.. And the baby follows
How do they help?
  • Helps in developing hand-eye coordination
  • Musical memories are created by listening to the sweet sounds from the toy
  • Vibrant colours increase the curiosity of the child and help in colour recognition

The toy keeps moving until turned off as it has the BUMP AND GO feature. With this toy the happy baby develops hand-eye coordination and visionary skills. The colourful lights attract the baby and make the baby learn to recognize colours.

Hands and legs move with the music and the dog dances by emitting vibrant colors that the children will love. The product is made of non-toxic material and is absolutely safe for babies to play with.


Toys to develop Motor skills in 6 months old baby

Motor-skill toys

Motor development is the growth of bones and muscles in the baby. By helping them in the right way, you can enhance their physical growth that makes them explore their abilities at this age.

How do they help?
  • Tempts the baby to activate their motor skills.
  • Joyous way to introduce their abilities to themselves.
  • The baby starts exploring his/her abilities on their own.

Your six month old munchkin begins to roll in both directions and is sometimes able to sit on their own. It is important to make your baby develop basic motor skills. You can help them by changing their positions frequently and give them toys to hold and play with. This would help the child to grab objects between thumb and index finger. Finding the right toys could promote the initial motor skills in the baby and also keep them occupied. Simple toys can be picked to promote their motor skills but make sure that the toy is colorful and attractive.

How do they help?
  • Engages the senses of the baby
  • Motor skills and sensory exploration are also developed
  • Attractive and keeps the attention of the baby

This has five colorful and alluring bubbles that prove cause and effect method. The baby can push and see them pop, poke and then grab them thus encouraging the motor skills. This toy can be taken anywhere during travel. As it is really attractive and is greatly interesting, it is impossible for the baby to put it down. It is designed in a simple yet attractive manner that is easy for the baby to hold and is portable.

This toy is completely safe as it is made of food grade silicone and is BPA free. This is an affordable toy that can be used to improve a wide variety of skills. 

Best toys for 6-12 month babies (With in-depth reasons)

2. TOY FUN Build Up Beakers Stacking and Nesting Toy for Kids BEST IN MARKET

Beakers to develop babies interest in stacking them successfully..
How do they help?
  • Enhances the hand-eye coordination.
  • Improves motor skills.
  • Attractive and holds the baby’s attention. 

Stacking cups generally help in teaching the child to identify the colors and numbers. For a six month old also it could be made interesting by stacking them one after the other. This widely contributes in hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Boosts finger dexterity and is attractive too.

This is made of good quality BPA free plastic and is safe to use. This toy widely contributes in improving the concentration of the child too.

Best toys for 6-12 month babies (With in-depth reasons)

3. Luvlap – Multi Textured Grab Balls BEST IN MARKET

Colourful balls to stimulate a baby’s tactile and visual development
How do they help?
  • Attractive colours tempt the baby to grab them
  • Can be used as fun bath toy
  • Lightweight and perfectly shaped for the hands of the baby

It is made of child-friendly material and is risk-free. This toy is portable and can be used in both indoors and outdoors. They also stimulate the baby’s sense of touch and visual development. The balls are colourful and soft, tempting the baby to grab them and hold them for a long time keeping the baby busy. Holding the toy is easy and is suitable for babies from 3 months and above.

All these toys are squeezable and make a tiny noise when squeezed, thus the baby also enjoys doing it. It can be cleaned by simply washing with a non toxic cleanser. 

Want to sell your old toys? We have listed out the websites which help you do this. Check the list here

Best toys for 6-12 month babies (With in-depth reasons)
Best toys for 6-12 month babies (With in-depth reasons)

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