13 Thoughtful Toy Gifts under ₹100 | Surprise your little ones now!

I know that you can’t believe that there are so many best toys under rupees 100. These are perfect for you to gift any kids or keep safe to yourself. Imagine if you can buy safe, hygienic, and user-friendly toys at just 100 INR/-. You don’t have to imagine anymore, just true that!

There are times we have to think like kids to understand the mindset of a kid’s preference for toys! Nowadays time flees and we don’t possess enough time to implicate our wishes. That’s why we’ve made it super easy for you to choose by categorizing it according to your and your kid’s need. I bet your kid will never regret your decision and the gifts you choose from us for under rupees 100. So, do slide below to choose!

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Wooden toys for 100

Wooden toy

Everyone loves toys made of non-toxic substances. There is no denial but with time we all have switched to different toys with toxic materials like plastic. Now that we are conscious of our decisions to save nature – we’ve made it easy for you to choose – do scroll below to select your best toy under 100! we heard you – some choices of wood are here for you. Swipe down to know!

Channapatna wooden cube:

The perfect option for toys under rupees 100 would be this. The edges are super smooth, the notable uniqueness is that it is colored using a vegetable dye. This one is very user-friendly and super hygienic to use and is also available in different colors. Don’t miss a 100 rupees toy!

  • The concept of colors can be easily taught.
  • Basic logic and numbering can be understood
  • It is durable and super safe to use

Wooden rattle toy:

This wooden toy is nontoxic. It is a great rattle drum that always keeps your kid with joy! It is handy to use and is 21 x 10 x 2.5 Centimeters. A great option for gifting! This is available on amazon for rupees 85. This is a perfect 100 Rupees gift!

  • A simple instrument that can be used to understand the concept of sound/music.
  • It is non toxic in nature
  • A easily washable and durable toy

Joker toy:

Wouldn’t the kid love to have a wall-hanging toy as a birthday gift? it is super handy and easily washable and durable. most importantly an Indian-made toy it is. A beautiful piece of art to elevate the mood of your kid.

  • It is super safe to use
  • it is easily washable and durable
  • It is colourful and elevates the mood of the kid instantly


Perfect Toys for your cute Barbie

Toys for girls

By barbies, I mean the girl kids at your house or a friend of your kid. here are a few perfect options to gift! there is no doubt in girls love a cartoon or a teddy or miniature cooking toys since they are inherited with it. We heard you facing an issue selecting the best birthday gifts for girls under 100 so we did personalize the options for you. Dive into seeing the best toys under rupees 100!

There may be a number of ways to choose the best toys for your kids online. But it is also important to choose the right one. Check the list of dangerous toys in India and stop getting them for your kids!

Doremon soft toy:

Who wouldn’t love cartoons! A girl chap for sure adores a doremon. It is nontoxic, super cuddly and easy fabric to wash and dry to bring it back to new. So why do you wait? Go grab yours at 93 only.

  • It is a super cuddly toy that will keep your kid at warmth
  • It is durable and easily washable
  • It is super hygienic and handy to use

Toy Kitchen set:

Kitchen set is the classic yet the most wanted gift any girl child would fancy. Getting it within 100 rupees is possible now. Colorful and promotes curiosity in kids. Contains 12 pieces and is easily washable. Make your little one happy with this gift!

  • Colorful and tempting kitchen set
  • Can be washed easily
  • Based on fast food items and has a cute kitchen pieces

Metallic finish balloons:

A perfect option to make your kid’s event special or to gift. Bright golden color and 25 in the count. For sure, your baby girl will love to hold this kind of element in her hands! Available at Amazon for 100! So, What do you wait for?

  • These balloons elevate the mood of the kids
  • It instantly gets them party zoned
  • Perfect gift for birthdays and anniversaries within ₹100

Stationary zipper pouch:

A cute little pouch for your princess at home. This is glassy in the finish with toy designs on it. A unicorn your kid would love to have it with! Available at amazon for just 100!

  • It is for multipurpose
  • A waterproof pouch
  • Made use of PVC Leather

Teddy Bear:

Who wouldn’t love teddies? We heard you saying the same! and here comes a beautiful bundle of joy at 99 only. Hereby, I bet your angel or your angel’s friend is going to love this for sure!

  • It is super soft to handle
  • This toy is super hygienic
  • It is durable and washable

I know you got that right, it’s for your handsome boys at home or their friends. Quickly, Scroll to see the best choice! All the cars, fidget toys, drones, and toys under 100 you love are listed below. Swipe and buy!


Perfect buys for your little heroes

Toys for boys

Black Scorpio toy:

Your kid might probably be scared of reptiles. this toy can be definitely used to bring them out of the box. A prank kind of toy and adventurous as well. So, I bet your kid is going to love this!

  • It rectifies the fear of reptiles
  • it is super easy to use
  • It instantly transfers joy to the kids

Pop it fidget toy:

It is bright, colorful, and user friendly. it is a stress reliever, a portable toy, safe to use, and also doesn’t deform easily. Also, An interactive toy you’ll love to have by your side anytime!

  • This fidget toy is bright and colourful
  • It is super easy to use
  • It helps relieve stress

Toy car:

This toy is 1:64 in scale. This is one among a wide range of car models like race cars, classic cars, hot rods, dune buggies, and many more in an array of vibrant colors. It is made of high-quality metal. However, The color of the car might change according to the availability and it is available at 99 on amazon. Go grab yours! The best gift for boys under rupees 100!

13 Thoughtful Toy Gifts under ₹100 | Surprise your little ones now!

3. Mini Small Metallic Die-Cast Car

You’ll never regret this buy!
  • It is super cool to use
  • It will elevate the mood of the user
  • The concept of driving can be taught

Toy drone for kids:

Who wouldn’t get excited while seeing a drone? So, From kids to adults, everyone wouldn’t take their eyes off it. Here there is a drone at the cheapest price. It is of size 10X12x20mm. It contains 4 mini DC motors with good Rotation per minute. Also, it holds a 4-piece o helicopter in the set. It holds a voltage of 3.7 V, 0.8 A Current, and 25000 rotations per minute with a propeller length of 55mm.

  • It can be used the concept of science
  • It is super handy and safe to use
  • It is made use of high quality materia

Spiderman Pin-back badge:

It is 58mm and multi color. Also, has an glossy texture. Though it is plastic, it is not harmful. You can pin it in kid’s dress, uniform, bag and accessories.

  • It is super attractive
  • It is super colourful and attractive
  • An easy buy it is

For more perfect toys, especially for your new born and for gifting I’ve listed the Best newborn baby toys here!

The choices we’ve given you are the best buys available. Moreover, When you buy something to gift your kid or a friend’s kid , all that matters is the love and efforts you put in! Also, we’ve made it easy for you along with the pros and super affordable options. what are you waiting for? choose one among these best toys under rupees 100 and you’ll love these for sure!

13 Thoughtful Toy Gifts under ₹100 | Surprise your little ones now!
13 Thoughtful Toy Gifts under ₹100 | Surprise your little ones now!

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