Flintobox vs Flintoclass – Learn, Have fun, Repeat!

Flintobox vs Flintoclass

Just like many of you, I was also confused to make a choice between Flintobox vs Flintoclass. By introducing innovative and exciting learning models ‘Flintobox’ bids farewell to the boring, conventional Kindergarten syllabus. Even though they belong to the same parent company ‘Flintobox’, there are so many interesting unique things about Flintobox vs Flintoclass. Having tried both Flintobox vs Flintoclass for my child, here is my honest review on both of them! 

In this article we’ll have an elaborate look on Flintobox and Flintoclass, differences between them, pros and cons in each of them. With this you could choose between Flintobox vs Flintoclass for your child to ace their early education in the most exciting way! 

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What is Flintobox?

Before choosing between Flintobox vs Flintoclass, let us get to know a bit more about them. Every parents’ dream is to see their kid excelling in their studies and to be a step ahead of others. I wanted to ensure that my child is not exposed to much screen time right from the beginning. Hence to make them learn new things, I opted out for Flintobox instead of Youtube and other online platforms. 

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Flintobox vs Flintoclass
Flintobox – takes your kids off the screen!

Less Screen time, More Fun!

In the comparison between Flintobox vs Flintoclass, Flintobox predominantly aims at taking the kids’ time off of the screen. Besides it lets them have fun with a wide range of activities, DIY games, lots and lots of colors. You get a monthly Flintobox every month for your kid based on its subscription. 

With their psychological team they produce quality content to the children based on their age group. Hence, not only do the children feel enthusiastic but also craves more and more of these Flinto products. 

Flintobox vs Flintoclass

Flintobox comes as three different variants for different age groups. These boxes contain exciting activities for your kids and ensures that the kid stays off the screen willingly! 

  • 2-4 years (toddlers and preschoolers) Introduces basic vocabulary, numerics, shapes and colors.
  • 4-8 years (children’s activity box) Makes them learn about Family, environment and the world around them.
  • 8-12 years (Preteen) Kindles their Imagination and drives them to innovation.

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Flintoclass and its features

By now you would have a clear idea on Flintobox. But Flintobox vs Flintoclass? For that, let us get to know about Flintoclass in detail. Flintoclass is unique and interesting in its own way. Unlike Flintobox which focuses more on reducing the screen time, Flintoclass is actually an alternative to the regular preschools

Flintobox vs Flintoclass
Flintoclass – virtual learning

Hybrid Learning module:

Sometimes, kids are more attentive to the visual medium of learning than trying out things on their own. Between Flintobox vs Flintoclass, Flintoclass provides them with such an opportunity.  This is an initiative by the same parent company Flintobox that aims at providing uninterrupted preschooling experience to children. This Hybrid learning program includes a kit with materials in it and virtual guidance to it. 

In Flintobox vs Flintoclass, Flintoclass comes with intricate age categories. Since this is academics oriented, this detail is very much appreciated. The learning kit, pre recorded classes are more specific to children of a certain age. 

Flintobox vs Flintoclass
  • 1.5 – 2.5 years (Playgroup): Basic vocabulary, early numeracy, social and emotional development.
  • 2.5 – 3.5 years (Nursery): simple sentences, identifying shapes and colors, understanding social contexts.
  • 3.5 – 4.5 years (Lower KG): Introduction of letters and phonic sounds, pre-math concepts, Learn about transport, music, community service and environment.
  • 4.5 – 6 years (Upper KG): Theme based learning, introducing advanced word groups, exploring space, sky, oceans and environment.

Flintobox vs Flintoclass

To compare the contents of Flintobox vs Flintoclass, it is important to understand the basics first. Flintobox is an activity box to make your kids’ leisure time useful. It aims to reduce their screen time and to make them productive. On the other hand, Flintoclass is academics oriented which lays a great foundation even before your kid joins a school. It is a virtual learning platform that enables your kid to learn the basics even before they join a school! Thus the contents of Flintobox vs Flintoclass vary to serve their purpose.

Bottom Line
Flintobox vs flintoclass
Bottom Line
Contains DIY activities for kids, materials, story books and instruction manual to guide through.
1. Improves creative, numerical and social skills.
2. Reduces screen time and makes learning fun.
3. Keeps children occupied and productive in their leisure.
4. Theme based activities introduces several things around in a playful way.
5. Activities can be reused several times, hence non-stop fun is guaranteed!
1. Parent’s supervision is required for certain activities.
2. Few activities can be a little mediocre or little advanced.
Flintobox vs Flintoclass
Bottom Line
An Online dashboard is provided to record and assess the progress of your child’s learning. Learning kit and activity sheets are Home delivered.
1. Learning through visual medium enhances attention span of the children.
2. Guided assistance and support through efficient and qualified staff.
3. Introduces the basics and encourages them to learn more.
4. Children gets motivated to go to school!
5. Repetitive hearing and listening helps them to learn efficiently.
1. Screen time may be a concern.
2. Parents should spend some time to check if the children pay attention.

Specialty Of Flintobox and Flintoclass

What’s unique in Flintobox:

Flintobox vs Flintoclass
Flintobox vs Flintoclass – Flintobox activities
  • Flintobox focuses primarily on engaging the kids with fun filled activities rather than boring lessons.
  • It comes in a package with several little packages, one for each day. A perfect gift for your kids’ vacation times!
  • Flintobox offers you a demo activity box on your subscription for three months. If in case, it is not up to your expectation or if you think it is too normal or too advanced for your child’s age group, you can cancel the subscription anytime!
  • With their psychological team they produce quality content to the children based on their age group.

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What’s unique in Flintoclass:

Flintobox vs Flintoclass
Flintobox vs Flintoclass – Flintoclass lesson
  • It is a virtual learning platform that enables your kid to learn the basics even before they join a school!
  • Flintoclass is academics oriented which lays a great foundation and puts your child one step ahead of every other kid.
  • This Hybrid learning program includes a kit with materials in it and virtual guidance to it.
  • Pre Recorded classes guide your children with ease and make them learn on their own without you having to spend much time on them.
  • An online dashboard assess keeps track of your child’s performance and provides a comprehended progress report. 

How to choose the right one?

In this article, so far we have listed the descriptions, unique features, pros and cons of Flintobox vs Flintoclass. If it is still hard to choose between these two, let us look on to some specifications before choosing between Flintobox vs Flintoclass.

Flintobox, as said, is an activity box that comes for different age groups with numerous activities. The idea behind Flintobox is to reduce the screen time of the children and to make their leisure time productive and fun filled! Flintobox focuses on 16 developmental areas of the children and guarantees fun as well! Besides, the activities are simple and effective thus requiring minimal parental involvement.

Flintobox vs flintoclass
Flintobox – Flintobox vs Flintoclass

Flintoclass, on the other hand, is an online learning platform to provide uninterrupted education to kids’ all the time. With an online dashboard that has pre recorded lessons, children can learn on their own along with the materials and lesson sheets that are delivered home on subscription. Flintoclass is a preschool learning module that provides valid certification on successful completion of the course. You could even book for a demo class at Flintoclass before subscribing to it!

Flintobox vs Flintoclass
Flintoclass – Flintobox vs Flintoclass


To sum up, you could choose between Flintobox vs Flintoclass based on your child’s needs. If your kid is addicted to gadgets and television and if you want to reduce their screen time while having fun at the same time, you could opt for Flintobox. Or if you want them to be excited to go to school and wish to lay a basic foundation to that, Flintoclass can be your choice.  All these new revolutions such as Flintobox and Flintoclass are to make education simpler and effective for our kids. So let’s make learning a fun-filled experience for our kids!

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