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There are two ways to educate your kids, a boring conventional way and the adventurous activity box way! Activity boxes are the recent revolution in children’s education. So many brands have come up with different theme based activity boxes. And the prominent brands now are – Flintobox, Magic Crate and Einstein box. To choose one among these is the biggest confusion for many parents out there. In this article I have tried to look deep into the these activity boxes and explain them in detail. Now you can choose the best one for your kid.

If you have no idea on what an activity box is, check this article on Activity boxes and their significance!

As an extension of this article, I have also compared Flintobox, Xplorabox and Intellikit. I looked into each one of them, compared their advantages, disadvantages and listed them.

Education begins at home!

It’s a myth that a child’s education begins at school. In reality, children begin to learn from a very young age. As babies they observe their surroundings and they start to learn straight away. Activity boxes like Flintobox, Magic crate, Einstein box curate age specific activities for your children. These not only reduces their screen time but also introduces learning in a fun filled way! Below are the detailed comparison of the 3 activitiy boxes


Review of Magic Crate

Magic Crate provides theme-based, age-relevant activity crates for 2-15-year-olds. In general, it combines Science of Learning with the Power of Play. The crates are set up to be do-it-yourself activities. The crates come disassembled for the child to assemble & play along with the parent or grandparents.

Kids of these generations are too easily bored. Sometimes it gets hard to engage them and many times it becomes exhausting. Magic crate enables exciting exploration of concepts that provide strong hands on learning. When concepts and learning becomes clear, kids build on by applying the concepts they have learnt!

Magic crate activity box
The ‘good’ about Magic Crate
  • Theme based activities, each specific to a month.
  • Multiple learning styles such as verbal, aural, solitary, visual, social, logical and physical.
  • Individualised learning tracks that lets your child to learn at their own pace and have fun at the same time.
  • Addresses core learning problems that cannot be fixed by tuitions or learning apps!
  • Safe, kid-friendly play materials.
  • Variety of play methods and innovative learning styles.
The ‘Not so good’ about Magic Crate
  • The age margin is less for some crates. In which the tasks can be too advanced or too easy for the kids.
  • There is no way of knowing the benefits of the activity box and particular activity, unless you get a trail crate for your kid.

How is Magic crate’s activity box unique?

Entertain with creative play materials, engage them away from TV and devices. Basically educates them to developmental milestones.You could get a trail magic crate box at ₹599, to decide if it helps your child’s entertainment and education.

Magic crate has simplified, yet detailed age classification. With that, they provide age appropriate activities. Also, the website is easy to access and they provide instant customer support.

80% of a child’s critical brain development happens in the early years.

If your kid is very young, activity box might not be the best choice. Check out the toy collection for newborns.


Review of Einstein Box

The Einstein box is basically inspired by Einstein’s quote, “Every child is born a genius”. The creators of this activity box believed that this box would help bring out that spark which every child is born with. Hence they called this box – Einstein Box.

The founders of Einstein box planned to make something to get their kid off the screen. With like minded parents they made several activities and stories for children of different age groups. That’s how the Einstein box was made.

Einstein box – activity box
The ‘good’ about Einstein Box
  • Unlike most activity boxes, Einstein box allows you to look into the contents even before ordering a trial box.
  • Predominantly focuses on IQ enhancing through learning and creative activities 
  • More story books than many other activity boxes, thus serving its purpose.
  • Activities are based on scientific approach instead of conventional methods.
The ‘Not so good’ about Einstein Box
  • The website is only half as attractive as the product. Don’t shy away.
  • As the focus is more on learning, children who are more inclined towards art and crafts find it harder to cope up.

How is Einstein box unique?

The Einstein box focuses more on the learning and creativity of your child. Firstly, It nurtures the habit of reading books from a very young age. Likewise, The activities and stories of this activity box are carefully crafted in a way to meet up with your child’s cognitive needs! Tailor made activities – right activities at the right time to nurture your kids.

There’s more to it. Einstein box strikes you with an undeniable deal! Because, If you find it hard or too low for your kids’ standards or if you simply don’t like it, einstein box guarantees you a 100% refund. (If the box is returned within 7 days of the purchase). This allows us to easily explore the box without much pressure.

Preschool education and learning helps reduce the stress caused by the school environment!

Review of Flintobox

The basic idea of the Flintobox is to actively engage the kids in productive activities thereby reducing their screentime. To ensure that, every flintobox comes with a minimum of 3 activities to a maximum of 5 per box. These activity bags are based upon different subjects and skill sets the child would require.

Flintobox offers super cool games for your super kids! The activity box comes with DIY toys (Do it yourselves) with simplified instructions for your kids to understand. These activities serve primarily as recreational while being educational to some point. 

Flintobox – activity box
The ‘good’ about Flintobox
  • With attractive pictures and easy vocabulary, your kids won’t be off these books anytime soon.
  • This age based activity box comes up with games and lessons on different themes ranging from environment, professions, culture, science and so on.
  • The activities differs with matching themes.
  • Likewise, The activities focus more on innovation and creation
The ‘Not so good’ about Flintobox
  • The contents of the activity box are not so clearly mentioned and thus remains a surprise.
  • You can get a trail box only with an initial subscription of 3 months but no lesser than that.

Why Flintobox’s activity box is unique?

For every new month your child gets a new flintobox, with new activities.  The story book in this box contains rich vocabulary – a cool way to learn new words, isn’t it?. For instance, the activities focus more on innovation and creation. Subsequently, It has puzzles of higher degree that engages kids for a longer duration.

Flintobox introduces the basics to the children in a fun filled way. In other words, Flintobox transforms boring concepts into interesting activities and helps them to understand better, be it language, science or maths!

Learning languages is more like walking. The more they practice, the more you keep talking to them, the sooner they learn. Helps the children to pick up social and communication skills a lot easier!

Flintobox vs Einstein box vs Magic crate

Comparison table
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Customer support
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To sum up, This is an unpaid review, solely intended to highlight the pros and cons of said activity boxes. Education is an important phase in a child’s life. The more happily they learn, they are less likely to be stressed out. Also these activity boxes curtail the kids’ screen time drastically, which is a need of the hour for your kid.

Before choosing the right activity box for your kid, go through this article to get an idea about it. However, try out a trial box before opting out for a monthly subscription. Toys make kids happy, the right activity box would make them happier for sure! Go grab one for your kid now!

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