How to avoid cold after eating ice cream? 5 tested tips and tricks.

How to avoid cold after eating ice cream

People irrespective of age love ice cream and children are no exception to this. How to avoid cold after eating ice cream is a question that my friends and family keep asking me. So, here are the 5 easy tips to prevent cold after eating ice cream.

Saying “no” to a child asking for ice cream with puppy eyes is one of the hardest things in the world. It leads to them crying and sometimes even throwing tantrums and ends up upsetting us as well. In order for everyone in the family to be happy, it is important to let go of rules sometimes. So the next time your child asks for ice cream, particularly during winter don’t say “no”. Instead, follow these tips to prevent cold after eating ice cream.

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Does eating ice cream give you cold?

Technically, eating ice cream does not cause cold. It is the viruses that cause a cold. If your body already has viruses, then eating any food with high sugar content will activate it. This is because the viruses feed on the sugar and become all the more active. In addition to that, dairy products also increase the cold by causing phlegm and thickening the mucus.

So, the answer to the question ‘does ice cream give you cold?’ is maybe. Ice cream by itself doesn’t cause cold. A lot of factors like the sugar content in the ice cream, the quantity of ice cream, and the immunity of the child/ person are all responsible for the phlegm build-up and the cold. A lot of studies around the world have proved that ice cream all by itself doesn’t cause cold. Now that we know the reasons behind it, let’s look at how to avoid cold after eating ice cream.

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How to avoid cold after eating ice cream?

As a mother, it is really hard to deny my kids the little happiness that they get by having their favorite food. My first daughter loves chocolate ice cream and my second loves strawberry-flavored ones. How to avoid cold after eating ice cream is something that I kept asking myself. But after learning about what causes cold, I came up with a few easy ways to easily avoid cold after eating ice cream. Let’s look at them in detail below.

The basic reason why a child/ adult catch a cold is due to their immunity being low. So, to avoid a cold in the long run, one should focus on improving their immune system on a daily basis. Consuming proper nutrients and vitamins would help boost immunity. Apart from this, there are a few immediate things that you can do to avoid catching a cold after eating ice cream. Let us look at them below.

5 Tips to prevent cold after eating ice cream

I’m listing down five of the tested tips to prevent cold after eating ice cream. These are all easily doable as well as very inexpensive. Apart from that, these are also natural and organic. They don’t only help with ice cream but with other cold foods as well. I’ve been using these on my kids for years and now they enjoy ice creams without falling sick. Let’s go ahead with the list.

1. The Sun

One of the surest ways of avoiding cold after eating ice cream is to have it during sunny weather. This helps with the viruses not getting activated in the first place. Avoid giving ice creams during winter and at night.

2. Alternating temperatures

If at all your kid eats one in the cold weather, you can give them lukewarm/ hot water as soon as they finish the ice cream. The hot water immediately kills the viruses that are activated due to the cold food. Even if you don’t have hot water with you, a normal glass of water would also help with washing down the viruses.

3. Kitchen magic

Our Indian cuisine has all the medicinal properties one could ask for. You can give your kid a glass of cinnamon water or ask them to chew on three to four peppercorns after eating ice cream. If they are hesitant to do this, make a simple glass of rasam and ask them to drink it. My kids love the rasam option better.

4. Herbs

Like the spices in India, the herbs like Tulsi, mint, and Mexican mint help with killing the viruses that get activated due to cold foods. You can ask your kids to simply chew on these leaves for 5 minutes and they would be completely free of the chances of catching a cold.

5. Less sugary ice cream

These days there are a lot of brands that come up with less sugar and calorie ice creams. These ice creams are safe and all the more healthy to consume as they have natural sugars that don’t activate the viruses. Since sugar with cold temperatures is what activates the virus, these ice creams are a great alternative to the common ones.

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Take away

I hope that the above-mentioned tips to prevent cold after eating ice cream helped you with understanding why one catches a cold. Now that you know how to avoid cold after eating ice cream, let your child enjoy their childhood by eating their favorite ice cream. I’m promising you that you’ll be the best mother in the world for them if you never say “no” to ice creams. Enjoy the little moments of happiness that you get by letting them have ice cream while also keeping them healthy.

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