How to dry clothes fast in the rainy season? 7 easy tips and tricks!

How to dry clothes fast in the rainy season

One of the most popped-up questions during the monsoons is how to dry clothes fast in the rainy season. Let us look at a few easy tips and tricks to enjoying the rain without having to constantly worry about damp clothes.

As moms, it inevitably becomes our duty to make sure that everyone in the house has their clothes and uniforms ready for school and offices. But it becomes a struggle, particularly during the rainy season as the clothes don’t dry in the lack of proper sunlight. This is doubly hard for us moms who are living in the cities without a proper drying area. Whatever little sunlight peering through the veranda will also not be available during the monsoons. So, I have come up with a few tips and tricks to help you with the damp cloth problem.

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Why it is important to completely dry clothes?

Before going into how to dry clothes fast in the rainy season, let us look into why it is important to completely dry clothes. During the monsoons, it is quite common in most households to hang dry damp clothes in whatever space is available. But there are a lot of health implications that occur due to these damp clothes. Let us look at them briefly so that we know how and why to avoid them.

Wet clothes, without enough sunlight, peering through the house will increase the humidity of the air inside the house. This increase in humidity will become a breeding ground for the microbes like molds, fungi, and the rest to grow rapidly. These microbes in turn will lead to a lot of respiratory tract disorders. One of the most common respiratory tract infections during the rainy season is sinusitis, also known as a sinus.

The humidity also gives way to pneumonia, particularly in babies and kids. This is because the temperature fluctuations during the monsoon result in decreased immunity levels in babies and kids. Thus, they become easily susceptible to pneumonia and the common cold. Apart from these, the increased dampness in the clothes as well as the increased humidity gives rise to numerous infections and allergies. Thus, it becomes important to dry the clothes properly and reduce the dampness so that everyone is safe and sound.

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How to dry clothes fast in the rainy season?

Now that we have looked at the various health issues that the dampness caused due to wet clothes produce, let us waste no time and jump into answering the question of how to dry clothes fast in the rainy season.

1) Dripping the water

Though it might sound very simple and basic, letting all the water drip before drying is one of the most viable answers to the question of how to dry clothes fast in the rainy season. This is particularly important for those who wash by hands. Try to squeeze out as much water as you can from the clothes in the bathroom. After squeezing tightly let them hang in the rods for a while. This will help with removing the excess water that’s left even after the squeezing process.

2) Spinner

If you are using a washing machine then this will answer your question of how to dry clothes fast in the rainy season. If you have a dryer in the machine, then everything is well and good. But a lot of machines might not come with the dryer feature or they might stop working after a while. In that case, all you need to do is to spin the clothes twice or thrice so that the excess water in the clothes after washing would be reduced. You can also use the high spin setting if your machine has that option.

3) Ironing

Ironing is one of the shortcuts that you can use to eliminate the problem of clothes that aren’t dried completely. You can lay a large towel that is soft and put the piece of cloth you want to iron on top of it. After that, roll the towel along with the cloth and squeeze it. This is to remove the excess water from the damp cloth and it will be transferred to the towel. You can then remove the wet towel and place a thin dry towel, put the cloth on it, and iron it out. I’m sure this will answer your question about how to dry clothes fast in the rainy season.

4) Clothes drying stand

For those living in metro cities or even cities, finding a large space with access to sunlight is hard. I live in Mumbai and it rains almost all through the year and there is not a proper terrace area as well. I used to hassle with drying clothes by hanging them everywhere in the house. It used to be so messy and my husband also used to get asthma attacks time and again. One day, a friend of mine visited my place and told me about the wonder that is the cloth drying stand.

I have been using it for years and I recommend it to everyone who has a question about how to dry clothes fast in the rainy season. Most clothes drying stands are foldable and they do not take up a lot of space. You can even use hangers to maximize space for drying out clothes. They are easily portable and can be placed in any space where there is little sunlight.

5) Controlling the moisture

Another answer to the question of how to dry clothes fast in the rainy season is to control the moisture in the house. If you reduce the moisture in the house, it will automatically lead to faster drying of clothes and vice versa. Lower moisture means lower humidity and in turn, means lower health problems. The moisture can be reduced by using an air purifier bag. It can also be done by keeping an open box of unrefined salt in the room. The salt or the purifier aids in absorbing the excess moisture in the room, thereby keeping the moisture level in control.

6) Hair dryer

Another quick and handy answer to the question of how to dry clothes fast in the rainy season is to dry them with a hair dryer. It is not an easy task as you would need some patience. But if you need just a cloth or two to dry quickly, then you can opt for this option. Keep your dryer at the maximum level so that the air from it is fast and hot. Hold the dryer close to the cloth and use it till the dampness goes from the cloth. Use this option as the last resort in emergency situations as overusing the hair dryer will cost its life.

7) Prioritize

Last but not least, the answer to the question of how to dry clothes fast in the rainy season is to prioritize which clothes to wash. It might seem like a very obvious answer but a lot of the time we end up washing a lot of clothes one way or the other. So, separate the laundry into two and wash only the most needed ones. This will give the clothes more space to dry and wouldn’t increase the humidity a lot.

These are the only tested tips and tricks on the question of how to dry clothes fast in the rainy season that has worked for me and my friends and family.


I hope that the above-mentioned tips and tricks would have given you an answer to the question of how to dry clothes fast in the rainy season. No more constantly wet clothes and hassling with the problems that tag along with it. Here’s to not worrying about the monsoons and enjoying the rains with absolute leisure.

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