4 Basic tips on ‘How to make your kids all-rounders?’

How to make your kids all-rounders

Every parent wishes to make their kids the best at everything, but how to make your kids all-rounders? I always remind myself that kids are like water and they take up the shape in whatever container we pour them in! So, it is up to us to provide them with the right choices to make them involved in many things. So continue reading to get an insight on ‘How to make your kids all-rounders?

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Kids and their abilities

Kids are full of energy and curiosity. Be it in the home or their schools, kids are always interested to learn and experiment with new things. But sadly, as parents, we do not spend enough time and attention to resolve their inquisitiveness. We end up handing them our mobile phones with some games or Youtube videos, so they would not disturb us anymore. Instead, if you start spending some quality time with your kids to find out what they love and what not, you could help other parents arrive at an answer to the question – ‘How to make your kids all-rounders?’

How to make your kids all-rounders

We always get the best for our kids, don’t we? Even before they are born, we dream of all the things they could become and plan on various possibilities. We want them to become something that we couldn’t, we want them to go places where we weren’t able to go. We want them to be the best in everything, focusing on the bigger picture – how to make your kids all-rounder – we lose sight of the minute details – what should we do to make our kids all-rounders? Surprisingly, the answers to your questions are very simple. Here is what we should do!

1. Provide them with choices

Most parents, including me, do the same mistake. We keep on saying, “I know what’s right for my kid”. But the truth is we do very little about them unless we observe what our kids are really into. To know what your kid’s love, provide them with various choices. Few kids are good at solving puzzles while some love to play outdoors. Introduce different hobbies to your kids for them to select among those.

How to make your kids all-rounders; provide them with choices!
different kids have different interests!

You could also ask your kids if they like what they do and let them switch tasks if they like something better. By this you make them feel autonomous. Kids learn to take their own decisions and to speak up in their minds. Through this, they would love what they do and be good at those activities or skills without you having to worry about them!

2. Motivation and self-esteem

If you are wondering about how to make your kids all-rounders and if you think you could force and punish kids to be better, you would be disappointed. Everyone makes mistakes and kids are no exception. Your kid might have scored lesser grades in their academics, they might not be the best player in the sport they are in, they could not draw a beautiful picture – and it’s okay, these are perfectly normal! As we all do, kids too will learn from their mistakes.

Motivation and good self-esteem help kids to be better at everything they do
Motivating kids helps them to be strong and innovative

Punishments and being strict may seem like working but eventually, this approach would lower your kids’ self-esteem and they would become unassertive. Instead, motivating kids and appreciating them for their little achievements will boost their confidence and self-esteem through which they will be the all-rounders you expect them to be!

3. Respect their Individuality

Another cornerstone in a child’s growth that we often tend to ignore is their Individuality. Different kids have different abilities and each excels at different things. Comparing your kids’ grades, performance or abilities with another kid’s not only lowers their self-esteem but also stops them from trying out new things. Provide your kids with different choices/hobbies in academics, art & crafts, play activities, swimming, oration and other skills to find out what they love the most. You are halfway past making your kids all-rounders once you find out what they love.

Kids are unique and different from one another. Value that.
Individuality in kids

How to make your kids all-rounders? Rather than comparing your kids with the other kids, compare your kids’ performances with their past performances. This would help to assess and motivate them to do better than earlier and reach new milestones on their way to becoming an all-rounder. Every kid is unique and we have to value their individuality for them to be the best.

4. Happiness is the Key!

As a parent, you play a huge role in supporting your child’s mental well-being. Nurturing and loving care build a strong foundation, helping your child to develop the social and emotional skills they need to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.   

UNICEF on ‘Parenting’
A happy family brings up happy and successful kids - How to make your kids all-rounders
Happiness leads to success and all-rounding performance in kids

As quoted above, UNICEF insists on the importance of happy and mindful parenting for your kids to develop proper cognitive, social and communication skills. Read more on the UNICEF article on parenting here. Kids who are brought up in a happy and peaceful environment tend to be more active and wilful to learn things. As a parent, it is our responsibility to be calm and cool. After all, kids look up to us and learn from us! To ensure your kids’ psychological well-being and happiness, Music therapy is the magic that you need for your children. 


As we all know, kids are energetic and always look for something new and captivating. Our responsibility is to show them a direction and let them explore the path while you simply supervise them. Apply this same principle – be it your kid’s schooling, interests, passions and sports activities – and you will find them marching past even happier and enthusiastic. Hope you got your answer to the question ‘How to make your kids all-rounders?’ in this article. To know more about the appropriate hobbies for your kids, here is another article from Unicef.

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