14 Best Organic Soft Toys – Find the safest toys for your kids!

The 21st century has seen many changes in terms of style of living, the way you take care of expenses, and raising your children. Everything needs to be perfect for the near and dear ones in the age of consumerism. Even children are dependent on organic soft toys for their brain development.

Organic Soft Toys are safe and huggable

What are organic soft toys

Organic soft toys- Explanation

The word “organic soft toys” is a new addition to the parents’ dictionary. If we buy organic plush toys online, a question arises in our minds about their availability. Have you wondered what these toys are?

Listening to the word “organic” we assume that they must be eco-friendly toys or skin-friendly. Yes, this is the best material for touching a baby’s delicate skin. These toys use the best organic fabric that has passed all quality checks and get selected to become the best organic soft toys.

The eco-friendly toys are stuffed with enough features to make them rank first in all plush toys. Let’s read a few crucial attributes of organic soft toys:

Safe:- The first and foremost thing to be kept in mind is that the goods manufactured must be safe i.e. must not harm the one who is using these. Moreover, soft toys are mainly meant for newborns and toddlers who are in the habit of keeping their toys with them wherever they go. Thus, the toys are made from organic material that would never hurt anyone.

Perfectly stitched:- The toys fabricated are perfectly fixed so that their eyes or nose don’t detach, a soft toy has all its appearance from the outer maintenance i.e. the features of a toy make it highlighted. These features (eyes, nose, ears, buttons, etc.) once removed bring a downfall in its aspects. 

Certified by ISI and BIS:- The goods they produce are first chemically and mechanically tested in labs and then any sale or purchase takes place. A must for a toy is that its parts aren’t pulled off which may bring damage. These certifications have brought up a standard for these products and assurance to customers that they meet specified requirements.

Germ-free:-Dust mites are attracted to every type of fabric but the fur and velvet ones are more prone to hide a lot of dust mites in them. Clean organic cotton fabric has fewer chances of getting laced with dust and germs.

Hypoallergenic:-Hypoallergenic toys that do not cause any allergies to the soft skin of the baby are a rage today. The harsh touch or any allergic fibril in a soft toy fabric may cause skin rashes or allergies on the baby’s skin.

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Why is it necessary to check your child’s toy collection?

Problems with soft toys

There are many alarming situations when ignoring torn toys and toys with spilled fillings will pose hazardous. Children love their old toys as they have sentimental value, but old and tattered toys are unsafe for them. It is imperative to keep on playing with the soft toys that have frayed seams and the fabric is rough. The germs that are piled up on the fleece of a cute pink teddy bear will be harmful to the baby’s health. The torn edges may spill the inner filling. This fiber filling can be hazardous if ingested.

So, check the alarming situation and avoid choking hazards from torn and broken toys.


A simple and easy guide to maintaining organic soft toys

Easy ways to maintain soft toys

Soft toys have a shelf life of 1 or 2 years. The fondness of the child with the soft toy may linger on for more than that period. For keeping the toys in perfect shape for more than one year, it becomes the parent’s responsibility to store the toys in a hygienic place.

How can we rectify the existing soft toy collection in our baby’s toybox?

Here are some tips for the concerned parents to check and follow to let their children enjoy childhood with privilege.

  1. Keep looking for worn-out toys and discard them before they pose harm to the baby.
  2. Washing the grime and germ build-up on the old soft toys regularly must be practiced by the parents. The soft toys need regular cleaning with a mild detergent to keep them germ-free. Even there’s a shortcut to kill the fur mites present in the old fur toys or organic handmade knitted toys.
  3. In research about the usability of toys, it is found that if the toys are frozen for more than 24 hours it will kill all the dust mites due to very cold temperatures.
  4. The fleece of the soft toy gets rough with prolonged use. the toy must be replaced before it gives the baby a skin rash.
  5. Always exchange old toys for new organic soft Toys and make kids happy.


List Of Eco-friendly and Organic Soft Toys

First-grade organic toys

This website is a sure-shot destination where you have landed to get ample information regarding organic and skin-friendly soft toys online. If you are the one who prefers only organic things for your little bundle of joy, you have reached the right place. No parents can ignore that the organic toys manufactured in the toy industry are so exhilarating that once they know about them, they want to order one for their babies.

Organic soft toys for Newborn Babies

Could you differentiate between the toys for infants, toddlers, and children of age group 3 to 6? The toy companies have a very fine line of difference to identify the toys according to age groups. The main structural difference is the way the kids play. So, we can differentiate the toys as newborn toys ( For 0+ months to 1 year) and toddler toys (1 year to 3 years).

The newborn has underdeveloped motor skills which mean they have to keep them busy with a little noisy and basic toys. The skin-friendly fabric protects the baby from various inhaling diseases.

Let us see a few awesome newborn toys for your sunshine:

1. Clutching Softball with rattle

clutching soft ball with rattle for kids

Clutching Softball with rattle Amazon's choice

Sensory Toy, Colorful Textured, and Developmental Ball for Newborns. Also enhances the Fine Motor Skills of infants
₹803₹845 Buy this on amazon

A bright-colored ball soft toy manufactured in India is the first pick that has all the features to entertain an infant without being harmful. It is a sensory ball with delicate rattling sounds for the ears of your newborn baby. It is highly recommended to pacify the needs of the little master who has set his foot in this world. Its segmented designs are unique ways to hold the ball in the small hands without getting hurt. A clutching ball is sure to keep your baby busy for hours and help you enjoy your parenthood.

What are the special features of this toy?
  • Delicate rattling sound
  • Best for baby shower gifts

2. Pink Rattle

handmade pink rattle

Organic Cotton Rattle parent's recommendation

100% cotton fabric, Soft baby toy, Snowy the Rabbit

Kindora toys is a trusted website and a one-stop solution for your search for handmade organic soft toys online. The toys of fabric rattles are specifically made keeping in mind various needs of the baby and the parent. It is a perfect choice for babies who are very sensitive and try to feel their surroundings by touching things. This toy gives the baby a chance to explore and is very durable. Its rattle sound and beautiful colors fill the kids with pleasure and happiness. Its size is ideal for mothers to carry in their bags. It is made with Handloom Cotton and stuffed with organic Kapok filling which makes it

What are the special features of this toy?
  • Hand made specially to fit small hands
  • High-quality of stitching

For other developmental toys for newborn babies, check our list!

Organic soft toys for Toddlers

1. Organic stuffed teddy bear

teddy bear

Frantic Ultra Soft Stuffed Perfect Teddy Bear (4.5 Feet) Superior quality

Animal Spongy Huggable,
Non-Toxic Fabric 100% Poly Filling

Awesome Toys for toddler babies keep the magic of mischief alive in them. Acute teddy bear in cream butter color is the favorite gift for your baby or for family birthday gatherings of most loved kids. Don’t wait anymore and order these organic soft toys online for your baby.

What are the special features of this toy?
  • Skin-friendly fabric trusted by mothers
  • Unique color combination

2. Berry bee Nautical Activity Cube

nautical soft toy

Nautical Activity Cube Value for money

Wonderful eco-friendly toy

It is a unique toy for improving the coordination skills of your toddler baby. the fingers learn to respond to this soft fabric toy that must be introduced to your child for his brain development. So, keep your babies engaged with hand movements around a colorful and educational toy.

What are the special features of this toy?
  • Improves baby’s hand strength
  • Beads and colorful threads to attract babies

Cartoon Character Soft Toys

Globally, children are fond of cartoon characters. They love to have things that have their favorite cartoon character printed on them. Organic soft toys that display various cartoon characters flashes in the minds of children providing them with intact happiness. They start to upgrade their imagination power as they love to play with them resulting in making up stories that may help them in providing a path towards their bright future. They help children to grab positive skills from the outer world and add them into their world. 

1. Simba soft toy

Simba is a lovely animal cartoon character adored by children and all lion King lovers. The kids are crazy for the sweet baby cub with the eco-friendly outer skin and even nontoxic inner filling. The smile of this toy is intoxicating and full of love.

What are the special features of this toy?
  • Most loved cartoon baby animal
  • Creative toy to teach animal kingdom

2. Pluto soft toy

Pluto is a companion of Mickey mouse always loved by the kids and adored for its innocence and mischief. It is one of the very attractive organic soft toys that keeps children busy like a pet dog. Children always find innovative ways to play with the best soft toys like dogs and teddy. The fabric of the Pluto stuffed animal is natural. It is easily machine and hand washable for keeping the toy clean for the baby.

What are the special features of this toy?
  • Skin-friendly toy
  • Non-toxic Polyester Fabric

3. Mickey mouse organic soft toys

Adorable and cute Mickey and Minnie mouse organic soft toys are the first choices of a baby. so, considerate parents should gift these sensible organic soft toys to them or even buy one for the baby shower and birthday invite of a little one.

What are the special features of this toy?
  • Innovative design to impress the kids
  • Supreme quality fabric

4. Scooby doo soft toy

14 Best Organic Soft Toys – Find the safest toys for your kids!

Cherubs Cute Scooby Doo Dog (35cm) #1 best seller

Stuffed Plush

Scooby doo cartoon is the most loved cartoon show for the children. An eco-friendly fabric is converted into a splendid-looking organic soft toy to make your kids happy and satisfied. The seams and stitches of these organic soft toys are top quality.

What are the special features of this toy?
  • High-quality assurance by the seller
  • Cheaper compared to other same toys

5. Pooh The Bear

14 Best Organic Soft Toys – Find the safest toys for your kids!

White Star All Cute Fluffy Winnie Pooh Teddy Bear value for money

Stuffed Soft Toy for Gifting (X-Large)

Occasions are always a big thing for the host as well as the guest as the guests have to think of giving the best party gift. Pooh Bears are the best soft toys for birthday gifts. Also, the eco-friendly soft toy will have to impress the birthday boy or girl as kids love pooh-the-bear a lot.

What are the special features of this toy?
  • Unique and large in size
  • Cartoon character is kid’s favorite

Do you have a Shinchan lover at home? Check the best Shinchan toys and accessories to surprise your kids. Organic soft toys of Shinchan are also listed here.

Animal soft toys

Stuffed animal toys work as immunity booster toys when the kids face ups and downs in their lives. A real animal may leave you someday but never a soft toy. It will stay with you keeping your bond intact. An animal soft toy adds the cherry on the cake. It works as a toy to play with, an animal to roam around, a friend to talk to and a family to enjoy. A person never gets bored of an animal soft toy.

1. Elephant stuffed toy

14 Best Organic Soft Toys – Find the safest toys for your kids!

Big Size Fibre Filled Stuffed Animal Elephant kid's choice

Soft Toy for Baby of Plush Material Hugging Pillow for Toddlers with Small Baby Play Ball
₹679₹1,699 Buy this on amzon

Elephant pillows are something that makes children fall for them. An elephant is considered the most harmonious animal which spreads peace everywhere. This toy does the same. It will indulge your child to stay with it most of the time leading to calmness in your house. The material is so soft that it can never cause any harm to your child. They are really loving.

What are the special features of this toy?
  • Soft cushion for soothing the baby
  • Available in calming colors

2. Panda Teddy

panda soft toy teddy

HUG ‘n’ FEEL SOFT TOYS Panda teddy Best deal

Soft toys for girls, kids
₹1,198.00₹1,999 Buy this on amazon

This is a panda stuffed toy which is really fascinating as it has perfect detailing over it. It is manufactured using plush fabric which is highly qualified for its soft fiber. Soft toys are really loved by children. When it talks about pandas it provides a bright impression in our minds. It has a bright and elegant smile which changes your bad mood into good.

What are the special features of this toy?
  • Very attractive to pamper kids
  • Quality of fabric is outstanding

3. Polar bear soft toy

polar bear teddy soft toy for kids

HUG ‘n’ FEEL SOFT TOYS Teddy bear Affordable

 Soft toys for kids
₹299₹799 Buy this on amazon

Polar bears are the animals of the frozen lands. THe hug and warmth emancipated from the white colored huggable toy is immense and the child loves every moment spent with these cute organic soft toys. So, make your child a true owner of an ice age animal with one of the best soft toys for toddlers.

What are the special features of this toy?
  • Super soft fur
  • Teaches care and empathy toward animals living under harsh conditions

4. Shark Soft Toy

shark organic soft toy

Jam & Honey Shark Soft Toy parents' choice

Dark Grey
₹573₹1,150 Buy this on amazon

It is a super soft plush toy and an extremely huggable toy with fiber-filled stuffing. This is a multipurpose organic soft toy and can be used as a Soft Toy or as a Cushion. It is made with quality & durable material. It is also made with strong and secure stitching.

What are the special features of this toy?
  • Creates awareness about sea animals
  • Kids can play without fear of loose stitches

5. Cute Unicorn soft toy

unicorn soft lovable huggable toy

Soft Lovable hugable toy kids' choice

Cute Giant Life Size Teddy Bear
₹299₹799 Buy this on amazon

This soft toy is a very attractive toy that can delight your baby all the time. It fills your kid with a good feeling all the time. It is a super-soft toy that is filled with cotton fiber filling inside that doesn’t harm the baby’s skin at all. The light color with a dotted pattern is a sure demand from kids who love cute things. Organic soft toys improve the imagination of innocent kids who love fairies and angels.

What are the special features of this toy?
  • The organic touch of the toy is safe
  • Light-weight

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The playtime of children needs extra effort from parents and teachers. The parents are more close to them so, They need to introduce the most effective toys in their free time. Gathering organic soft toys online is a favorable solution to improve motor, communication, and visionary skills.

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