Is Liquid iv safe for Pregnancy? – 4 Interesting Facts

Is liquid iv safe for Pregnancy?

When we planned our pregnancy, we happened to see some advertisements for Liquid IV but were skeptical, ‘Is liquid IV safe for pregnancy?’. We just knew that liquid iv is a kind of Oral Rehydration Solution(ORS) But, there wasn’t much information regarding liquid iv as we surfed the internet. But we were curious to know about it and if it would be beneficial. So we chose to dig deeper and collate several articles to shed some light on Liquid iv and its role in pregnancy. 

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Hydration during Pregnancy

Sure, pregnancy is an exciting time but it also comes with some discomforts such as Nausea and Vomiting, fatigue, Excessive and frequent urination, sore breasts, indigestion and heartburns. It is important to address each one of these symptoms and respond accordingly for you to enjoy a pleasant and memorable pregnancy.

But can these be overcome by liquid iv? Is liquid iv safe for pregnancy?

Hydration during Pregnancy - is liquid iv safe for Pregnancy?
Hydration during Pregnancy

Nausea, vomiting, and frequent urination cause dehydration which is not good for both the mother and the baby. It is essential to maintain the body’s fluids as you will keep losing them excessively during pregnancy. Of course, you should drink more water. But it is also important to replenish the electrolytes and minerals in your body. It is told that liquid iv does that trick, that it not only hydrates but also helps you to make up for the lost electrolytes. But is liquid iv safe for pregnancy? 

What is Liquid iv?

Before pondering the question, ‘is liquid iv safe for pregnancy?’, let us get to know about Liquid iv in the first place. In their own words, “Liquid I.V. is based on the World Health Organization’s guidelines for Oral Rehydration Solution, a rigorously-tested combination of sodium, glucose, and water known to combat the extremely undesirable effects of dehydration.”Considering nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, Liquid iv is completely gluten-free, and other ingredients that might cause nausea

Role of Liquid iv - is liquid iv safe for Pregnancy?
Liquid iv and its role

How does it work?

To answer, ‘ Is liquid iv safe for pregnancy? ‘ It is important to understand how it works in our body. Liquid iv is said to use Cellular Transport Technology (CTT) which is designed to aid the rapid absorption of water and other nutrients into the body.

The water that we consume usually takes time to find its way to the cells through osmosis. CTT adds to the osmotic force that results in faster and easier absorption of water into the system, hence it makes us feel better faster! Considering nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, Liquid iv is completely gluten-free, and other ingredients that might cause nausea.

Before pregnancy, women need nutritious and safe diets to establish sufficient reserves for pregnancy. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, energy and nutrient needs increase. Meeting them is critical for women’s health and that of their child

Maternal nutrition – UNICEF

Is Liquid iv safe for Pregnancy?

My in-laws were worried about me using Liquid iv as they feared the safety of the fetus, naturally. But there is not any definitive study or claim that liquid iv is harmful to either the mom or the baby. So, is liquid iv safe for pregnancy?Yes, it is. But still, you must consult your doctor before taking any kind of supplement during pregnancy as it may affect the baby.

Benefits of proper hydration during Pregnancy. It is vital to hydrate yourself.
Benefits of proper hydration during Pregnancy

Interesting facts about Liquid i.v

The answer is Yes to your question, ‘Is liquid iv safe for pregnancy?’. But there is still more to it that you should know about liquid iv and the way it works. The more you know about it, the better choice you could make! So continue reading to know about some intriguing facts about Liquid i.v.

  • Liquid i.v is an Oral Rehydration Solution that has many products such as a Hydration multiplier, Energy booster, Immune support, and Probiotic booster.
  • The Hydration multiplier by Liquid i.v comes in 10 different flavors, making hydration a pleasant activity rather than a mundane task.
  • Using Liquid i.v should not hinder your regular water intake of an average of 2-3 liters. Liquid i.v is only a supplement but not a substitute for regular water intake.
  • The replenishing effects of Liquid iv can be experienced within an hour of consumption. So you could stop using this if you do not find it useful as there is no rule that you should use it for a certain timeframe for the effects to kick in. 

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‘Is Liquid iv safe for pregnancy?’, yes. But, is it mandatory to use Liquid iv during pregnancy? No. You can stick to the conventional methods to hydrate yourselves – Buttermilk, Tender coconut, watermelon, citrus fruits, and palm are known to be natural hydrants. But when you do not have access to those and have no other options to quickly hydrate, you could always rely on Liquid i.v and other ORS.  

Happy Pregnancy - healthy child. Is liquid iv safe for Pregnancy? Yes it is!
Happy pregnancy – Healthy child

Pregnancy can be a nightmare or a fairy tale depending on how well you prepare yourself for it. You would have already and will be even more perplexed when you get to know about the food practices that you’ve to change. Save this article, Can babies eat ginger?for future reference. Eat safe, take care, happy pregnancy!

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