8 Best Kids’ Magazines and Newspapers in India

Lately, I was looking for the best kids’ magazines and newspapers in India. These days, children spend more time before screens – TV, Mobile phones, computers etc. As a parent, I wanted to reduce their screen time. I wished to give them the taste of reading in a fun-filled way. Obviously I cannot hand them the regular newspapers that we read. Hence, I looked out the best kids’ magazines and newspapers in India!

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In my quest, I found that there are so many kids’ magazines around. From those, for your children, I’ve handpicked some interesting and best kids magazines and newspapers India. With these they will have fun and learn at the same time!

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Loaded with Fun-filled activities

Activity based kids’ magazines

There are kids’ magazines and newspapers in india that have activities to engage children and also make them learn. More importantly, these learning activities are fun filled. Take a look at the list of activity based magazines in India.

1.Champak kids’ magazine

Champak magazine - kids' magazine

Champak includes parenting tips and suggestions that would help us connect with our kids in a better way!

Champak is a multilingual kids’ magazine!. It is available in English and 7 other regional languages. They include Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. The kids’ magazine has got some quality content in it. It has stories with illustrations that are attractive. Also it helps them to understand and make sense of the world around them.

 Firstly, Champak kids’ magazine has exclusive content for children. These kids’ magazines come every fortnight. They’ve also handpicked 72 short stories for kids that come in 3 volumes at a discounted price! 

2.Magic pot kids’ magazine

Magic pot kids' magazine

Magic pot has a scientific approach to learning, therefore, learning is made simple and fun!

This amazing kids’ magazine is published by the renowned ‘Malayala Manorama’. Magic pot is indeed a magic, when it comes to it. This is a weekly kids’ magazine. Hence it is suitable for nursery and primary school kids. This kids’ magazine is full of interesting activities such as puzzles, number games, drawings for the kids. ‘Magic pot’ comes in English all over India.

3.Children’s world kids’ magazine

Children's world magazine

Children’s world publishes the literary works of children as well!

On my quest for kids’ magazines, I found Children’s World. This is one of the oldest magazines in India. Like other kids’ magazines they too have fun segments and activity pages. But what’s so catchy is that this magazine acts as a training ground for upcoming writers to enter the wide open field of Children’s literature. This is a monthly magazine.

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General Knowledge and much more!

Informative kids’ magazines

If you’d like to see your children learning on their own without you having to force them, I’ve got you some really amazing magazines! These are not any random magazines but these are among the best kids’ magazines and newspapers in India.

1.Young Scientists kids’ magazine

Are your kids very much interested in science? You should try ‘young scientists’ then. This amazing magazine conveys science as stories and comics in the simplest way possible. 

This covers scientific experiments, quizzes, weird facts and much more content. These are basically comic books which convey complex science through simple, interesting stories. So that children could learn, without actually making an effort to learn. ‘Young scientists’ come in different levels.

This enables the children of different ages to relate with their own little world.

Young scientists level 1 magazine

Level 1 – This level is for preschool kids. The subject topics include basic introduction to plants, animals, solar system and human body.

Young scientists level 2 magazine

Level 2 – is suitable for kindergarten students to class 2. There are stories with dinosaurs, corals, volcanoes and much more in this level of kids’ magazine.

Young scientists level 3 magazine

Level 3 – is a bit advanced with topics. Introduces physics, chemistry, technology and electronics.

2.National geographic Kids’ magazine

As kids, we used to watch Discovery, Animal planet and National geographic to know the world around us. Well, our kids would love it too. National geographic kids is the magazine from the renowned brand ‘National geographic’.

Find answers for your kid’s “What, Why and How” kind of questions here in NatGeo!

Nat geo kids' magazine

Unlike the channel, the kids’ magazine has much more interesting stuff to keep your kids occupied. Kids nag us with “why, how, when” kind of questions. NatGeo asks the kids the very same questions and answers them in playful ways. 

Right from ‘how the president of a country is elected?’ to ‘Why certain animals live in certain parts of the world?’ and much more. NatGeo kids’ magazine is a treasurable gift for your kids.

Activity boxes are another interesting educational materials that greatly help kids to improve their skills. Our article on choosing activity boxes with comparison and reviews would definitely help you choose the right activity boxes for your kids.


Newspapers for kids!

Children’s newspapers

So far we’ve seen some top rated kids’ magazines. Let’s take a look at the list of some cool children’s newspapers among the best kids’ magazines and newspapers in India. As adults, over the years, we are into newspapers so much. But what about our kids? They deserve a routine too. Here’s a list of kids’ newspapers for your knowledge seeking child.

1.Young World Children’s newspaper

Young world children's newspaper

Young world is available in both print and digital medium!

Young world is a part of ‘The Hindu’ newspapers. Like Hindu, Young world is known for its selectively curated articles and news on different walks of life. Most importantly, all these are for the enrichment of your kids’ knowledge.

The main focus of this newspaper is to educate and entertain the kids. Young world covers news and articles on kids’ movies, music, sports, personalities and science getting released every Friday. Young world in one of the best kids’ magazine and newspapers in India. This is primarily for kids of age 5-12.

2.RobinAge children’s newspaper

Robinage children's newspaper

The interesting part is that RobinAge contains 25% of content created by the children themselves. Can you believe that your kids poems, art and articles can also get featured!

RobinAge is a fortnight magazine for kids of age 4-15. Besides the usual kid’s news and general knowledge stuff, RobinAge has a 4 page activity sheet for the kids. 

As a bonus, there’s also a Jr.RobinAge supplement. This is full of puzzles and games for your brainy kids. Available in both print and digital medium, this newspaper focuses on improving children’s language skills with so many activities. 

3.The Children’s Newspaper

Children's newspaper

This newspaper comes in print only because they are aiming to make children get off their gadgets!

Children’s newspaper comes thrice a week on every alternate day. Supporting it’s tagline this newspaper tells ‘the story of the world today, for the men and women of tomorrow’.

One of the reasons you should subscribe to this newspaper is that it comes in print. Because they are aiming to make the children get off their gadgets. The newspaper is loaded with current affairs, facts, stories, puzzles and activities. Hence making it a worthy gift for your kids. They’ll love these magazines and newspapers!

Get your kids the best kids’ magazines and newspapers in India. Introduce them to a different world of imagination and virtue! Stay safe, read more!

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