Dangerous Toys In India That Should Be Banned (With reasons)

Children can never be found less excited or indifferent when they get to play with toys. Right from the beginning, playing with toys is when the children explore and get interest on their own. They search for the ways to play with them and keep looking for new ones. Children find it interesting when experimenting them and use them to the fullest. Actually there are some dangerous toys in India. Can you believe it? Yes, some dangerous toys that are banned in other countries are still in use in India.

With new and innovative toys coming up everyday in the world, it’s fine for you to get the feeling that you should get them for your kids and let them have fun. The important thing is that you should examine the toys and choose only the safe ones before introducing them to your kids. There are many toys out there that are dangerous and could affect the kids both  physically and mentally. 

Some of those toys are easily available, increasing the chances for us to get them for our kids. 

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Every time a toy comes to the market, the manufacturers and lawmakers ensure that the toy is safe. Unfortunately, some toys don’t prove that when being used widely. Fidget spinner is one among those toys. Initially it was said that these fidget spinners increase the concentration of the children and reduce anxiety. That may be true but there is something that is more significant about this toy proving that this is one among the dangerous toys in India.

When broken or when dismantled, the small batteries that are used are being swallowed by children. The ingestion of Lithium batteries causes deep esophageal burns. When the body fluids come in contact with Lithium batteries, they become so harmful. An emergency endoscopy is needed to remove this 1inch battery. Even after that the kid must stay in hospital for weeks as it may even cause some life-threatening complications. 

A number of kids encountered this problem and were saved by immediate medical actions. Many countries banned these spinners for the safety of the kids. At a certain point, any toddler with a sudden abdominal or chest pain was enquired if they have a fidget spinner at home. 

Apart from health hazards, these fidget spinners also proved to be a great distraction in classrooms and got many kids addicted to them. 

Fidget spinner - dangerous toys in India
How dangerous are they?
  • Proven to be life threatening when the batteries are swallowed.
  •  Even the broken pieces when swallowed cause harmful effects on health.
  • The light emitted from a few fidget spinners causes serious eye injuries.
  • It is used on a wide scale by school going children also and becomes an addictive toy as  kids use it frequently during class hours. 


This easily available familiar toy is widely banned in many countries. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic act prohibits kinder eggs as they don’t allow confectionary products to contain “a non-nutritive object”. The sale of any candy that has a toy or trinket in it is basically banned in many parts of the world. This ferrero’s product  became available in the US after the chocolate and the toy got separated. 

These kinder eggs have chocolate on one side and a toy that needs to be assembled on the other side. The problem lies in the trinket. It has few little parts made of toxic plastic that can be mistakenly consumed by kids as the other part has chocolate in it. 

The package itself says that it’s not recommended for children of age below 3. But it attracts all the children and is one of the extremely dangerous toys in India when handled by a kid below 3 years of age. 

How dangerous are they?
  • The presence of a small trinket in the kinder egg is actually risky when a kid handles it in a mischievous way.
  • The toys are anyway not made of food silicone and are harmful for health.
  • The little parts that must be assembled to make the toy can be easily swallowed by the kids.
  • The edible chocolate in the shell is also not so nutritive and is completely covered with plastic and eaten with the plastic spoon that is given.

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Children always find toys made of magnets to be quite interesting. It makes them curious to know about the functioning of magnets. When not guided properly, there are chances that the magnets of very small size can be swallowed by the kids thus making them the dangerous toys in India.

In particular, magnets like the rare – earth ones are life threatening as they are high powered. When two of these magnets are swallowed they can pull together in the digestive system with enough force to cause serious damage.

How dangerous are they?
  • Many toddlers who swallowed these magnets are reported to be dead and some were admitted for months to save their life.
  • Spending too much time with these magnets could also harm the toddlers brain. 
  • Countries like Canada and UAE have strictly banned the usage of powerful magnets in toys. 
  • These strong magnets are similar to the ones that are used in MRI machines, Vacuum cleaners and washing machines thus proving that they are extremely dangerous.

Toys are very important for our kids and they make our kids’ world colorful. The problem is that we should be wise in choosing the toys. I’ve also been experiencing the difficulties and confusions in choosing the right toy. After a detailed study, I’ve made this list of dangerous toys in India and our kids must be saved from them. Choose the right toy, let your kids experience a colorful world and grow with them!

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