Mamaearth vs wow – Comparison of 4 most used baby products!

Let us compare two popular brands MamaEarth Vs Wow Skin Science to give you a summary of their competition in the market.

For all the people who are confused about Mamaearth vs wow, our pick is Mama Earth as it is a major competitor brand among other skin and hair beauty goods. I was suffering from skin pigmentation for two months and tried everything on earth. But, when I choose to apply Mama earth Bye Bye Blemish Face cream on the doctor’s recommendation, I was surprised to see the results. This natural product restricted more dark patches to appear and even reduced the current skin hyperpigmentation in a week considerably.

It is not only one product that makes it a good choice, but other products like shampoo, hair oil, baby products, and skin creams are also fit to be loved by many and all. After a quick look at the introduction of the brands, let’s compare – which is better? Mamaearth or wow.

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Mamaearth vs Wow, which brand is better? we compare its quality, packaging, eco-friendliness, and prices.
Mamaearth vs Wow

About WOW

The company has a good global reputation because they use traditional ayurvedic methods to formulate its hair and skin products. The products picked from official stores are high-quality hair and skin treatment products that have different parameters to suit different skin and hair types. Wow is a rather new brand but the mammoth product portfolio includes a lot of supplements, herbal blends, creams, serums, lotions, shampoos, bath & body products, men’s grooming products, essential oils, massagers, etc.

About Mamaearth

Mamaearth Products in India have got the love of the consumers from their year of onset. Although this company started with a few commodities of skin care in Gurugram, Haryana, it is a renowned cosmetic brand nowadays. The products have made an impression on the customer brigade through their goodness, the manufacturing processes, and the recycling of twice the amount of plastic they use in the factories, planting a tree for every manufacturing order, and then clicking the photographs of “Plant Drive”.

Which brand is better-Mamaearth vs Wow

When comparing Wow vs Mamaearth, it is a tough choice. Both manufacture a number of ayurvedic products that help in skin, hair, and beauty care regimens. For your confusion in selecting one from WOW vs Mamaearth, here we are providing the comparison between both these brands by which you can select one easily.


Raw materials

Mamaearth products are specially procured from natural ingredients. The goods from Mamaearth are approved by the Food and Drug Control Administration agencies. The consumers are satisfied as no artificial agents like sulfates are added to the manufacture of these skin and hair care products. Wow on the other hand has always insisted that they go with the scientific approach. The wow products have also highlighted the use of natural ingredients to control skin aging and hair fall. So, both have a list of non-toxic ingredients in their manufacturing raw material list.

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Scientific research

Mama earth and wow have strong lab testing criteria. Both brands take the essential time to conduct scientific research on making their products and releasing them to the market shelf. Due to this, their products undergo strict testing after creation and before marketing. Wow, the brand has a team of scientists who have to approve the products before introducing them to the market. Hence, wow vs mamaearth is always a difficult decision for customers.


Eco-friendly products

Which is better? Mamaearth or wow. Mamaearth brand was established at least 5 years ago. Mamaearth has always used go-green concepts and prefers the ayurvedic way. WOW, products are more scientifically inclined and use scientific research to make and furnish their products. Both companies have implied the use of green resources and insisted that almost 90% of their products are purely organic. This is confusing as both may have organic components to some extent and chemicals may be used as a base. The packaging for mama earth is purely eco-friendly.

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Both brands are popular in terms of the green ingredients they use. The use of non-toxic raw materials and their eco-friendly packing is the USP. The consumers can verify this by the usefulness level or the outcome of using the products. So, it’s necessary to compare costs, their usage of promotional materials, and discounted available prices. The ratings of Mama earth are 4.5/5 and Wow has 4/5 ratings on official review sites.



Comparing Mamaearth vs Wow, the costs of both commodities and the prices of both products are somewhat the same. What sets them apart is that Mamaearth gives more discounts with effective advertisements. Mama-earth also does more combination sets at reduced prices compared to Wow-science.

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Comparison of 4 products – Mamaearth vs Wow

1. Baby Products – Baby body lotion

Bottom Line
mama earth baby lotion
Mamaearth Daily Moisturizing Natural Baby Lotion 400 ml
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Bottom Line
It is enriched with the goodness of calendula extracts, shea, and cocoa butter.
It is safe for the baby’s delicate skin with a pH of 5.5.
baby lotion wow
WOW Skin Science Kids Plush & Plump Body Lotion 300mL
Buy On Amazon
Bottom Line
It is rich in skin-protecting antioxidants and folic acid.
It gives deep nourishment to the skin of newborns and toddlers.
It consists of a base with synthetic scientific ingredients.

The baby body lotion from Mama earth is enriched with natural ingredients like calendula extracts, shea, and cocoa butter. It is comparatively at a good price than the other competitive brands. Wow lotion is a good lotion that reduces moisture loss from the skin and improves suppleness. 

2. Baby shampoo

Bottom Line
Mama Earth baby shampoo
400 ml
Buy On Amazon
Bottom Line
It gently cleanses baby hair.
It has oats, calendula, and milk proteins.
It is safe and good to use for 3 years and above.
wow tip to toe wash
WOW Skin Kids Top To Toe Wash 300 ml
Buy On Amazon
Bottom Line
The tear-free formula makes baby hair fresh and smelling fruity.
It has orange peel extract and avocado oil.
The kids have a tendency to finish the bottle soon and it pinches the pocket.

Mama Earth baby shampoo has unique natural contents that are fit for use on a baby of 3 years of age. It is loved by the kids for their bathing time. It is mild in nature and good for hair growth. Wow, shampoo is a great cleansing product for your kids.

3. Baby cream

Bottom Line
Mamaearth Coco Soft Face Cream 
Buy On Amazon
Bottom Line
It has natural and toxin-free ingredients that won’t irritate babies’ delicate skin.
The natural ingredients make it safe and healthy.
It has a light smell.
Wow kids’ Sunscreen Cream
100 ml 
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Bottom Line
It has natural sun blockers to heal skin damage.
It has carrot seed extract, avocado oil, and Raspberry extract to help skin protection and avoid damage.
It is a little sticky.

Mama earth cream has been made using natural ingredients like coconut milk and turmeric. It is dermatologically tested, mild n safe on babies’ skin. While Wow cream spreads easily and protects babies’ skin from UV rays.

4. Skin care products – Face Cleansing Kit

mama earth natural face kit
Mamaearth Natural Cleanse
Tone Kit
Buy on Amazon
The use of this kit offers highly effective skin treatment.
It is a natural cleansing skin product kit used for the best results.
The kit is best for oily skin.
wow face kit
WOW Skin Science Ultimate
Vitamin C Kit
Buy on Amazon
It is a good vitamin C serum and facewash kit that helps to improve facial skin.
It is 100% vegan without silicone or gluten.
The kit is a little expensive.

Mamaearth facial kit is a natural skin care product that involves turmeric and vitamin C. It is free from Sulfates, Parabens, SLS, etc. On the other hand, wow facial kit is also a skin-brightening kit that gently removes a layer of dead skin cells and brings new lease of life to dull skin. But if you ask me Which is better? Mamaearth or wow so, Mama earth is better as wow is not suitable for sensitive skin.

Comparison table and Recommendations

The comparison table for Mamaearth vs Wow added below is quite expressive in itself and will compare the facts for you without needing to explain more.

Comparison BasisWowMamaEarth
Year of start20142016
CategoriesHair, baby,
beauty, skin, and body care
Baby, Beauty, hair, face,
skin and body care
IngredientsNaturalNatural and organic
AwardsEconomic times award for
best baby brand 2019
CertificationDermatological tested
and certified
Asia’s 1st safe brand called “MADE SAFE”

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Summing up

The conclusion of the blog depends on which brand has more weaknesses than strengths. Although the brand wow focuses on customizing body-care products and emphasizes using science to provide skincare and hair remedies, Mama earth products are better in terms of availability and effectiveness.

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