Nebulizer Vs Humidifier – Find the safest and most efficient one!

The importance of both mechanisms "nebulizer vs humidifier" is probably equal in taking care of the breathing problems of the young ones. Let's find the best one for your kiddo.
nebulizer vs humidifier

We are always looking for easing our lives and making some fruitful changes. The better device among a nebulizer vs humidifier is always the one that fulfills its promise to solve your problems. When there is a need of finding the difference between a nebulizer and a humidifier, it means that there is a condition when the dry air is affecting your loved ones and hampering their breathing.

My little angel is only 8 months old, and I keep looking for ways to make her comfortable in her sleep. When there was the onset of the winter season, I felt that she had dry skin, and chapped lips and was feeling a little uncomfortable while taking a nap. I bought a humidifier and installed it near her bed to keep the air moisture up. I was surprised that she loved the change and kept sleeping calmly.

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Nebulizer vs humidifier

Difference between nebulizer and humidifier

The importance of both mechanisms is probably equal in taking care of the breathing problems of the young ones. The function and usage of both these devices are to convert the liquid air into a fine mist of droplets that can be easily inhaled by patients as well as other normal beings to ease breathing. Nebulizers and humidifiers are both used in the medical field for respiratory therapies as well as sleeping disorders due to dry air inhalation.

But there is a difference between a nebulizer and a humidifier that must be known if you are thinking about buying the best nebulizer or a humidifier. So, find the difference between a nebulizer and a humidifier. And pick the one which is right for you. The key features of both devices will be mentioned here for your needs and to keep healthy this coming winter season.


It is best known for use in the rapid treatment of patients who are not able to breathe properly. The Nebulizer is medical equipment that is preferred in some cases of cold and cough and difficulty in respiration.


A humidifier is an electronic device that is used in the living room or bedroom to increase the moisture content of the air present in that room. A humidifier is entirely important for a person’s health, especially during the chilly winter months when the quality of air is dry.

Nebulizers- How’s and why’s?

The breathing medical equipment suggested by doctors for medical conditions is nebulizers. The medicine container attached to a small machine creates a mist out of liquid, and it allows for a quick healing process due to easier absorption of the medication into the lungs. The nebulizers are designed in both electric and battery-run versions. They are portable to carry to the patients without difficulty. The electronic nebulizer is meant to plug into a wall socket and sit on a table without any hassles.

The different parts of a nebulizer are:

1. A base to hold an air compressor

2. A small liquid medicine container

3. A tube that connects the air compressor to the medicine container

4. A mouthpiece or mask that is used to inhale the medicine vapor.

A nebulizer may be used for ailments like:

  1. Asthma
  2. Bronchitis
  3. Pulmonary Fibrosis
  4. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Types of nebulizers

There are three main types of nebulizers available:

1. Jet nebulizers are the most common type of nebulizer. They are used to make an aerosol out of medications using compressed gas (like air).

2. Ultrasonic nebulizers are more common ones that are used in hospitals and typically are not for personal use. It makes an aerosol via high-frequency vibrations.

3. Mesh nebulizers are newer and often more effective than jet nebulizers. They use a mesh cap with tiny holes that help to dispense medicine in a very efficient way.

Major benefits of nebulizers:

  1. It is easy to use for any parent. The nebulizer is an easy method to give the medication directly into the lungs through the mouth.
  2. It’s an effective medical treatment for various ailments for young children and adults. It relieves respiratory problems and treats them effectively. The medicine capsule is added to the nebulizer cup to get medication.
  3. It prevents various diseases by keeping the lungs moist and preventing different breathing disorders from getting worsened.

Some disadvantages of using a nebulizer:

  1. The nebulizer needs a lot of maintenance to work properly and efficiently. They are used with a mouthpiece that touches your mouth. So, to eliminate the build of germs and bacteria we should clean it regularly and adequately after every use.
  2. Nebulizers are not travel-friendly because there is a need for a power source. So, it is inconvenient to use while traveling.
  3. They are a little noisy and are a cause of disturbance for other people in the vicinity during night hours.
  4. The face mask that is used to inhale the vapor may not be easily available in different sizes. So, it becomes a problem to procure it for children.
  5. The devices are a little expensive for your pocket.

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Humidifiers- How’s and why’s?

 A humidifier as its name suggests is a device that increases the level of moisture or humidity in your surrounding. It removes dryness and gives a soothing and comfortable environment. The hydration level goes up while sleeping in a room with a humidifier. It is also known to help and provide relief in snoring, dry skin issues, or sinusitis congestion. 

The different parts of a humidifier are:

  1. A fan
  2. A wick filter converts water into vapors in the form of mist
  3. Heating element to boil water to convert them into vapors
  4. A container to add essential oils that fills your room with a delightful fragrance

Types of humidifiers:

  1. Cool mist humidifier is a household favorite as it is cost-effective. It is not only affordable but also works well.
  2. A warm mist humidifier is suitable for cold weather. In winter months when the air gets extremely dry and cold, our family members can easily catch a cold or suffer from asthma. It will heat the water inside to create vapors when the temperature gets too low.
  3. Evaporative humidifiers have an operating mechanism that is the same as cool mist humidifiers but they don’t heat the water to create vapor.
  4. Vaporizer humidifiers heat the liquid content added to it, and then emit visible steam into the air on the warm or cold setting. The mist or steam will create humidity in the room.
  5. Ultrasonic humidifiers are portable, compact, simple, and unmatched for single-room installation. It is an ideal personal humidifier.
  6. A central air humidifier is directly installed in your home’s air conditioning or heating system. It is the most expensive of all types. But the advantage is huge as this humidifier can add humidity to your entire house.

Major benefits of a humidifier:

  1. It treats dry skin, keeping it moisturized
  2. It prevents bacteria or germs. Hence the allergens are reduced to quite an extent.
  3. It reduces snoring to a lot of extents.
  4. It is beneficial for your house as it prevents the house walls from peeling and cracking.
  5. Even the houseplants benefit a lot.

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Some disadvantages of using a humidifier:

  1. The growth of mold and bacteria in the house is a major disadvantage of using a humidifier for many hours a day.
  2. The excess humid levels of the room may be problematic for asthma sufferers.
  3. A little noise that is produced from its working is sometimes so irritating that you want to switch it off as it may be a disturbance factor. For this reason, ultrasonic humidifiers are used as they are silent.
  4. The indoor humidity levels may increase beyond control and may pose a risk. The inbuilt hygrometer must be present in the device to monitor the humidity levels of a room.
  5. It needs regular maintenance and cleaning. The efficiency of the product is maintained if done so otherwise the life span and performance will be affected.

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Comparison table – Nebulizer vs Humidifier

nebulizer omron
Omron NE C28 Compressor Nebulizer For Child and Adult
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It provides rapid treatment to patients who are not able to breathe properly.
The nebulizer machine is small and portable.
Nebulizer machines are a little costlier.
Allin Exporters J66 Ultrasonic Humidifier
Allin Exporters J66 Ultrasonic Humidifier
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Humidifiers can be used for different situations but it takes a longer time for any medical complications.
Humidifier machines are big or small in size depending on the usage.
Humidifier machines are comparatively cheaper.

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Conclusion – Choose the right one

After reading all the negative and positive points for nebulizers and humidifiers one thing is sure the purpose of both devices is almost the same. Both devices work to increase the moisture content inside the lungs by converting liquid into mist form with the help of vapors. Both nebulizers and humidifiers give you relief from respiratory issues with the help of aerosol therapy, in which your lungs will get moisture to keep them safe from infection.

My pick is a humidifier that can be placed in a small room easily and also provide enough moisture for the whole house. But if the baby or an adult is in acute need of vapor medicine, you may always choose a nebulizer for medical purposes.

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