10 Must have Newborn Bedside Essentials – Listed by moms!

When a child is born into flesh and blood, a mother is also born because she never existed before. I learned to take care of my little one with all my wit when I had to experience everything first hands. I felt that it is necessary to arrange for baby essentials even before the baby is born. When I planned things and welcomed the baby with the appropriate organization of newborn bedside essentials, I saved a lot of craziness postpartum.

 First-time moms always look for opportunities to learn from experienced mothers about providing the best newborn baby essentials to their bundle of joy. Many areas of baby care need expert hands like bathing the cute one or changing robes when the clothes are soiled. If you are lazy enough the newborn bedside cart must be placed in your close vicinity and loaded with the baby’s essential items to calm your nerves and ease the resting period.  

When it comes to choosing toys or other products for babies we must choose the right ones. Click here to check the list of dangerous toys in India that you must never choose for your kids.


What are the best ways to store baby essentials?

Storage tips

Bedside essentials for the newborn can be placed on a cute basket or rolled on a tray. Sometimes the essentials pile up and due to space crunch, it is a huge pile of things and nothing is easily approachable. Why not add a bedside baby cart that handles only baby essentials. The cart can store the things in different sections optimizing the space. So, it becomes your head-to-toe newborn baby organizer. 

Here are some top-rated bedside essentials for a mom:

my newborn bedside essential cart with all baby items

If choosing newborn baby toys are also in your priority list, check Best toys for newborn babies.


Here are some top-rated newborn bedside essentials for a mum:

Best bedside essentials

1. Diapers for newborn

Moms will vote for diapers as the most essential bedside item. Every incident of diaper leaking or soiling needs a new diaper change. Keep a lot of diapers in the bedside drawer or the baby care cart to keep the baby dry throughout the night. I recommend good Indian brand like Mamy Poko pants. Diapers that have good ratings and are long-lasting. Always choose the ones that are free of chlorine treatment to keep the baby’s skin rash free.

Mommy pokonpants for newborns Amazon's choice

The first choice of all mothers is newborn baby diaper pants
What’s special about this?
  • Unlike other diapers it is very easy to pull up and remove. Doesn’t have tapes and is gentle on babies skin.

2. Diaper rash cream

Diaper rash cream is an inevitable item when the baby is wearing diapers all night long. The skin needs extra care in the sensitive parts. So, generous application of diaper rash cream after every diaper change is necessary. I have picked two or three brands of diaper rash creams scrutinizing their ingredients. The crucial thing is the important active ingredients in those butt butter-like zinc oxide, lanolin, and petroleum jelly. Having organic contents is always an advantage as they are good for the skin. So, forget about baby rashes with Sebamed baby rash cream.

Sebamed Diaper rash creams Value for money

Soft and effective range of diaper rash cream
What’s special about this?
  • The only diaper rash cream that has a pH range of 5.5

3. Travel size tissue wipes

You will agree that a tissue wipe is a bedside essential every time a baby wakes up from his/her dreams. For cleaning the baby from head to toe, the endless supply of wet wipes is a must. Although non-scented baby wipes are preferred over the scented ones for the presence of excess chemicals, always the choice is yours. I always used unscented ones for cleaning my baby after feeding so that the fragrance doesn’t irritate the little one. While a large pack of Himalaya baby wipes is a good buy online.  

Himalayas wet wipes with lanolin Limited time deal

Toxin free and soft on baby skin
What’s special about this?
  • Best choice for babies with sensitive skin and rashes.

4. Burp cloth

I needed a clean baby burp cloth every time I fed my baby because my baby always burped with a little fluid on his mouth. I am not a hoarder but I liked to have as many of them so that I do not look for one here and there. It is an essential item to be there on the bedside drawer every time the baby needs a feed or a burp. Parents want the best for their babies so, selecting the best fabric was also my priority. I ordered burp cloth online in many fabrics like flannel, cotton, and muslin. All of them were good with a high absorbency rate. Don’t be a minimalist when stacking these functional baby burp cloths or bibs. Keep one always handy to just clean the drool or spit of the baby with just a single magical wipe cloth. I would suggest you have this Polka tots 3 layers burp cloth.

10 Must have Newborn Bedside Essentials – Listed by moms!

Polka Tots 3 Layer Burp Cloth Best Values

It cleans and wipes baby drools and spits

5. Extra reusable nappies

Cotton nappy change is a must when you have used a diaper for more than 12 hours. If the baby’s lower body is trapped for longer hours, it may become sensitive to rashes and redness. I preferred keeping my baby in nappy pads for one hour in between the diapers. This alternate method has gained momentum with modern mothers as it is both traditional as well as functional. The skin wants to breathe in between the poop and pee. So, buy snap button nappy pads online and use them as a breather in place of diapers. Don’t forget to stack a dozen adjustable nappies in a bedside essential cart and get freedom from baby skin inflammations. I personally feel Bumberry cloth diapers are good and keeps my baby comfortable.

10 Must have Newborn Bedside Essentials – Listed by moms!

Bumberry smart nappy for newborns (Pack of 9) Best Values

the cloth nappies are soft and keep the baby fresh
What’s special about this?
  • Totally free from chemicals and is super-soft on baby’s skin.

6. Breastfeeding pump

Breastfeeding pumps are essential for mothers as it increases the milk supply for the baby. It is an excellent device for feeding a hungry baby if she is unable to suck her mother’s milk. Reviews from many mothers are in favor of this modern technology that has helped them by making the process of feeding much simpler. Though spending on a breast pump is a necessity, choosing the best one that falls under your budget and gives you a whole lot of convenience is also mandatory. Always choose and invest in the best natural suction breast pump.

10 Must have Newborn Bedside Essentials – Listed by moms!

BabyGo Automatic Electric BPA-Free Double Breast Pump Best Values

Affordable electric breast pump
₹1,999₹2,999 Buy this on amazon
What’s special about BabyGo breast pump?
  • Unlike other pumps it helps you maintain your posture while pumping as it doesn’t want you to lean forward.

When it comes to manual breast pump, I would always suggest Madela breast pump as I personally felt that it eases my pain and helped me with sore nipples.

Manual breast pump

Medela Harmony Flex Breast Pump Best Values

Easy to clean and use
₹1,899₹2499 Buy this item
What’s special about Madela breast pump?
  • It has 2-phase expression handle that helps imitate baby’s sucking to ease the pain.

7. Extra change of Babywear

Another important newborn bedside essentials are baby clothes. Day or night, the baby has the right to make things messy around him. So, calm your nerves and change the soiled diapers and baby clothes in a go. Babies may be dressed in baby onesies for better sleep at night as they cover the torso and keeps the baby warm. They are available in unisex designs with mittens or without. Just go with the flow and buy many beautiful colors and patterns for your newborn.

8. Hand cream sanitizer

A bottle of hand sanitizer is a savior for every mother who has to do baby jobs. It keeps your hands germ-free and your baby healthy. Keep hand moisturizing lotion and creams handy and use them now and then to neutralize the effect of alcohol in the hand rub. Although many sanitizers are skin-friendly, I need an extra layer of greasiness on my hands because I ouch my baby often and I do not want to take chances. Dot & Key had been by favorite throughout this journey and it is fulfilling.

10 Must have Newborn Bedside Essentials – Listed by moms!

Dot & Key Hand Cream Sanitizer Best Values

Has multiple flavors and is good on skin
What’s special about this?
  • It contains no nasty chemicals and is also alcohol-free.

9. Pacifiers

Baby pacifiers and small toys to divert the baby’s attention are always placed at the bedside. It is essential for keeping the newborn engaged if there is a delay in changing the clothes or feeding milk. Babies are hasty and sometimes a crying baby needs more love and care than the fun-loving one. The pacifiers we use for our little munchkins should give them a soothing feeling. It shouldn’t give them more irritation. So we should choose them wisely. I personally feel that Avent orthodontic free flow soother is the right one.

10 Must have Newborn Bedside Essentials – Listed by moms!

Avent Orthodontic Free Flow Soother Best Values

Baby pacifiers are soothing.

Click here for more baby pacifiers and fruit nibblers. The teethers from best brands that would ease the gums of babies are listed here.

10. Blanket sheet

The blanket sheet is the last item on the list but never the least. I had two or three change sheets and similarly 2-to 3 blankets on my bedside. A receiving blanket posed to be the most essential item as this sheet supported when I lifted my little girl to my chest. It is an alternative to every other possible material in the bedside cart. I got some from my friends and family as gifts but I bought some baby-printed ones from a store nearby. Let the cloth you choose for blankets be comfortable and light-weight so that baby feels the best.


How can you order the newborn bedside essentials without hassle?

Order newborn essentials online

It was always worth spending money on the newborn bedside essentials as it fulfills your motherhood by providing for the baby every time she needed pampering. Keep yourself well-stocked in case you run out of supplies. Keep a check on the arrival of new orders placed to match your needs. Always take a few minutes to read the positive and negative reviews and ratings of all the available baby products on baby websites. Compare the prices and order the best one for your baby.


Motherhood is overwhelming for the first time mommies as it inculcates the feeling of joy and burden at the san]me time. Easing household tasks by sharing them with your soulmate and external help is a must to make things functional. Always stock the newborn bedside essentials or use an agency that takes care of sending a fresh set of washed nappies and baby blankets.

10 Must have Newborn Bedside Essentials – Listed by moms!
10 Must have Newborn Bedside Essentials – Listed by moms!

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