Latest Review Of Himalaya Baby Shampoo – Trustable and Unbiased!

Review of Himalaya baby shampoo

Parents are presented with so many choices when it comes to choosing baby products. Let’s take one step at a time and choose the best baby shampoo. To help you with it, I’ve provided an unbiased and detailed review of Himalaya baby shampoo. Take a look at it and make an informed choice for your little bundle of joy.

A baby’s hair and skin are one of the most delicate things in the world. It is on us mothers to make sure that they are properly taken care of. Nothing compares to the soft tussles of a baby and therefore choosing the best baby shampoo is of utmost importance. There are a lot of brands that have shampoos for babies. One of the most popular among those is the Himalaya baby shampoo.

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Why choose Himalaya baby shampoo?

When my first baby was born, my mother insisted on using homemade bath powder to be used on my baby. But it was not always possible to do that due to the time constraints. That’s when I started looking for a safe shampoo for my little one. A few friends of mine recommended that I try Himalaya baby shampoo. So, I gave it a try and found that it is indeed safe.

Himalaya baby products particularly Himlaya baby shampoo is growing into the top most product in India. It is an Indian brand that is gaining the confidence of many Indian parents like me. As it’s motto suggests, it aims at happiness through wellness by providing safe products. Let’s get into a more detailed review of Himalaya baby shampoo without any delay.

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Detailed Review of Himalaya baby shampoo

Let’s look at packaging to price of the Himalaya baby shampoo to make sure that you have all the details necessary to make an informed choice.


Packaging.Types and sizes

This shampoo comes in a thick plastic bottle with a flip- top cap. It is available in various sizes. The 400 ml one comes with a dispenser pump top. The plastic packaging makes it easier to carry while traveling.


Colour, Texture and Fragrance.The 3 main combo

It is mild yellow in colour and transparent. It is runny in texture. It creates a moderate amount of moisturising foam when it is lathered. It doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind. It has a faint sweet fragrance. The fragrance fades away quickly. Thereby, it does not irritate the sensory system of the babies.


Contents. Major ingredients

The Himalaya baby shampoo has four major ingredients and they are hibiscus, rice, chickpea and vetiver. This shows that the shampoo is indeed all about the herbal wellness. Let us look at the uses of each product in detail.

  • Hibiscus – It is a well known natural hair conditioner that maintains the softness of the baby’s precious hairs.
  • Chickpea – It is popularly known for its anti dandruff properties. This keeps your baby’s scalp clean and itch free.
  • Vetiver/ Khus grass – It has natural cooling properties that would give a pleasant sensation to your baby. Apart from that, it also has antifungal and antibacterial properties.
  • Rice – It helps nourish and soothe hair from the roots thereby making each hair thicker.

All these herbal ingredients ensures that the baby’s hair grows out to be healthy and soft.

There is more to the goodness of the Himalaya baby shampoo and let us look at it in the next section.

Important features of Himalaya baby shampoo

The review of Himalaya baby shampoo will be incomplete without analysing the important features of the product. These features make it one of the safest products in the market.

The no tears formula is essential for the baby to have a peaceful bath time. It encourages little kids to take a shower all by themselves.
The Chickpea and other ingredients in the Himalaya baby shampoo makes it rich in protein. This strengthens the hair of the baby right from its roots.
Parabens can cause skin irritation, dryness of scalp and hair along with hair loss. The Himalaya baby shampoo is completely safe as it is free of paraben.
SLS/ SLES are sulphates that are commonly used in shampoos. These also cause dryness of scalp and hair along with irritation. Whereas, the Himalaya baby shampoo is totally free of the harmful sulphates and thus completely safe for the baby’s hair and skin.

Now that I’ve listed all the positives about the product, I’ll list out the negatives in the next section.

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Things to consider before buying

Like any other product, the Himalaya baby shampoo has a few minor setbacks. These are the ones I experience when I use the product.

Since it is designed for a new born baby skin and hair, more product than usual is needed to wash off the oil.
It does not lather much when compared to adult shampoos.
The natural conditioners automatically softens the hair.

If you are fine with using a little more product to wash off the oil, and maintaing the softness of your baby’s hair, you can consider buying it for sure.


Bathing little ones could sometimes be a tedious task. But it is upto us to make it fun for ourselves and the kids. The tear free formula makes the Himalaya baby shampoo safer for the kids. They can play with the foam while you give them a bath. Thus, turning the much dreaded shower time to a sweet bonding moment between you and your baby.

I hope that this review of Himalaya baby shampoo has helped you make the best choice for your little bundle of joy.

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