12 Sudha Murthy’s Children’s Books You Must Get Your Kids.

‘Sudha Murthy’s children’s books’ – When I was looking for some children’s books for my kids, this was the most seen result on my google search! Later after hours of searching, I realized that there aren’t as many writers as Sudha Murthy. She is unavoidable when it comes to children’s story books in India!

Sudha murthy's children's books
Sudha murthy – Sudha murthy’s children’s books

Based on her childhood experiences and the stories told by her grandparents, Sudha has written so many beautiful short little stories for kids. Firstly, they aren’t blatantly moral stories as most children’s books would be. Secondly, the stories short and the vocabulary is so simple for your kids to read on their own. Finally, to inculcate reading as a habit to your kids, story books are the best starters!

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Here is the best of Sudha Murthy’s children’s books. We have made this list on the basis of themes but not on rankings. Let’s take a look at these beautiful gems!


Sudha Murthy’s Children’s Books On Grandparent tales

Grandparents Stories

Books on Grandparents stories – Teach them to care and respect!

For all of us, our first friends in our lives will most probably be our grandparents, aren’t they? Sudha Murthy kindles her nostalgic memories of her childhood and has written them in a comical and beautiful way in these books. If you are planning to get Sudha Murthy’s children’s books for your kids, you must start with this one.

How I taught my grandmother to read: Sudha Murty's children's books

How I taught my Grandmother to read: and other stories Most popular

Sudha Murty’s own childhood experiences alongside fun and witty instances
₹175₹250 Buy on amazon

Born and brought up in the rural parts of Karnataka, Sudha murty’s childhood is full of stories and more stories! Packed with 24 short stories, this book – How I taught my grandmother to read – has many interesting stories. In a story, when she was a kid, she taught her grandmother to read the alphabets to make her independent and free. In another, she made a promise to her grandfather that she’ll donate so many books to libraries when she is old enough. She didn’t stop with the stories, but she actually did!

Likewise,there are so many nostalgic moments in this beautiful little book, which would amuse your kid. Also, it’ll make them learn great values even without you having to teach them separately. 

Book type: Paperback
Age recommendations: 7 years and above
Pages: 144

2. Grandma’s Bag of Stories

Grandma's bag of stories- sudha murty's children's books

Grandma’s Bag of stories #1 best seller in children's traditional stories

Kings, cheats, mice, various animals and what not!
₹155₹250 buy on amazon

If you have already got ‘How I taught my grandmother to read’ for your child, here’s the next one! Fast forward in time, Sudha Murty herself is a grandparent now. Whenever her grandchildren come home on vacation, she narrates them stories and has compiled them into this wonderful book.

Finally, time comes when everyone gathers around their grandma, as she opens her big bag of stories. She tells stories of kings and cheats, princesses and onions, monkeys and mice and scorpions and hidden treasures.

Also, This book is loaded with beautiful illustrations and morals.

Book type: Paperback
Age recommendations: 6-11 years old
Pages: 176

3. Magic Drum – Sudha Murthy’s children’s books

Magic drum and other stories: Sudha Murty's children's books

Magic Drum and other stories Best deal

Sudha Murty’s collection of 30+ classic short stories and folk tales
₹185₹250 buy on amazon

This whole new collection of 30+ stories are mostly folk tales that describe the people and their lives. Sudha Murty’s grandparents told her some of these stories when she was a child. The other stories she heard from her friends from different parts of the world. 

In a world where the art of storytelling is withering, Sudha tries to keep it alive with some amazing stories. For instance, these beautiful folk tales are timeless and will be your child’s favorite. In addition, this book has beautiful illustrations to keep your kid engaged in it.

Book type: Paperback
Age recommendations: 7-12 years old
Pages: 160

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Sudha Murthy’s Children’s books on Mythology

Books on Mythology

Book on Mythology – Let them grow with Fiction!

Being a religious and secular country, we have always been told stories on Gods and epics. Especially, Superhuman powers and strengths even fascinate us and I’m sure that our children love them too! Here is a quick list of Sudha Murthy’s Children’s books on mythology.

1. The Upside-down king – Sudha Murthy’s children’s books

The upside down king: Sudha Murty's children's books

The Upside-Down King: Unusual Tales about Rama and Krishna Best deal

The different avatars of Vishnu, their adventures and much more
₹185₹250 buy on amazon

As a kid, mythology always fascinated me. Flying demons, Gods with superpowers, mystical islands, and different incarnations. Well, I wanted my kid to have that same fascination. This book has it all! Based on the avatars of Vishnu as Rama and Krishna, this book certainly takes you to a magical world where nothing is impossible. 

Above all, children are so curious and imaginative by nature and this book will surely kindle their imaginations with its supercool stories. If you haven’t gotten it yet, add it to your list. Sudha Murty’s children’s books on mythology will never let your child out of it!

Book type: Paperback
Age recommendations: 10 years old and above
Pages: 256

2. The Daughter from a Wishing Tree – Sudha Murthy’s children’s book on mythology

Sudha Murthy's children's book: Tale of women

The Daughter from a Wishing Tree Best offer

 Tales about Women in Mythology
₹175₹250 buy on amazon

There are always more stories about gods than goddesses, right? Obviously, Stories are not just stories. Children relate them to real life. Therefore it’s important to choose books that would build their morale.

From Parvati to Ashoka Sundari and from Bhamati to Mandodari, this collection of stories features enchanting and fearless women. In addition, frequently led wars on behalf of the gods, were the backbone of their families and makers of their own destinies.

In conclusion, through this book, the child visualises you, the mom as goddess and the one who has superpowers!

Book type: Paperback
Age recommendations: 9 years and above
Pages: 192

3. The Man From The Egg – Kid’s book on mythology

The man from the egg - sudha murty's children's books

The Man From The Egg Best price

Unusual Tales About The Trinity
₹180₹250 buy on amazon

Did you know that Brahma once had five faces? Why do snakes have a forked tongue? Do gods cheat? This book answers them all! Additionally, this book narrates the largely unknown stories of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma – the trinity. However, it has moral values that goes beyond religion and makes your children wise and also virtuous.

Given that, this book of Sudha Murty will lead your child onto a righteous path since they learn what’s good and what’s not through these wonderful stories.

Book type: Paperback
Age recommendations: 9 years and above
Pages: 200

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Sudha Murthy’s Children’s Books On Wit and Imagination

Books On Imagination

Book on Wit and imagination – For Curious Kids!

Children are always quick to grasp and more importantly they love witty stories where you ask them a lot of questions. In brief, this is one such category of Sudha Murthy’s Children’s books that you should get for your curious kids.

1. How the Sea Became Salty

Sudha murty's children's books

How the Sea Became Salty Best deal

Stories of fun, wit and imagination
₹147₹200 buy on amazon

Have you ever wondered? How did the sea become salty? Sudha Murty tells you how! In this simple short 44 pages, filled with beautiful illustrations, your children will certainly be able to visualize how it was. This is a story about a young man, dwarfs, a magic fan and an evil lady. However, it has a moral in it for your kid to learn.

‘How the sea became salty’ is a book by Sudha Murthy for children of age 5-8 as the language is so simple and the book has wonderful pictures in it. 

Book type: Hardcover
Age recommendation: 5-8 years
Pages: 44

2. How the Onion Got Its Layers – Sudha Murthy’s Children’s Book

Sudha Murthy's children's book on wit

How the Onion Got Its Layers Kid's favourite

Funny story with wide scope to imagination and kindles curiosity
₹174₹199 buy on amazon

Here is another beautiful fiction for your lovable kids. Although this is like the previous one, additionally ‘How an onion got its layers?’ has a very fine moral to it. This story will certainly make your child keep up their promises. And more importantly, they’ll make wise choices in their life.

This is a story about a little girl who has got a boon in return for a promise. Since she breaks her promise, life gets hard. Get this short 44 page book to your little one for them to cherish.

Book type: Hardcover
Age recommendation: 3+ years
Pages: 44

3. How the Earth Got Its Beauty

How the earth got its beauty: Sudha Murty's children's books

How the Earth Got Its Beauty Best deal

New full color, illustrated chapter book for young readers from ages 5 and up by Sudha Murthy
₹152₹199 buy on amazon

This latest book by Sudha Murty is also a wonderful book just like the previous ones. ‘How does the earth get its beauty’ is a story of three sisters who get power from a little 10 year old girl. However, with their powers comes misery which they aren’t able to control. 

To sum up, this is also a simple beautiful moral story on greed and the importance of choices that you make. Kids love this book as they did with the earlier. So don’t wait, go grab this beautiful book with all the beautiful illustrations in it!

Book type: Hardcover
Age recommendation: 5-11 years old
Pages: 44

4. The Bird with Golden Wings

The bird with golden wings: Sudha Murty's children's books

The Bird with Golden Wings Limited stock

Stories of Wit and Magic

Again, this is a story of a little girl in a small village as Sudha once was. ‘The Bird with golden wings’ is a story full of magic! Because, there is a golden bird, with golden wings, golden house, all made of gold. Also, this story is a moral story that teaches a lesson for the greedy ones. 

In brief, your kid will surely love this book for what it is. Also, they’ll learn good values and will be more generous from then on. Overall, this is a must buy book for your wonderful kids who love to read books with more pictures and illustrations. 

Book type: Paperback
Age recommendations: 7-12
Pages: 164

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Sudha Murthy’s Children’s Book On Pets

Book on Pets

Sudha Murthy’s Children’s book on pets – Let them Learn Love!

Kids are fond of pets, no matter what it is. Also they love stories on animals and for them, Sudha Murty presents two beautiful books under the name ‘Gopi diaries’. Based on her own pet dog, these two books beautifully tell some wonderful stories! Sudha murthy’s children’s books on pets is here.

1. The Gopi Diaries: Coming Home

Gopi diaries - home coming: Sudha Murty's children's books

Gopi Diaries – coming home #1 best seller in pets and animal care

Gopi the golden retriever narrates about his early days to his new home!
₹209₹299 buy on amazon

Firstly, ‘Gopi Diaries – Coming Home’, begins with Gopi the Golden retriever going to his new home. And then, To everyone’s surprise, Gopi tells the story of how he settles down with his loving, human family. How Gopi sees the world around him and what he thinks of the people in his life.

Although the story is set in a way that Gopi – the dog narrates the story, it is interesting and engaging all the way. Also, it is quite engaging for children and even us adults to read a story from different point of view!

Book type: Hardcover
Pages: 104
Age recommendations: 6+ years

2. The Gopi Diaries: Finding Love

Gopi diaries finding love - children's book on pets

The Gopi Diaries: Finding Love Best deal

Gopi the golden retriever is a bit grown now. He seeks love and care. He gets it abundantly!
₹209₹299 buy on amazon

‘Gopi Diaries – Finding love’ is a sequel to the previous book ‘Gopi Diaries – coming home’. One year has passed since Gopi arrived at Sudha Murty’s home. Did he win everyone’s hearts there? How has he become and felt overtime? What things does he love to do and much more. Particularly, In this second book, Gopi narrates everything that he has felt and seen in the past year. 

Additionally he has got two dog siblings and the fun is tripled! This story book explains the need of having a pet in your house for the physical fitness and mental health of your children. To sum up, With her simple writing, Sudha Murty reiterates the love, affection, loyalty of the pets and our responsibility towards them. Since you’d have already known about the two books, you could buy in together too! 

Book type: Hardcover
Pages: 136
Age recommendations: 6+ years

With this, we end our list of Sudha Murthy’s best children’s books. Obviously there are so many other books of her that you’d find interesting.

Sudha Murty is a renowned author in the field of children’s literature. She is the chairperson of the well-known Infosys. In addition she owns other feathers such as Business woman, philanthropist to her cap. With all those stories she heard as a child and many other stories around the world, Sudha Murty has written these beautiful children’s story books that are timeless and also ageless. 

Get these sudha murthy’s children’s books to your kids to make their leisure fun filled and fruitful at the same time. Happy reading!

12 Sudha Murthy’s Children’s Books You Must Get Your Kids.
12 Sudha Murthy’s Children’s Books You Must Get Your Kids.

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