10 Benefits Of Almond Oil For Baby Massages (With precautions)

Almond oil for baby massages
almond oil benefits

Organic products have always been a rage with parents ever since we started giving touch therapy to our kids using Baby Oil massages. Have you wondered why we use almond oil for baby massages? This is the question that keeps popping in my mind when I was using massage oils that is a mixture of natural oils like almond oil, coconut oil, or calendula oil.

My baby always reacted with a smile or a giggle when I touched him or massaged the natural oils into his hair or skin. So the time I spent with my baby was so fulfilling that I waited for the massage time the whole day. I also tried to use the allergy-free baby massage oil on my baby to keep him happy. And I am a satisfied parent who has switched over to almond oil after using one or two more massage oils.

Almond Oil For Baby Massages
Joy With Almond Oil For Baby Massages

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Can Almond Oil Be Used For Baby Massages?

Sweet almond oil is rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin A and it is safe to use as a baby massage oil. The child health researcher have found that using sweet almond oil on the skin of premature babies improved their skin’s thickness and strength. It keeps your baby’s skin moisturized, supple and healthy even in cold weather. The correct brand of almond oil used to massage baby skin also helps them relax and sleep better. Opting for almond oil can keep your baby’s delicate skin glowing. It didn’t cause any side effects and deeply nourishes their skin and prevents dryness.

What Are The Benefits of Using Almond Oil For Baby Massages?

There are many benefits of using sweet almond oil for baby massages on a baby’s scalp and body to improve blood circulation and increase skin softness. Let us read each of them.


Good Natural Moisturizer And Emollient Oil

It is the best moisturizing agent that is light in nature and never clogs babies’ skin pores. It is good to apply over the body to nourish with properties of Vitamin E and A. Emmolient oil is the substance that softens the baby’s skin by evaporation of water at slow speed and almond oils were used in ancient Egypt to coat babies’ skin with a thin oily layer that seals the water in the skin. Almond oil is used to fill spaces caused by skin cracks and flakes with fats to make your skin smoother and softer. 


Prevent Skin Problems And Soothing Effect

When my baby has dry skin, I always used dollops of almond oil to remove flakiness, and hence the dryness went away. So, I have discovered that almond oil for baby massages reduced skin dryness and repaired baby skin. It was soothing to apply an almond oil layer over irritated skin areas. It gives a soothing and calming effect to the baby and puts him to sleep. It is a shield that prevents eczema and other skin allergies.

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Relief From Cradle Cap And Hair Nourishment

A cradle cap is formed on the scalp area of the newborn baby which is an inflammatory skin condition. It has a light yellowish color and is greasy and crusty in nature. Applying sweet almond oil for some weeks to the affected area is a good way to get a clear scalp. Hence, cradle cap removal is benefitted from gentle almond oil for baby massages and its regular usage.


Non-Toxic in Nature

Babies are prone to any type of chemicals that are found in baby soaps or hair oils or massage oils. So using natural sweet almond oil for baby massages relieves the parents from worries. It is safe and nourishing to be used on the baby’s skin and hair.

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Induces Better Sleep

The massage oils have properties to induce better sleep in the baby. Babies relax their strained muscles and get a lot of sleep after massaging with healthy oils to nourish the bones.


Natural Sunscreen

It acts as a natural sunscreen on the baby’s skin and doesn’t let the sun’s harsh rays and UV radiation affect the baby. The almond oil is known to have SPF 5 which is a natural sun-protection against the sun. It reduces sunburn and other skin conditions caused due to exposure in sun radiation.


Skin Whitening And Improving Complexion

It has properties that may lighten skin color. So, a daily application of almond oil that has vitamin E whitens the skin tone and improves the complexion of the baby’s skin. It has natural bleach that improves the baby skin color and texture. It reduces skin pigmentation and darkening.


Promotes Lush Eyelashes

Eye Lashes look beautiful when they are nourished with Vitamins E, D, and B and magnesium. These ingredients present in almond oil for baby massages promote gorgeous-looking eyelashes in babies. Make sure that almond oil does not enter their eyes.

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Healthy Nails

Nails are made up of keratin and they need nourishment from external sources. The nails of babies are strengthened when massaged with almond oil that has added benefits of potassium and zinc.


Promotes Healthy Skin And Boosts Immunity

Baby skin needs a constant supply of healthy ingredients like antioxidants and minerals that keep infections at bay. Almond oil for baby massages is a rich and soothing immunity booster that keeps skin free of infections.

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Precautions While Using Almond Oil On Babies

It is highly safe to use Almond oil for baby massages, but there are some precautions to be taken when you are using it.

  1. Ensure that the almond oil does not enter the external organs like the ears, eyes, navel, or nose of the baby. It may cause infections.
  2. Ensure that your baby is not suffering from allergies to nuts and nut products. A patch test can be done by using a small drop of almond oil and waiting for 2-3 days for any reaction.
  3. Always check the expiry date before using it on the baby or buying any almond oil.
  4. Make sure that you wipe your hands before handling your baby because it might slip and cause an accident if your hands are slippery.
  5. Excess of any type of oil may result in skin rashes. So, either give a bath instantly after the massage or make sure that you wipe off the excess oil. You can use a moist clean cotton cloth.


Almond oil for baby massage has multiple health benefits. Also, it is pocket-friendly and is easily available online and in the market.

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