The 5 Best Diaper Brand In India | Safe and Comfy Diaper List

Mothers rely on the best diaper brand in India for their baby's safety and happiness.

Babies are the angels with the loveliest smile that moves you and lets you forget the stress around you. But, they become devils who soil their clothes here and there, and without relying on the best diaper brand in India, a mother cannot survive with the angel.

The market is flooded with numerous diaper brands to choose from, but the baby needs one with good absorbency and is skin-friendly. This article has a consolidated list of diapers for parents who want the best baby products for their kids. But before we dive into finding the best diaper brand in India, let us learn about the different types of diapers available for babies.

Find the best diaper brand in India
Pick The Best Diaper Brand In India for your Baby

What are the different types of diapers in the market?

Different types of diapers

Parents can be selective about choosing the diapers that fall fit for their babies. They have been using one or the other Best Diaper Brand In India in an alternate fashion to make the best day and night care regime for the baby to keep the baby dry and happy for 24 hours.

There are many types of diapers that vary in style, manufacturing, material, usability, and costing. The market sells a long list of diapers from disposable to reusable, plastic covering to cotton napkin covering, cotton diapers to cloth diapers, and pant style to velcro sticking ones.

best diaper brand in India
Best baby diaper in India to keep the baby safe

Here is a variety of diapers that the market is flooded with:

  1. Reusable Cloth Diapers: The cloth diapers are tied to the baby’s bottom to absorb the moisture and keep the baby dry and germ-free. But they need a change after 2 hours. As they are washable, the mother has an added workload due to 12 to 15 cloth diapers that need to be washed and sun-dried for germ-free cleanliness.
  2. Disposable Diapers: These diapers are made up of super-absorbent microfibrils and compressed plastic particles to keep the baby’s excretion process fussy-free. They are easily disposed of after every use so, they are convenient.
  3. Organic Diapers: These diapers are non-toxic and safe diapers processed from plant-based materials. So, they can also be called eco-friendly diapers. They can naturally disintegrate into smaller fragments when thrown in a landfill.

Is It Necessary To Use Diaper Rash Cream with Every Diaper Change?

Importance of using diaper rash creams

Babies are diapered all day from morning hours to the late hours of the night and even the whole night long for undisturbed sleep. But parents are always concerned about the harm that is caused due to the constant wearing of diapers in the babies. So, a diaper rash cream may be applied after every diaper change to relieve the skin of rashes, reddening, and infection.

diaper rash cream
Use a good quality Diaper rash cream

Hence the importance of using diaper rash creams is widely known globally and there are many organic diaper rash creams available in the market that have magical effects on the baby’s skin.

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Important aspects for selecting the best diaper

How to choose the best diaper?

Let us analyze the pros and cons of the best diaper brand in India and pick the most suitable one with thorough research and a little maternal instinct. But before Let’s take a quick look at important aspects while selecting the best diaper brand In India for babies, here.

1. Comfort

Mothers prioritize comfort when buying a baby diaper. The baby feels comfortable and energized when a good-quality diaper is tied around little bottoms.

2. Size

The best diaper brand In India has various sizes for the baby. S, M, L, XL, and XXL are some sizes according to the baby weight mentioned on the pack. Newborn baby diapers (S size) are designed to fit a tiny baby snuggly. It is important to use the correct size of the diaper to prevent leakage and soiling of wearables.

3. Protection and sensitivity

Fibrils present in the inside of the diaper sometimes interfere with the pH of the baby’s skin. For sensitive baby skin, it is recommended that you buy a small quantity or sample packs. It will help you to check the best diaper brand in India that suits your baby. 

4. Style

You can zero in on Pant-style or tab-style diapers, whichever is a good fit. Pant-style diapers are a little expensive but maybe they fit your baby’s bums more cozily and provide a good level of comfort than all other types of diapers.

5. Indicators

There are diapers with wetness indicators available for mothers who are very busy. It is highly recommended to use them as they prevent lingering dampness of the skin. It also protects the baby from catching a cold.

6. Absorption

Diaper locks all the fluid and converts it into gel form using Super Absorbent Polymers(SAP) and fluff made from wood pulp/wheat/corn materials. This material has the property to distribute the fluid throughout the whole diaper and it doesn’t allow it to come out.

Super absorbency in Baby diapers is significant

7. Price

The diaper may cost between Rs. 7 to 12 per piece. Buying baby diapers in bulk quantities may save some bucks like large packs of 200 diapers.

Is It Risky To Use Disposable Diaper For Baby’s Skin?

The answer is yes because the baby’s delicate skin if exposed to phthalates present in the diapers may cause allergies and skin dryness and in worst cases eczema. The buying of single-use diapers is on the rise globally today. Apart from the aspects mentioned above, the parents should go for the diapers after looking for these attributes also in the best diaper brand in India:

  1. Free of phthalates
  2. Free of fragrances, Dyes
  3. Free from petrochemical plastic
  4. Free from chlorine

Baby Diapers and other baby products must be used as per the pH of the baby’s skin. Read an informative article about “Importance of pH in Baby products” here.


Top 5 Best Baby Diapers Brands In India

5 best diaper brands

One of the most essential items added to the cart by the mothers of infants and toddlers is Baby Diapers. They always seem to finish just before you have expected. So, the baby’s skin will thank you if the diapers that are chosen for them are “skin-safe” and eco-friendly.

There are two sections where we can separate these sought-after diaper brands In India – Disposable Diapers and Organic Diapers.

Disposable Diapers

These diapers are easily available in the market and with different styles like taped style and pant style, it’s convenient to use for a newborn.

1. Pampers Diapers

Pampers Premium Care Pants

Pampers Premium Care Pants #1 Best seller

140 Count
₹2,099₹2,199 Buy this on Amazon

It is voted the #1 softest and the best diaper brand In India by all the mothers who have used this product and compared it with others. Pampers pant-style diapers have an effective shield against wetness. It protects skin from prolonged moisture from wet diapers. Even, the odor is locked inside the gel and keeps the baby smelling fresh.

What are the positive features of this diaper brand?
  • The presence of a wetness indicator is a good feature.
  • It has a pleasant scent.
Why is it unfavorable?
  • The smaller pack may be used if any leakage problem arises because the elastic near the thigh area doesn’t fit sometimes.

2. Little’s Diapers

It’s a chemical-free diaper with super absorbent polymers for full dry cover to the little champs who will sleep without discomfort the whole night. It is a no leakage product. The advanced technology of Little’s diapers has a splendid feature to spread the fluid uniformly in the cotton pad.

What are the positive features of this diaper brand?
  • The diapers have breathable fabric.
  • The pant style is easy to tear to remove.
Why is it unfavorable?
  • The size may vary for your baby’s waist. Please check it beforehand or use a sample pack.

3. Huggies Diapers

huggies diapers
₹824₹1,249 Buy this on amazon

It is the best deal with nature care and one of the most comfortable diapers with organic cotton. So, the softness meter is quite good and reliable. It is a Total Chlorine Free (TCF) component. It can last for 6 to 8 hours so, the baby can sleep for uninterrupted hours without getting uneasy. It is one of the best diaper brand In India.

What are the positive features of this diaper brand?
  • No chlorine, Phthalates, latex, or parabens in these diapers.
  • It is super soft, comfortable, and good for overnight absorption.
Why is it unfavorable?
  • It is not completely bio-degradable.

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Organic Diapers

Organic diapers are a way of eco-friendly lifestyle that many parents are looking forward to. These diapers are a smart innovation toward the problem of landfill plastic diapers. These are strictly constructed using plant-based materials like corn starch and bamboo. They can be completely converted to the soil when left to deteriorate. So, they are very good at hugging the baby as well as gelling with the environment.

Although these diapers are a little costlier than other ones, they are safe and hygenic in all respects. The material used in making these diapers are derived from plants and so, it becomes soggy when the diaper is full. The parents who have used these chlorine-free diapers have always praised the features of these organic diapers but have one concern, they needed to replace wet diapers sooner than the other plastic ones.

Here are the two most preferred diapers for this section:

1. Bambo Diapers

bambo diaper

Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers  Highly Recommended

22 pc
₹757₹799 Buy this on amazon

It’s an eco-friendly organic diaper that is designed with extensive research. The plant fibers are used in its manufacturing that makes a super absorbent and safe for skin rashes in baby diapers. It has a wetness indicator for mothers who want to be carefree about their baby’s health. It is a perfect diaper for the daytime or night hours.

What are the positive features of this diaper brand?
  • Bamboo-based bio-composite inside each diaper.
  • Even the bag is made from sugarcane
Why is it unfavorable?
  • Sometimes the contents lump in between and if used for prolonged hours it becomes a problem to carry.

2. Mama Earth diapers

It is India’s first safe and certified plant-based baby diapers in pant style that are super absorbent and soft on the skin. It has two times more absorption rate than any other diaper brand. A 12-hour leakage protection diaper is a way to keep the baby’s skin rash-free. It is chlorine-free diapers that have aloe vera and corn starch.

What are the positive features of this diaper brand?
  • The Diapers are highly absorbent with no traces of chemicals at all.
  • Superdry inner layer and breathable top layer.
Why is it unfavorable?
  • A little more expensive than other brands.

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Looking for the best diaper brand In India without spending a bomb means selecting the ones from the list specially designed for you. The little ones are always looking for the best treatment from parents as they cannot have their say. So, it’s our responsibility to pick the softest and better versions of all the baby products for them.

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