6 Best Baby Laundry Detergent In India – Mom’s Pick!

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Babies are so playful that they play on playmats, floors, or baby beds and soil their clothes. Being the mother of twin babies I was always busy feeding and playing with them. There was a pile of messy clothes that needed a thorough cleaning and there is the major role of the best baby laundry detergent in India. I wanted that my kids’ laundry smells fresh to brighten the day.

I look for skin-friendly baby laundry detergents that are a vogue these days. The best cleaning solution for my baby’s linen, clothes, bibs, and nappies was a click away. I also learned that it can be hand washed after soaking in a bucket of lukewarm water with the right concentration of safe liquid detergents. But I had a mountain of clothes to wash every day, I preferred the machine wash by laundering baby clothes separately.

Best baby laundry detergent

Best Baby Laundry Detergents – Pick Your Favorite!

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Why Does A Baby Laundry Need Special Detergent?

When I became a parent, I had this myth that a detergent powder or liquid ones that are already in use in the family can be used to launder newborn clothes. But I found out the truth that the components of the common detergent are not the same as the baby laundry detergent. My twin babies were premature when I birthed them so, they have delicate skin and contract many skin conditions like rashes and itchy patches. Hence my necessity paved the way for the discovery of organic baby detergent to launder their clothes.

Special Baby laundry detergent means the safety of my baby as they are non-allergic. Baby laundry detergent takes care of many types of stains like milk stains, poo stains, food stains, fruit and vegetable pulp stains, and many more as they are always in the close vicinity of the floor dirt.

So, all the parents out there, don’t ignore the fact that the baby’s clothes need special treatment to clean them thoroughly and also in a harmless way. So, the best liquid detergent for your baby’s laundry has to contain powerful bio-enzymes that can tackle tough stains, don’t irritate the baby’s skin, and also don’t imbalance your household budget.

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Best Picks for Baby Laundry Detergent For Moms

All the parents out there, don’t make baby laundering a daunting task and use the best baby liquid detergent by hand rubbing or machine washing. So, look at all the attributes when selecting the best baby laundry detergent. Find the best fragrance-free, organic liquid baby detergent for your baby’s laundry here.

1. Best Detergent with Essential oils – Mother Sparsh 

Description: If you are looking for a laundry detergent for babies who get rashes easily, it is a good find. Buy the one that mixes plant derivatives with essential oils like eucalyptus oil and other natural ones. It is mild on baby clothes and the baby’s delicate skin. It contains no dyes and chemical agents that can exaggerate skin irritations. It has a natural fragrance that doesn’t baby’s senses. This baby laundry detergent is without Dyes, Bleach, Optical Brighteners, SLS/SLES, Formaldehydes & Phthalates.

What is good about this detergent?
  • Completely Bio-degradable
  • It is dermatologist-tested
What is terrible about this detergent?
  • Low in concentration

2. Best Budget Friendly Detergent- Little’s Organix 

Description: This baby laundry detergent is the most budget-friendly one with organic ingredients like aloe vera and neem components. The fabric quality remains incredible when washed in natural ingredient-based laundry detergent. It is soft on baby skin and effective on dirt and grime and keeps the clothes super clean. It is suitable for hand-rubbed clothes or machine washing. You will love its light fragrance.

What is good about this detergent?
  • Keeps the clothes safe and clean.
  • It possesses great value
What is terrible about this detergent?
  • Don’t use on cloth nappies

3. Best Hypoallergenic Detergent – Mamaearth

Description: If your baby contracts skin allergies very soon, it is a bio-safe baby laundry detergent with cleansing agents like bio-enzymes and neem extract. The liquid detergent is soft on hands as well as baby clothes, It is a safe formula that removes stains from baby linen, towels, cloth diapers, bibs, and clothes easily. It is bio-degradable in nature, hence keeping our environment pollution free. It is a safe formula that is free of SLS / SLES, Phosphate, Bleach, and Paraben.

What is good about this detergent?
  • It is chemical-free and non-toxic for the environment also.
  • Highly concentrated formula for good results.
What is terrible about this detergent?
  • Don’t use it on baby blankets

4. Best Unscented liquid detergent – Chicco Baby

Description: It is a popular choice baby brand with more than 60 years of experience. The baby laundry detergent is a chemical-free solution for soiled baby clothes that are immersed in food titbits and poo particles. So, use this super liquid in washing machines or hand wash bucket solutions to remove the germs and make the clothes squeaky clean. The concentration and quality of Chicco liquid detergent are highly recommended to clean baby linen and little soft clothes.

What is good about this detergent?
  • Good on dirt and stains.
  • Easy to put using a cap dispenser.
What is terrible about this detergent?
  • It leaves a slight residue

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5. Best Organic Detergent – Goodness me

Description: The list of organic components used for this laundry detergent is commendable. They are gentle cleansing agents on the baby’s skin and clothes as well. pH neutral formula for laundering baby items is a necessity of the hour. Also, it is a no soda formulation so baby clothes remain soft and don’t irritate baby’s skin.

What is good about this detergent?
  • A delicate scent freshens up the wardrobe.
  • It possesses plant-derived ingredients.
What is terrible about this detergent?
  • The Price is on the higher side.

6. Best Anti-Bacterial Detergent – Mee Mee

Description: For concerned parents who want only anti-bacterial baby laundry detergent, this is the one safe for baby touch. It prevents food stains to change the coloration of the fabric. It is a mild liquid detergent that can be used for newborn clothes until toddlers. It is anti-bacterial in nature and keeps the growth of fungus and bacteria at bay. It is chemical-free liquid soap to keep baby laundry fresh in the cupboard as well as when the baby is wearing it.

What is good about this detergent?
  • It is pediatrician-approved
  • Suitable for all laundry
What is terrible about this detergent?
  • Bit expensive.

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How To Choose The Best Baby Laundry Detergent

There are four ways to choose the best baby clothes cleansing agents. Here are the descriptive points to check for a concerned parent who is in search of the right detergent for babies’ laundry:

  • Works manually or in Washing Machine – You must check out the best soap for baby clothes that can remove dirt when used in handwashing and rubbing as well as suitable for Top load and Front-load machines.
  • Avoid synthetic dyes and fragrances – These can be infectious to the baby’s skin. Read the ingredients of the packet for further info. These dyes interfere with skin sensitivity and are a major cause of allergies. Sometimes bleaching agents are known to react to the baby’s epidermal layer.
  • Packaging – Good packaging with a measuring cap for using the liquid in the washing machine is a must. The bottle must be sleek and easy to handle. Thus, check if the packing is user and storage-friendly. Bottles with tight caps that do not open easily while working with them make the usage difficult.
  • Buy hypoallergenic products – Some sensitive babies have allergies to compounds like allergens, parabens, SLS, etc. in laundry detergents. Buying only hypoallergenic products will safeguard the kids’ interest.
  • Liquids state – Detergents are available in solids or in a liquid state. In the liquid state, they tend to rinse out easier and leave less powder and flakes behind as residues to irritate our little one’s skin.
  • Pinching Pockets and prices – When the baby arrives the budgets of the household show inflation due to extra expenses. The bottle of 1 liter of a liquid detergent is very efficient as it lasts a whole month. So, buy the best Baby laundry detergent that fits your budget with the right concentration quality.


Most parents agree that the baby’s clothing should be washed and dried in the sun when they are visibly dirty and soiled due to different situations. So, the importance of sticking to the organic and environment-friendly baby wash is always a must. Keep baby liquid detergents in safe places away from the reach of your children and use them for a long period to keep your baby healthy and germ-free.

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