5 Best Websites To Buy Second Hand Books For Kids!

Second hand books for kids - reasons and websites to buy

When I wanted to introduce the habit of reading to my kids, I started with Second hand books for kids besides the new ones. I did not want them to be addicted to gadgets so we made sure we have books in almost all our rooms both pre-owned and new! The downside of New books is that they could be torn off and get unreadable at times. When you choose second hand books for kids, it is comparatively way cheaper and suitable for playful children like mine!

Second hand books for kids - used/pre-owned books in good condition for sale!
Second hand books for kids

Also there are many other reasons why you should get pre-owned or second hand books for kids. Let us look into the reasons to prefer second hand books to new ones and some cool websites that sell second hand books for kids!

What special about getting second hand books for kids?

Second hand books for kids - pre-owned, used books for kids
Used books for kids
  • Books have become costly! Trust me, with the ever increasing taxes on papers and printing, new books cost around 2-3 times higher than that of a second hand book.
  • Quality hardcover books for children are mostly second hand books that are imported from abroad!
  • Second hand books for kids are not as bad as they may sound. After properly examining the book’s condition for any damages or torn papers the books are sold to you in a good condition.
  • Kids sometimes get playful, bored or curious and may tear the pages of the books. Now, you don’t want that damage to be done on pricey new books, do you? You could get second hand, used books to your kids until they understand the value of books!
  • Hard truth is, most books are made as a result of Deforestation. Children’s books that have hard papers are made of tens of thousands of trees from forests around the globe. (Read more about Children’s books and Deforestation here.)To minimize this you could resort to second hand books for kids, that are not only sustainable but also economical.

If you are looking for a book suggestion for your little ones, we got you covered! There are so many Indian authors who write specifically for children. Learn more about Ruskin Bond’s books and Sudha Murthy’s children’s books here!

Best websites to buy second hand books for kids

On my quest to buy pre-owned books, after looking into many book expos that are time consuming and stressful, I’ve come across some cool websites. These websites offer safe, easy access and hassle free delivery of used books at your doorsteps. You could filter books based on age group, price and the condition of the book and also find the availability of your kids’ favourite book/author in a matter of seconds!

1. Bookchor

Filters and categories on an used book selling website - second hand books for kids
Filters and categories on an used book selling website

Bookchor offers books at different conditions as Almost new, Good and Readable with relative price ranges. Also, they have 15 days replacement policy if you aren’t satisfied with the book’s quality and 24 hour return policy if you would want to return the book!

Link to the site: https://www.bookchor.com/category/8/children-stories

2. Used books factory

Used books factory offers cheap, best second hand and pre-owned books in good condition. The speciality of this site is that they have books categorised into age groups as 0-2 years, 2-5 years, 6-8 years and 9+ years. This could make your search a lot more quicker and easier.

Link to the site: https://www.usedbooksfactory.com/

3. Little bookworms

Little Bookworms isn’t just a sales site. Besides, they offer guidelines to choose books for your children according to their ages, interests and ability! You will not have to get your kids any random books. Little bookworms help you choose the book that is best suited for your children. They also have a blog about children’s books. Do visit this site!

Link to the site: https://littlebookworms.in/

4. Bookish santa

Cannot find your kids’ favorite authors? Bookish Santa got you covered! Besides the common age filters as other sites, bookishsanta has this separate category as ‘Authors’.  Here you could find a list of authors arranged in alphabetical order, making your search easier. Also they have various kids’ book series that can be a perfect vacation gift for your child!

Link to the site: https://www.bookishsanta.com/collections/children-books

5. Extrokids

Extrokids has a wide range of kid’s book collections such as moral stories, comic books, graphic books, cartoons, kid’s Britannica and encyclopedia and much more! They provide exciting offers and discounts on both used and new books. Also, extrokids lets you pay by cash on delivery, which is an exciting feature if you are worried about the condition of the book.

Link to the site: https://www.extrokids.com/pre-owened-book/


Kids are really curious and will move on to one book after the other so soon. When interested, they even read the whole book within a short span. So it’s okay to get second hand books for kids by which as a parent you could be both practical and economical! Reading books not only keeps them away from gadgets but also expands their knowledge about so many things and kid’s fiction books teach them morals and compassion. An investment on books never goes to waste, nevertheless you could save more and buy more when you opt for pre-used books! Happy reading!

Also, Old toys and books are not only useless but also they hold up a great deal of space in the house but also, many toys would be too good to be thrown into a bin. Do you know that there are online sites to sell old toys? Learn more about the sites where you can sell old toys!

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