What To Do With A Toddler All Day? 10 Activities For Easy Parenting!

Let me share what things I do every day with my toddler, read here and pick the best.
Things I Do Every Day With My Toddler

Are you worried about what to do with a toddler all day? Parents are always in a fix about what to do with a toddler all-day and this article gives good tips to keep the baby busy without much problem. My little munchkin is only 18 months of age and she is always looking for small pieces of her toys or cute teddy bears to chew off. I always want to be around her to keep her safe and avoid any toy parts hurting her.

My priorities are to keep her engaged with toddler activities at home and also build her hand-mind coordination. So, I want to share things I do every day with my toddler and let her busy.

what to do with a toddler all day
What To Do With A Toddler All Day

Tips for parents to try with their super kids

Toddlers are creative, and restless and are always looking for mischief and a bustling time. The busy bees want your attention and time for enjoying themselves. If the parents want their child to be active and responsive to many outside activities, there are certain tips and happy toddler activities that the parents must be taking care of to get the best out of their children:

  1. Enhance Conversational Skills Keep the babies busy with communication skills. Have a conversation with them that keeps their brains active and adds to their vocabulary.
  2. Fine Motor Skill Development Use a lot of toys that need that improve their hand and mind coordination. It is essential for smooth brain development.
  3. Sensory Play The five senses work together when a child is left alone with a sensory bin. So, their hands and their skills work together to create a masterpiece.
  4. Include Attractive food in Meals The food and its smell trigger a lot of good things in your baby. The recognition of the smell of food is an essential part of growing up and development.

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What Is the importance of doing ‘Happy Toddler Activities’?

What to do with a toddler all day
Indoor activities for toddlers

Do the parents and grandparents always ask the pediatricians about what to do with a toddler all day? There is a limit to many things that can be done to keep little boys and girls engaged. Hence, the doctors recommend that there is no need to buy expensive toys and special equipment and tools to play with toddlers, but simple things picked from home and transformed into useful playtime toys are key to happy toddler activities. The child demands your time, and creative abilities more than your money.

Keeping toddlers engaged and happy for long periods of time is a challenge for most parents. The concentration level of a 2-Year-old baby is 4-6 minutes only. Their mind wanders a lot while doing any activity indoors or outdoors.

Toddlers must indulge in play activities every day and experts recommend that toddlers must be given at least an hour per day of unstructured and honest playtime. But it must be supervised. The children can explore everything that interests them with at least 30 minutes of structured play designed by adults.

The best fun-filled activities with toddlers

Don’t panic about what to do with a toddler all day and get involved in the fun activities listed here.

1. Toddler Chores

Household toddler chores can be happy toddler activities
Household toddler chores

A two-year-old baby can be interested in all the things that adults do. Simple toddler chores include picking toys from the floor, removing toffee wrappers lying on the ground, watering planters, or putting laundry in the washing machine tub. This can be a game that you both can play and engross the baby’s mind so that he is enjoying the chore and not doing some boring work.

It is a well-known fact that the toddler years are the best time to start involving children with household chores. It is one of the most important things I do every day with my toddler. The child shows better development by mimicking the adult in his life.

2. Feeding oneself

Happy Toddler activities like self feeding

The baby should be able to feed themselves when they turn 18 months of age. The use of a spoon can be introduced to the baby and they start eating under your supervision without spilling much food. Even they can start using forks after they turn 18 months. This teaches them independence and keeps them busy for some time. The toddler learns to sit at the meal table and eat small servings of food by themselves.

Teething is an important part of your little one’s growth. Baby soothes themselves with them and needs it from 3 months till they turn 2 or 3 years old. Get one from the “Best Teethers for Babies: A Carefully Curated List.”

3. Reading Activities

what to do with a toddler all day

The toddlers can’t read many parts of a book by themselves. They can recognize some pictures and read the alphabet. But the parents share the responsibility to read the whole story from the book to them. They also must translate the stories into the mother tongue language that the baby is familiar with after throwing the original words to them. Thus the children will improve their vocabulary and be more expressive in their next conversation.

Make it a routine with the kids to read in the morning or at bedtime. The books decorated around the house always provoke little ones to pick a book whenever they are curious about some pictures and want to explore the pages. There is no need to own a large stock of books to make toddlers happy, rotation of books weekly will keep them happy and satisfied.

Toddlers can’t read by themselves, so it is our duty to read out books to them. Read “Why it is important to read to your child ? 6 Interesting reasons you must know” and start the activity today.

4. Sensory Play

what to do with a toddler all day

The self-designed toys have never lost fascination among little kids. These are the toys that have all types of equipment, tools like buckets, boxes, kitchen accessories, and some other ingredients like sand, pebbles, flowers, and sticks are the favorite kid toys among all other expensive ones. The toys that attract the kids to work with their hands, pick with their fingers, mix things and separate them at their behest are all necessary for their sensory play. So, before putting questions like what to do with a toddler all day, search your pantry, garden, or storage area and create boxes for sensory play for toddlers’ fun.

5. Outdoor Play Time

Child climbing on balance tire in the park

Kids and parents can spend time together in the park and answer this question smoothly-“What to do with a toddler all day?” They can indulge in plucking flowers, picking pebbles, or playing on swings. Despite toddler activities at home, go for outdoor activities for some duration during the afternoon in the winter or evenings in the summer. The outdoor activities are important so that the child gets time to spend in nature, develops motor skills, and learn to interact with the natural life around him. Kids also need to spend time in the sun to avoid health risks. It even keeps children in better moods and reduces stress levels.

To get your kids busy, propose to them an open-ended play, or you can start playing with them! and know more here “What is an Open-ended play? 3 Basic Ideas explained!

6. Massage Time

If wondering about what to do with a toddler all day, a cool baby head massage or hot oil body massage is the best opportunity to spend time in a fruitful way. Body touch and massage are therapeutic in nature for both the child and the parent. The baby relaxes its muscles and the body enjoys the massage when they want to sleep or take a rest.

A baby’s growth, development, and overall well-being are all aided by massage. If you are looking for the best Baby Massage Oils In India | Advantages & Brands To Trust, click here.

7. Art Time

The younger kids have a fascination with colors and other stationery supplies. They love to dip their fingers in colors and use their imagination to scribble on paper and walls. They like to create their own designs and usually end up making a mess of things. The dirty hands and clothes is a proof that there is sensory development. The child learns a lot of things through art activities at this age. Just be involved with their creating mood and have fun with your child.

8. Me Time

Don’t be worried about what to do with a toddler all day but let them spend some time alone. It is true that it is easier with some toddlers than with others. They need some free time where they can explore their limits and seize the opportunity to play something they are denied. If you see that your toddler is playing independently in another room, don’t show your presence. It’s guaranteed that as soon as they see you, that magical moment will be over.

You can call it a “quiet time” that encourages your kiddo to imagine new situations, solve new puzzles, or create crafts from unstructured items or craft boxes. Also, you will enjoy some uninterrupted time for yourself.

Activity boxes are one of the few exciting things that kindle curiosity and innovative ideas in kids through various activities. Read “Importance of Activity boxes – Learning Made Fun!” and choose the best ones for your kids.

9. Home Organization Activity

For learning something, toddler activities at home must include house organizing. This refers to arranging toys, clothing like socks and bibs, art files and colors in a basket, etc. The toddlers are good at simple tasks and improve themselves day after day at those chores without being fussy. So it is essential to get the kids to deal with their toys and colors the next time without fail. And a repeated lesson to do the task in a safe way will help you to accomplish other things also. You will be thrilled to see that they will do the tasks independently and without being asked.

10. Teach Something

The toddler activities at home must include the teaching of any type. It may be formal teaching from a tutor or an informal one from the members of the house. Simple learning activities like counting the stairs while climbing them, picking different colors from the room that the child is playing in, or picking alphabets from a basket full of letters are a way to enjoy your time spent with the child. They can grab the names of foods, fruits, and vegetables with you when you are doing kitchen chores.

Little children in the age group 2 to 3 years have sharp grasping power. Their mind is like a sponge and they have the ability to learn constantly. They keep absorbing a plethora of information that they come across in their everyday routine.

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Many happy toddler activities like talking with him, telling them stories, reading a variety of books, listening to different children’s nursery rhymes, and going out on nature walks are your savior to spend a day with them. It is practical to have more and more enriching activities to teach them new things every day. So, you can also pick all things I do every day with my toddler and have a great upbringing.

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