What’s inside a Flintobox activity box?

What’s inside a Flintobox activity box? Parents who have already tried various activity boxes for their kids would have a pretty good idea of what a flintobox is. But what’s inside a flintobox is a mystery even to them!

So what’s a flintobox then? Firstly, raising a child is a process that asks more of your time, energy and effort. When I gave birth to my child, I didn’t want to raise them by handing them gadgets. Parents nowadays use gadgets to feed their kids and to pass their time. While I was working, I didn’t want my kid to get consumed by the technology around us. At the same time, I wanted them to have their fun.

Now, What’s inside a flintobox activity box? Flintobox is actually unique for kids of different age groups. Flintobox is available on subscription basis and there will be a new flintobox with a new theme, every month! There are 4 variants such as flintobox for 2-3 year old’s, 3-4 year old’s, 4-8 year old’s and 8-12 year old kids. Though the contents, theme and the activities differ in each of these boxes one thing is common in all these boxes – fun!

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Activities For Kids

The basic idea of the Flintobox is to minimize the screen time of children and to actively engage them in productive activities. To ensure that, every flintobox comes with a minimum of 3 activities to a maximum of 5 per box. These activity bags are based upon different subjects and skill set the child would require.

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Flintobox for 2-3 Year Old Kids

2-3 Year Old’s Activities

The 2-3 year old’s flintobox has activities that best suit their cognitive skills. For instance, They have simple activities like introduction to basic vocabulary like colors, numbers, shapes. Through stories and pictures your kids would actively learn numbers, colors, shapes and letters. There are coloring activities, specifically designed for kids of this age group. No paint brushes or minute patch works, there are rollers in this activity box! The child could roll it with paint on the activity sheet just like that!

2 to 3 year old flintobox activity box
2-3 yr old’s painting activity

Activities are for the day, what if kids get bored at night? Flintobox got you covered!  There comes a story book along this box. With simple words and attractive illustrations, these story books have funny stories with similar words based on the theme of the month. These stories summarize the activities and help the kid to remember things easier.

Special features:
  • Introducing Flintobox might be the first step to curtail the screen time of your children.
  • Enhances cognitive abilities from a very young age
  • Flintobox makes parenting easier by introducing various components of nature and the world around us!

Flintobox for 3-4 Year Old kids

3-4 Year Old’s Activities

With a detailed introduction to the basics in the previous box, flintobox slightly advances the difficulty level to match the abilities of a 3-4 year old kid! Basic vocabulary are webbed with its related words, card and memory games are involved. Board games that induce logical thinking are introduced. In this activity box, which you’ll receive every month on subscription, there will be toys such as blocks, shape fitting toys and color coordinating cards. There are other activities such as identifying a sticker shape and sticking it to its corresponding slot. This is really fun!

3 to 4 year old flintobox activity box
Shape and numerical value activities in flintobox activity box
Shape sorting acivity

Unlike the earlier box, the story book of this age group is a bit advanced too. Nevermind! The stories are easy to understand and kids find it easy to grasp. With attractive pictures and easy vocabulary, your kids won’t be off these books anytime soon. The stories are easy to understand and kids find it easy to grasp.

Special Features:
  • Improves logical reasoning, pattern matching and vocabularies.
  • School learning is now much easier as they learn part of the basics through their flintobox activity boxes!
  • 3-5 activities per monthly box guarantees unlimited fun.

Besides activity boxes, there is another way to engage your kids ‘actively’! Open-ended plays are one such way. Learn everything about Open-ended plays and ideas to play them!


Flintobox for 4-8 Year Old Kids

4-8 Year Old’s Activities

Your kid would probably be in school by this age. Their world would have become wider and so is their curiosity! With this age based activity box, games and lessons are on different themes ranging from different flora, fauna, professions, culture, science and so on. The theme differs with matching activities. For every new month your child gets a new flintobox, with new activities. The story book in this box contains rich vocabulary – a cool way to learn new words, isn’t it?

4 to 8 year old flintobox activity box
A story book in 4-8 year old’s flintobox activity box

The shape fitting, color identifying mediocre activities are now gone as your kids grow. For super kids, flintobox offers super cool games! Hereon, the activity box comes with DIY toys (Do it yourselves) with simplified instructions for your kids to understand. The games are of cardboards and other quality materials that are not only fun but can also, after playtime they can be used as home decor.

Magical rainforest - Flintobox activity box
Dancing Macau

For instance, in an activity box themed as ‘Magical rainforest’ there are DIY toys such as Chameleon, dancing Macau, that make a beautiful home decor!

Special Features:
  • Parent involvement time is just 5 mins, whereas children engagement to the activity is over 40 mins!
  • Colorful, engaging activities attached with information about those things.
  • Children get to know about different flora and fauna, various jobs, environment, different ecologies and so on.

Flintobox For 8-12 Year Old Kids

8-12 Year Old’s Activities

As the age category advances, the activities in the Flintobox advances too. The activities focus more on innovation and creation. It has puzzles of higher degree that engages kids for a longer duration. Also the flintobox activity box gradually introduces the basic things around us like ground water storage, how to plant a sap, how machines work, how to write in codes and so on!

8 to 12 year old flintobox activity box
8-12 yr old’s flintobox

This flintobox monthly activity box comes with 3-5 activities per month. DIY kit for all activities, and a story book in each box. The instruction manual is so simple that the kids can understand them on their own. Flintobox transforms boring concepts into interesting activities and helps them to understand better, be it language, science or maths!

Special Features:
  • Children learn to make things on their own! With the diy materials they make their own toys.
  • Flintobox offers simplified concepts on language, maths and science
  • Not just play stuffs, flintobox activity box helps kids to learn life skills like planting, painting, assembling things and so on!
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This question, “What’s inside a Flintobox?” has become a mystery for many parents who wanted to introduce activity box to their kids. When a group of parents couldn’t find any productive games anywhere for their children, they started making their own games! Hence flintobox obviously has games that are educational in nature and more importantly it ensures fun to your children. Don’t delay the fun your kids’ deserve, get them their Flintobox now!

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