Kids’ Toys and how to carry them on your Airways trip!

The COVID-19 pandemic. It has literally locked us within our houses for so long. Forget about vacation trips to other countries,we had to carry an E-pass even to travel to other districts. Thankfully the menace is almost over or at least it has become manageable.

Thanks to the vaccines, International travel modes are now operating as before with safety measures and passenger friendly regulations. Besides the new regulations after COVID-19, there already exists a set of rules and list of things you shouldn’t be having in your baggage on your airways trip.

You might already be aware of the things you could not carry on an airplane like Knives, lighters, sporting goods and other stuff. But things as simple as kids’ toys, toy guns could create much confusion as there aren’t any clear cut mentions about them on the ‘prohibited things’ list.

On your flight trip, there can be carry-on luggage which will be with you during your travel. Can you carry your kid’s toy gun with your carry on luggage? If not, how do you take it along on your trip?! Also, there are few other kid’s toys that you have to be mindful about. Let’s get to know about them here!

Toy Guns

One of the most common toys that your child would own and you should be very much mindful of on your travels through Airways is a ‘Toy Gun’. Though toy gun is yet another kid’s play stuff, there is a lot of regulations and reviews as with the terror affiliated with its looks. 

The problem with Toy guns

  • Toy guns such as Pistols, rifles and machine guns are available in markets with the exact same appearance and size of the original lethal weapons.
  • The toys are so well made to make it look as real as possible. They even have bullet magazines where tiny plastic balls are used as bullets.
  • Despite being safe, these realistic toy guns may cause fear and terror among people when they happen to see it out of the blue.

These toy guns come into the category of ‘Replica firearms’ under the AAI (Airports Authority of India) guidelines. 

Toy Gun

How to carry toy guns on your flight trip?

Mindful of the troubles it could create, it isn’t advisable to have a toy gun in your carry-on luggage that stays with you on your air trip. Instead you can get them checked and place the toy gun on the checked baggage, where it would be disassembled and safely transported without any hassle at all!

  • Inform the security authorities that you carry a toy gun aka replica firearm with you. Prior information would give them a heads up while your baggage is being checked.
  • You would be provided with a form for Transporting special items, in which you could fill in the details of the toy gun as such. 
  • After these basic security checks and clearances, your toy gun is disassembled and sealed tightly to be placed in the checked baggage – to which you’ll not have access throughout your travel.
  • Once you reach your destination, you can retrieve your checked baggage and off you go on your happy trip!
Checked baggage Tag

Here are some other common kid’s toys that you cannot carry along:

Walkie Talkies!

As kids we used to play with toy mobile phones which has now evolved into walkie talkies that attract Gen Z kids. It’s cool and fun to play with those walkie talkies for sure, but could you carry your kid’s toy walkie talkie onboard? A big No!! 

As walkie talkies use radio signals with which you could interact with a small group of people. A walkie talkie on an airplane, even if its a toy would interfere with the pilots’ communication channels which might lead to difficulties in their communication with the air traffic controllers. So no Walkie talkies onboard. Roger that captain!

Toy Walkie Talkie

Remote control cars

This might very well be one of the most common favorite toys that kids love. The remote controlled cars and choppers! Why wouldn’t they!? They see us drive our automobiles all day and they crave to be on the steering but then it isn’t safe. So they love when they are in control..!

Remote controlled toys are double checked or even confiscated as they have the potential to be used as bombs. Remote controlled toys have been in the authorities’ radar since late 2000’s. It was after they found out the trouble it created, when passed unnoticed. So better to avoid remote controlled toys on your flight trip.

Remote controller Car


The round board with points all around and you have to hit the center with a dart needle! That’s a Dart. Kids love to throw some darts when they feel bored or when they want to focus. But no, darts aren’t permitted in the airplane too. 

Because of their sharp needle, darts can be used as a weapon. Even the modern time’s magnetic darts are not allowed as it could hurt someone onboard. 

Dart board

Grenade shaped objects

Well, obviously you are not going to take a grenade to your fun trip with kids. But grenade shaped toys? Now that’s a possibility there. Kids these days are fond of shooting games and get their bags, tiffin boxes, watches on those game themes. Key chains are one of the things you should be mindful of.

Any toys that are in the shape of a grenade, even if it happens to be just a keychain, aren’t allowed on an airplane. In general, avoid any toys that look like a replica of a weapon in your carry-on luggage.

Grenade shaped keychains

Procedures to take toys on your flight trip

Air travel is Cozy and time saving. To make it pleasant, authorities have to double check everything to ensure safe travels. Hence there is this listing of toys and playthings that aren’t to be carried along with your baggage.

If you carry these toy guns aka replica firearms and other listed toys, all that you’ve to do is to mention to the authorities about such toys. They’ll hand you a form to fill in. With that, the toys are disassembled and put in the checked baggage to which you will not have access to during your flight journey.

To avoid hustles and hassles, check in to the airport at least 15 minutes prior as these baggage processes take such time.

Safe Journey..!

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