Can toddlers sense pregnancy? Interesting facts and myths!

Can toddlers sense pregnancy

Babies have a lot of incredible power and one such power that people keep wondering about is ‘can toddlers sense pregnancy?’. Let us look at the answer to that question in this article.

Pregnancy is an incredible period in any woman’s life. It is even more special when you are having a second child. It makes it easier for you as a parent as you would have had enough experience with your first child to deal with your next one. But you would also notice a lot of changes in your elder child. It might so happen that they might ask you something and you’ll be left wondering ‘can toddlers sense pregnancy?’

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Personal experiences

I was elated when I found out that I was pregnant with my second daughter. My first daughter was only a toddler back then. Even before we were wondering how to tell her, she put her hand on my stomach while sitting or standing next to me. She even used to put her head on my stomach while sleeping. That is when I started wondering ‘can toddlers sense pregnancy?’

I discussed this with my friends and family and that’s how I realized that a lot of mothers have also had similar experiences. A few of my friends and family members had also confirmed that their toddlers behaved a little differently when they were pregnant. Some of them even told that their toddlers knew about their pregnancy even before they realized it. But some people told me that it is a myth and that it is not possible. So, I researched it and decided to write an article on ‘can toddlers sense pregnancy?’ to clear it for other mothers.

Toddlers and their powers

Toddlers have a heightened sense of gauging their parents’ moods. This is especially true when it comes to their mother. Toddlers even have a sense of heightened smell which helps them to connect with their mothers. This phenomenon happens right after birth as the newborns can’t see but can find their mothers only by the pheromones that are secreted by the mother. Thus, it could be stated that toddlers have a special connection to their mothers.

Apart from that, toddlers also pick up on the mother’s mood swifts. They can sense the hormonal changes that happen in the mother’s body. Additionally, toddlers also pay a lot of attention to the mother’s body. In short, toddlers are very attentive when it comes to the changes in their mother’s body, hormones, and emotions. Thus, it could be stated that toddlers have some sort of superpower when it comes to their connection to their mothers.

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Can toddlers sense pregnancy?

Now that we have looked at the powers that toddlers possess, let us move on to the question ‘can toddlers sense pregnancy?’. There hasn’t been any research that has confirmed or denied the fact that toddlers can sense pregnancy. But there have been a lot of instances where babies point to a mom’s stomach and ask about a baby even before the mom knows that she is pregnant. So, let us try to find out an answer to the age-old question can toddlers sense pregnancy?

Pick up cues

One of the reasons that would help answer the question ‘can toddlers sense pregnancy?’ is their ability to pick up on cues. Toddlers are very curious and they are always listening and observing anything and everything. There are chances that they might have overheard you telling someone that you are pregnant. They might not understand what it means but they can understand that something is happening. In that way, toddlers can sense that you are pregnant.

Attention to changes in mom

The other reason that would help answer the question ‘can toddlers sense pregnancy?’ is their attention to changes particularly when it comes to their mother. They have extremely sharp intuitive senses when it comes to their mother. They can sense the mood swings and hormonal changes that happen in their mother’s body. They can also notice the physical changes that happen in the mom’s body. Thereby, toddlers can sense pregnancy even without you having to tell them explicitly.

Changes in toddler’s behavior

Now that we have looked at the answer to the question ‘can toddlers sense pregnancy?’ let us move to the next topic. When a toddler gets to know that you are pregnant and that they will have to share everything with a new baby, there will be a lot of changes in their behavior. It is important to notice these changes at the earliest so that you can attend to them and help them deal with the changes. I’m listing a few of the most common changes in their behavior so that it is easier for you.

  • The first and most noticeable behavior in a toddler when they sense your pregnancy is that they will start seeking attention from you. To deal with it, you can spend more time with them.
  • The next behavioral change is that your toddler might start distancing themselves from you. You will have to constantly show them that you love them no less just because there is a new baby on board.
  • The other important behavioral change is that they might start developing a sense of hatred towards to their unborn sibling. You will have to constantly tell them why it is important to have a sibling.

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Wrap up

Toddlers have a lot of superpowers and the answer to the question can toddlers sense pregnancy is yes. But it is not simply because of some supernatural ability, instead, it is because of their keen observational skills. l hope that the article has helped you with the question ‘can toddlers sense pregnancy?’. Be more attentive towards your toddler so that they don’t feel left behind when you are carrying your second child. Have a happy pregnancy!

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