Top 5 Sonic Plush toys – For ‘Sonic’ Loving kids!

Top 5 Sonic Plush toys – For ‘Sonic’ Loving kids!

Being a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog since its video game days, I have always fancied having Sonic plush toys to play with! But there were not many Sonic plush toys those days and the game had a lesser fan base. Now with more Television series and Live action movies on Sonic the Hedgehog, the craze over the characters has risen and so does the availability of a variety of Sonic plush toys! Let me introduce you to the world of Sonic and his adventures! 

Sonic Plush Toys

Quality toys are great but rare things nowadays. Manufacturers and sellers either compromise on the quality or the affordability of the toys. So at thekeenkid, we get you the best sonic plush toys at an affordable price. Before taking a look at those lovely toys, Let me introduce you to the world of Sonic and his adventures!

Sonic movie Characters


Sonic the Hedgehog

By his name, it is obvious that Sonic is a hedgehog. But what makes him special is his supernatural ability to run faster than sound(Sonic!). Born on Christmas Island, Sonic did not get to live there for a long time and started his adventure with his sidekick Tails -the fox, fighting against Mr.Eggman, the evil scientist!

Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic Plush toys
Sonic – the Hedgehog

Being so cute and heroic at the same time, Sonic never fails to inspire kids with his strong will and determination to do the right thing no matter what. Also, his love and loyalty toward his friends Tails and Knuckles are equally praiseworthy! This cool-headed, fun-loving, charismatic Sonic the Hedgehog is now available on Amazon as Sonic plush toy for your kids!

Sonic the Hedgehog Plush toy – 9 inches collectible toy Fan's Favorite

Soft stuffed plush toy, movie collectible, 9″ soft toy for kids
₹1799₹2999 Get this now
Why should you get this?
  • Premium quality sonic plush toys at affordable prices
  • A perfect resemblance of ‘Sonic The Hedgehog character can be seen in this Plush toy.
  • Attractive design, Safe for kids to play with

Tails – the fox

A fox who came as a fanboy of Sonic from a far-off Universe then turns into his best buddy and sidekick. Hello to more adventures! Why is this little yellow fluffy fox being called ‘Tails’?! Obvious, isn’t it? The tails! With his double tails, he could fly and double the troubles of his enemies. Tails is a cool mechanic with super cool gadgets at his disposal to help Sonic with his adventures to beat the evil, Dr.Eggman.

Tails - sonic plush toys

Tails are loved by all for his love and loyalty to Sonic. We love him as much as you do. Hence we get you Tails, as a part of the sonic plush toys movie collectibles! 

Tails – Sonic the Hedgehog movie figure – 9 inch plus toy for kids BeSt seller

Soft plush toys for kids, Sonic movie character – Tails, the fox with cool gadgets!
₹1499₹1999 Get this now
Why should you get this?
  • Best quality Sonic movie figurine at affordable prices
  • Made of eco-friendly materials
  • Suitable for kids over 6 years of age
  • Perfect gift for a fun-loving and brainy kid!

Besides sonic plush toys, kids love Shinchan too! For them, we have curated a list of the best Shinchan soft toys and accessories such as bed covers, lunch towels and much more. Check out this link for exciting Shinchan soft toys and accessories for kids!


Knuckles – the Echidna

He is an Echidna, named Knuckles. His knuckles land the deadliest of the punches that would weaken his opponents in a single blow! Started as a nemesis to Sonic, knuckles were being used by Eggman to fight Sonic. Later Knuckles realizes Dr.Eggman’s true colors and becomes Sonic’s friend. Now he fights the bad guys with hard punches and a few soft-hearted friends! 

Knuckles the Echidna

Here on our site, we give you the most super-realistic Knuckles that are cool as well as fun for your kids. These soft toys are movie-accurate figurines that are made of materials both soft and safe for kids.

Knuckles – sonic the Hedgehog movie collectible, 9 inch plush toy Best deal

Safe, soft toys for kids. Sonic movie collectibles
₹1499₹1999 Get this now
Why should you get this?
  • Safe material for kids to play with
  • Easy to wash, easy to dry! Clean plush toys for your kids!
  • Not just stubborn, Knuckles is known for his strong will and determination! Kids love him for that

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Super Sonic

The Villain, Dr.Eggman is in pursuit of Master Emerald (seven Chaos Emeralds bound together). To prevent Master Emerald from the hands of Eggman, Sonic the Hedgehog wields it to become a superior form known as ‘Super Sonic‘. The emerald not only changes Sonic into the color yellow from the blue but also helps him unleash God-like powers onto Dr.Eggman and defeat him! 

The collection of Sonic plush toys will be incomplete without this awesome Super Sonic plush toy! With his ultimate power, he is not just invincible but knows how to control it. This makes him one of the must-buy Sonic plush toys.

Supersonic - Sonic plush toys
Super sonic

Super Sonic – Sonic the Hedgehog movie figurine, 9 inch collectible toys Exclusive offer

Plush toys for kids, based on the movie Sonic the Hedgehog
₹1699₹2999 Get this now
Why should you get this?
  • Premium quality plush toys at affordable prices
  • Made of soft material, making it huggable for kids!
  • Perfect birthday gifts as well as collectibles for kids

Shadow – the hedgehog

One of the most interesting and mysterious characters in Sonic the Hedgehog is Shadow!  He has the same skills and speed as Sonic, except he is dark and eerie. He is a hybrid species of Hedgehog created by Dr.Eggman’s grandpa and discovered by Eggman himself. A few times he is the nemesis and sometimes an ally to Sonic, Shadow is another favorite character of this series followers like us!

Shadow  - sonic plush toys
Shadow the hedgehog

Unfortunately, Shadow the Hedgehog plush toys are not available in India yet. Nevertheless, keep checking our site as we would update it here once we are able to import it for you! Until then, do get our other Sonic plush toys for your kids to keep them happy and cheerful!


Toys are an important part of child growth and development. It helps them to build social bonds and aids them to speak and express more. Read about UNICEF’s article on the importance of toys for kids. Get your kids these cool Sonic plush toys to help them be better in every aspect of their life while being happy!
Happy kids make the family happy. Stay safe, have fun and follow thekeenkid for more interesting articles on parenting, childcare, baby products and toys for your kids!

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