Diaper rash creams – Benefits and How to use them?

Diaper rash creams are the way to retain soft and plump skin and prevent skin from infection.
diaper rash cream

Diaper rash creams are a nice way to retain soft and plump skin even after using disposable and reusable diapers for a long time. I was in a fix over diaper rash creams – their benefits and how to use them! My baby’s skin got irritation in the form of skin reddening and flaky patches due to diaper rashes. Thus, his bottom has itching and he cried for several hours as if its not comfortable.

So, I discussed my concerns with my baby’s doctor and the pediatrician told me that the skin rash creams have many benefits. I also wanted to stick to home remedies but these diaper rash creams could be your savior in extreme conditions.

Best Diaper rash creams have anti-fungal agents.
Best Diaper rash creams have anti-fungal agents.

Causes of Diaper Rash

There are many causes of diaper rashes on a baby’s soft skin. Some of them are discussed here:


Wearing wet diapers for a long periodRashes due to diapers

The Kid wears diapers for 24 hours for the ease of parents. If the child is wearing a diaper for more than 6 hours, it may be harmful to the baby’s skin. So, the baby’s tender skin develops rashes and is infected with fungus and bacterial growth. If the baby is suffering from skin reddening and problems, consult a doctor for accurate treatment.


Rubbing and Scratching the skinRashes due to Tight clothes

Skin gets rubbed and scratched due to the touch of the diapers for a long time. The skin has a soft dermal layer that cannot sustain tight clothing or diapers. Sometimes the diapers cause skin reddening due to rubbing that irritates the skin.


Using the new Diaper brand or WipesRashes due to new brands

The baby’s skin is sensitive and can react to any new brand of wipes or diapers you are introducing on your urge by watching the advertisement or recommendation from a friend. Sometimes new clothes are also a cause of skin irritation due to bleaching agents present in them.


Infection due to fungal growthRashes due to bacteria

Fungal infection is caused due to warm and moist environment in the diaper. Thus, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacterial growth but the bleaching agents prevent some percentage of that.


Feeding new solid foodsRashes due to food

Solid foods are introduced to little babies but their body needs time to adapt to new food items. The baby’s solid wastes also change depending on the food consumed. So, if the stools are watery or frequent due to digestion problems, it’s a cause of rashes near the anus area.


Sensitive skin conditionRashes due to skin condition

Babies are born with very delicate skin. If the skin is extra sensitive, there may be severe skin conditions caused due to wet diapers and skin irritation.


Consuming medicinesRashes due to meds

Medicines are sometimes given to kids when they are suffering from some common ailments. But these meds are responsible for changing the acidity in the urine and can cause loose motions. So, the skin may react to the changes and diaper rashes may appear.

Benefits Of Diaper Rash Creams

“Prevention is always better than cure”. Go by this saying and prevent diaper rash in most cases.

Here are the Benefits of Diaper Rash creams.

1. Creating a natural protective layer on the baby’s skin – A natural protective layer forms on your baby’s skin that is a protective barrier.

2. Protection of irritated skin – Skin irritation is a major problem with a sensitive baby’s top epidermal layer like red spots and eczema. It protects the skin from further damage.

3. Soothing irritated skin – The irritated skin needs soothing when there is a little damage. The application soothes skin condition and relieves the baby.

4. Allowing natural healing of skin – It has natural healing properties that heal the skin after the regular application of diaper rash creams.

5. Blocking wetness from the skin – It forms a screen against wetness and the baby’s skin.

6. Protects against the enzymes in baby stool – Baby stool has enzymes and particles that may irritate skin if stuck on the skin surface for longer. So, we need a diaper rash cream as a barrier between fungal infection and baby’s skin.

7. Reduces friction on baby’s skin – Baby ‘s delicate skin can rub against diapers and can be reduced when diaper rash creams are smeared in the folds and thigh area of the baby.

How To Prevent Diaper Rash?

Diaper rashes are severe skin conditions that need extra care from parents. But if these can be prevented, it will be a boon.

So, there are some measures that can be taken to avoid diaper rashes completely.

  1. Changing soiled diapers without delay is the most suitable option right away. It prevents moisture to give space for fungal growth. Thus reducing the risk of diaper rash to a lot of extents.
  2. The private parts of the baby must be cleaned using a soft and dry washcloth. Disposable wet wipes are also used for the same purpose. The soap or cleansers to clean the baby bottoms should be soap-free. Chemicals and fragrances present in wet wipes, and diapers may alter skin pH and cause skin infections. So, opt for organic diapers and organic wet wipes only. For further information and buying guide on the Best organic diapers, Click here.
  3. Do not allow the skin to rub or scrub against any cloth or diapers. Never dry the folds of the skin by rubbing a cloth towel. Only the process of drying must include soft strokes by pat drying gently. Also, only loose-fitted clothing and regular-sized diapers that are not too tight on the baby must be used.
  4. The baby should enjoy some of the waking hours in loose cotton nappy. It allows air to circulate between the nappy and the skin.
  5. Baby’s laundry including clothes and linen must be washed in specially designed liquid detergents with moderate pH. They are safe on the skin and mild on clothes.
  6. Use diaper rash creams every now and then to keep skin reddening at bay.

The Diaper Rash Creams were created in the year 1970s by a well-known pharmacist George Boudreaux of Covington, Louisiana. This diaper rash cream is a popular brand name in America called Boudreaux’s Butt Paste skin cream started out as a diaper rash remedy.

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How To Use Diaper Rash Creams?

Applying diaper rash creams on the bottom areas of your baby is not a tough task. There is a little attention that parents need to take while using the diaper rash cream ideally.

Let’s read the steps:

Gently clean the skin and pat dry it with a soft cotton cloth.
Item textIf the previously applied ream is clean, you can keep that intact and can leave it, and apply a generous layer over it.
The primary ingredient of Diaper rash creams is zinc oxide, So, apply a thin layer of it during the daytime to keep the baby from getting a yeast infection.
The areas of the baby’s private parts that are needed to be smeared with a diaper rash cream are around the butts, between the butts, around the anus, Inside the fold areas of thighs, and around the private parts of boys and girls.
You can wipe off extra cream onto the insides of the fresh diaper that you want to put on your baby.
A top layer of petroleum jelly can be applied over the diaper rash cream to avoid it sticking to the diapers.
Diaper Rash cream application

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Diaper rash creams are expensive on your pocket but they are effective and really soothe a baby’s skin from many infections. So, it’s important to keep a tube of diaper rash cream handy when your kid keeps roaming in diapers all day. Look for the natural baby products like organic diapers, organic diaper rash cream, and organic clothes.

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