Diaper Free Time For Babies – Why and How to handle it easily?

Diaper free time for babies is needed from time to time for healthy baby bums.
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Modern-day parents are nervous to follow the “diaper free time for babies” routine due to the mess created. Diapers are an easy way to handle the mess created by babies without caring about blotches. Although it pinches the pocket to use diapers every hour of the day and night, there are many reasons parents are happy to use diapers for the little ones. The most important reason is the carefree time that you can share with the baby without worrying about changing the wet underwear and sheets.

The use of diapers has increased over the years as the style and quality of diapers have improved extensively. Parents are dedicatedly to using both types of diapers, like disposable and cloth diapers to reduce the workload while nursing the baby. But, diaper free time for babies is needed from time to time for healthy baby bums.

diaper-free babies love the itch-free environment and grow happily

Why Is It Necessary To Give Diaper Free Time To Babies?

Importance of diaper free time

Though the diapers are laced with modern technology to give the driest feel to the baby’s skin, diapering the baby for long hours is inconvenient for the baby. Babies have soft and sensitive skin that every parent needs to protect as you are their only savior.

Let us read some unique points that share the story of every parent about the importance of diaper free time for babies:

  1. The skin of children is more sensitive to the surrounding environment. The skin pores can’t be kept covered for a longer time by using diapers all day. So, it is better to keep the children in airy clothes and cotton nappy during day time for one or two hours.
  2. The wetness meter of most of the diapers is really low but super sensitive skin needs extra care when it comes to diaper rash due to germ buildup after diapering the baby 24/7. So, relieve the skin conditions and skin reddening at the baby bottoms by keeping them diaper free and using a good quality diaper rash cream.
  3. Babies have to adapt to all types of weather conditions after coming into this life. They can live in warm and average temperatures. But wearing the diapers and clothes may lead to a little discomfort due to a rise in body heat. So, parents must keep on checking if the child is feeling hot under the pants.
  4. Babies want to enjoy their childhood by doing all types of leg movements and acrobats that keep the parents very happy. But diapering the baby for lengthy hours inhibits his leg movements and limits his exercises. Thus, it is not a good idea to use diapers for prolonged hours for their strong limb development and the doctors recommend diaper free time for babies. So, it is recommended to buy good quality mattress protectors online from authentic websites. Check out the best products used during diaper free time.
  5. Parents want their babies to learn potty training at the appropriate age. But if the babies have the habit of being diapered for more hours at day time, it is difficult to learn to use the toilet at a very early age. The study shows that the children who are diapered all day are unable to learn potty training till the age of 4. On the other hand, it is found that diaper free children are surer about controlling their body urge and learn early about using the washroom.

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What is the best time to go diaper free?

The above explanation doesn’t emphasize that the babies need to be kept naked for most of the hours in the daytime for their healthy growth and nurturing. But it means that there must be a balance between diapering and the other way around. The best diaper free time for babies is just after the baby has pooped. When the baby was packed in diapers for quite a few hours, it’s a good decision to keep the baby diaper free in between the diaper change. The skin pores and the baby’s private parts need air to breathe.


How To Handle And Manage Diaper Free Time Of Babies?

7 Tips to handle diaper free time

All the clueless parents out there who are worried about lack of knowledge about the alternatives to diapers, here is a guide to teach about tips to handle diaper free time for babies:

  1. A waterproof sheet may be laid on the bed where the infant lies to protect the mattress from being soiled.
  2. Using plastic sheets under the bed covers for toddlers can be useful if the baby plays on the mattress. These dry sheets are organic materials that are highly absorbent in nature. To buy the best dry feel under sheets online, click here.
  3. Cotton nappies made of organic material are super cool and keep the bum area naturally airy.
  4. Organic cloth underpants can be used in the diaper free time for babies that do not have any absorbency but give a skin-friendly touch to the baby bottoms and private areas.
  5. Make a playtime area on the floor for the babies with thin absorbent mats.
  6. The garden areas can be a recreation area for the baby where he can roam naked for a short span of time.
  7. Keeping the fixed routine with the diaper free time to teach the baby about the body urge and pee in the baby toilet training pot.
  8. Make a peeing sound for toddlers or water sound of the jet to keep babies peeing easily. This can be done to train them about pee time frequently.

Products That Help To Give Diaper Free Time To Babies

Best products to pick for a diaper free time for babies

There are many unique products available online to keep your tension at bay when spending diaper free time with the cutie pie.

1. Waterproof mattress protector

Rajasthan Crafts Cotton Terry Ultra Soft Waterproof Mattress Protector (6×5 feet, Grey)
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Fits Up to 10-inch Bed (72×60 inch) Breathable – Hypoallergenic Mattresses Cover

When the parents are in a jiff about using the diapers or not, the best thing they can do is to cover the mattresses on their bed with a waterproof mattress protector. It’s the best element to give diaper free time to babies.

Why should you buy this product?
  • Best way to avoid water seeping into the mattresses
  • The fit is best and doesn’t sag at all

2. Waterproof Bed Protector Sheet

BeyBee Waterproof Bed Protector Sheet

₹409 ₹599
Large (140cm X 100cm)
Salmon Rose

It is a baby under a spread dry sheet cover to be laid under the sleeping babies for diaper free time for babies. The sheet is designed to absorb a lot of moisture when the baby pees. So, it keeps the mattresses dry and increases their longevity.

Why should you buy this product?
  • Innovative design to secure the beds and sofas from soiling
  • Quick to dry and absorbency rate is high

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You indeed have to work extra hours if the baby is kept without a diaper as the washing and cleaning efforts increase superfluously. But it is fetching to give diaper free time for babies a start. Stop using plastic-lined diapers for some hours during the daytime for the wellness and happiness of the baby. The tips to keep the baby without wrapping in the diapers will work out and make you a proud parent when you are the one responsible for the baby’s wellness.

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