5 Best Wooden Baby Walkers – Let your baby walk safely!

Best wooden baby walkers

Watching a little one take their first steps is a cherishable occasion for the entire family. Most babies start learning to walk, one step at a time by the age of one. But for those little unsteady steps to turn into confident strides, the baby needs all the help they can get. That is when a baby walker can help. Let’s look into the usefulness of baby walkers before diving into the topic of the best wooden baby walkers.

Best wooden baby walkers

A baby walker is a colourful, musical, playful, wheeled structure which helps the baby move around fast and easy all by themselves. It usually has a broad base, and a top panel with some suspensions that creates sounds. There are a lot of baby walkers in the market and most of them are made of plastics. Though the plastic ones are bright and colourful, they aren’t very safe and friendly for the babies as well as the environment.

So how does one choose the safest and best wooden baby walker in India? You may want to take a look at the usefulness of the wooden baby walkers before buying a walker online.

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Wooden baby walkers and their use.

Why choose wooden baby walkers?

Wooden baby walkers are gaining popularity once again cause they are made of zero or minimal plastic. They are also prefered by many parents due to their importance in our Indian culture. My mom used to tell me that I took a long time to stand and walk. When she was worried that I might never walk, my grandma gave her the walker my dad and his siblings used. That wooden baby walker has been passed on to the kids in my family for years now.

Though the best wooden baby walker in general are a little expensive than the plastic ones, they are comparatively safer. Most wooden baby walkers are made of wooden frames with a top-bar or handle also made of wood. They have four wooden wheels arranged based on the style of the walker. In short, I’ll point out why you must consider wooden baby walkers.

  • Made out of natural and organic materials unlike plastic walkers.
  • Bio degradable and non toxic, thus safe for babies and the environment.
  • Made of non detachable parts. So zero chance of choking hazards.
  • Lasts for years and could be passed down as a family heirloom.

Most Common Baby Walkers

Sit to stand/ Push-type walker

The best wooden baby walkers are usually designed like sit-to-stand type of walkers. This type of baby walker, as the name suggests, helps the baby to progress from sitting to standing. The baby can push the walker around, while holding on to the bar on the top, like a trolley or a cart. The sit to stand walker sometimes also has a front panel with colorful toys that the baby can sit and play with. This baby walker is also called a push-type walker.

The sit to stand baby walker thus has multiple purposes such as

  • Learning to sit straight while holding it.
  • Learning to stand up while holding on to the walker.
  • Learning to walk around while trying to push it.
  • Learning to run while pushing it with some force.

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A brief review of the best wooden baby walkers

List of best wooden baby walkers

To help you choose the best wooden baby walker for your little one, I have looked into and considered several factors like price, brands, types, and the safety provisions. All of these walkers are made out of non toxic materials like vegetable dyes. They also have a smooth finish and non sharp edges. I’ve personally gifted some of these to my friends’ lil munchkins and they absolutely love it.

Let’s look at the list of the 5 best wooden baby walkers that would speed up your child’s walking process while also keeping them curious and learning.

1) Woodma Wooden Baby Walker

WOODMA baby walker

₹895 ₹1499
Best Seller
Read full review below

This is a traditional hand made wooden walker made out of organic and non-toxic colors. It’ll keep your toddler totally engaged as the bells in the handle will make sounds while they push it. It will surely encourage your kid to attempt walking. This best wooden baby walker would be the right gift for a child’s first birthday. The light weight of the walker would help the kids to push it easily while they walk.

Though it is the least expensive of all the walkers I have listed, it perfectly carries out the job a walker is meant to do. The bright pink and purple colours along with the colour of the wood will kindle your child’s curiosity. This sit to stand/ push walker is perfect for a toddler who is struggling to stand up and walk. In no matter of time, your baby will learn to walk and run using this walker.

  • Traditionally crafted to assist the baby.
  • The light weight makes it easier to push.
  • The bells keep the baby entertained.

2) Gift equals love wooden baby walker

GIFT EQUALS LOVE wooden baby walker

₹1740 ₹2499
Best offer
Read review below.

This wooden baby walker is ergonomically designed for toddlers. It is made of premium wood with a smooth finish. It also has multi colored frame and handles. The colours are made out of vegetable paints. It is handcrafted by our own Indian Artisans for the wellness of our babies.

The sturdy design would support and encourage your baby’s small steps. The walker is made out of strong rubber wood. It also has finely finished beech wood wheels that would help the baby to move it around without much effort. Gift Equals Love is founded by an Indian Mother. They make sure that every product made by them carries motherly care in every aspect like quality, safety and durability.

  • Simple design to keep it light weight.
  • Founded and overseen by an Indian mother.
  • No detachable parts, thereby safer.

3) Shumee 8-in-1 Wooden Activity Push Walker

Shumee wooden 8 in 1 activity walker

₹4245 ₹4995
Worth the money
Read description below

Shumee is one of the few brands in India that make wooden activity musical type walkers. This walker in particular has eight inbuilt activities. These activities help improve other motor skills like identifying colours, shapes, sounds and much more while also helping the baby to stand and walk.

This beautifully designed no-plastic, eco-friendly, non-toxic colourful baby walker will indulge your child’s curiosity with its xylophone, coloured beads and gears, and a child’s clock. The anti-skid rubber wheels make it easy for the toddler to push the walker along even in the outdoors. There is a netted storage at the back for keeping the baby’s other small toys and the provisions that come with this walker.

This walker is also handcrafted in India using 100% premium wood, natural & non-toxic, water-based paints. It has no batteries and contains no small detachable parts. This beautiful walker, though a bit expensive would definitely stimulate your child’s curiosity. It will develop their sensory and fine motor skills while they have a smooth, jerk-free walking experience.

  • Number 1 wooden musical activity walker.
  • Has a lot of other options to play with while walking.
  • Colourful and very interactive.

4) Wooden Abacus push walker

Wooden abacus push walker

₹3000 ₹3500
Long lasting
Read detailed review below

This wooden abacus push walker is perfect for your kid to learn take their first little steps into this beautiful world. The frame and the wheels are both made of premium quality wood. Though it doesn’t have bright colours while compared to the other wooden walkers, it has other advantages.

Both of the foot supports are in opposite direction to help maintain the balance while the baby walks. One can also easily fold the foot inside the frame, which then makes it an abacus frame. Thus, making most out of the single product and its usage. Even when the babies are too young to learn abacus, they would definitely have fun playing with the wooden beads.

Since it doesn’t have any colours, it would last for years and when your toddler grows up they can use it as an abacus frame. I assure you that it is worth the price and that your baby would play, learn and grow with this simple yet useful walker.

  • Turns into an abacus board.
  • Babies can play with the wooden beads while walking/ standing.
  • Strong wooden frame.

5) Wood craft Budhni wooden baby walker

Wood craft Budhni wooden baby walker

₹1899 ₹2699
Fast moving
Read detailed review below

This wooden baby walker helps the infant to stand up, move around and walk. It is made of bright colours like red, green and brown. This will help the baby to move towards the walker as well as keep pushing it around. The wooden rods blend in with each other smoothly providing a strong base and a beautiful frame.

The water-drop like hangings makes it all the more attractive for the babies.It is made of fine quality wood and the colours are made of non toxic and natural dyes. Its sharp-less edges and light weight material lets the toddlers to move around with it easily and quickly. This affordable wooden baby walker would definitely be loved by your kid.

  • The embellishments keeps the baby curious and entertained.
  • Bigger and stronger base as well as frame.
  • Bright natural primary colours.


Walkers are an important part of a baby’s locomotor as well as sensory motor development. They give them a sense of autonomy, while you as a parent can also get your much needed rest. The chances of a toddler falling while using a walker is considerably high. So one safety measure to consider before buying a walker is to baby proof the stairs and pool in your house.

I hope that the listing of the best wooden baby walkers along with their detailed reviews would have helped you choose the best walker for your beautiful baby. Let the walker help you and your baby cherish their every little step!

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