Can Babies eat Ginger? 4 Secret Benefits of Ginger

Here is a detailed description and properties of ginger and steps to give it to your babies

‘Can babies eat ginger?’, might look like a normal question to others. But if you’ve given birth recently or have a baby at home, this article will save you a lot of time and stress! When I had my first child, I was perplexed by the diet practices that are suggested by elders at home. Though most of them are good for both the mother and the child, there are a few myths about what and what not to eat. 

Before peering into ‘can babies eat ginger?’, it is important to know what ginger has and how to make use of it. Let us take a closer look at this magic spice in all our kitchens! Interested in the history and more facts about Ginger? Read here!

The Magic Spice

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Raw Ginger - Can babies eat ginger?

Let us ponder through your question ‘can babies eat ginger’. But where has this magic spice come from!? Ginger has its origin in Southeast Asia. It is one of the first spices to be exported from Asia to other countries for its endless medicinal value! Since then Ginger has been used as a traditional medicine and dietary supplement as well.

Total Carbohydrates18g
Dietary Fibres2g
Nutritional values per 100 grams of Ginger

Benefits of Ginger

Alleviates Gastritis

We would love to answer your question, ‘can babies eat ginger?’. But let us have a closer look at its properties before concluding. If you are a mom who has given birth recently, one of the most common problems you would encounter in your newborn baby is bloating. 

Bloating can be caused by several reasons. Babies while crying, awake, suckling, and using a pacifier, ingest a lot of air. This air gets stuck up in babies, causing bloating, stomach aches, and constipation. Ginger alleviates gastritis in babies, thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties!

Bloating can be caused by several reasons but ginger can be a solution to it all! - can babies eat ginger
bloating causes stomach aches in babies

Helps digestion

Even before you introduce solid foods into your babies’ diet -even when you breastfeed them -they could suffer poor digestion. This can be due to over-intake or sometimes because of the composition of milk. How can you resolve this? Well, Ginger could be your savior! Ginger not just helps in digestion but also eases nausea.

Remedy for cough

The common cold in your babies would be the other great challenge you would face as a new mom. Weather changes and sometimes the mom’s food practices can lead to cold in babies. But it doesn’t just stop with that. With the common cold comes a cough that would trouble your baby. Unlike us, babies can’t change position while coughing which could cause trouble breathing and the worst case, choking. 

Ginger, by curbing down or the growth of a pathogen controls cold and cough as well. This soothes the baby’s respiratory irritation! Its antibacterial and immunity-boosting properties are of great help to new moms and babies as well.

Ginger boosts immunity in babies
Ginger boosts immunity in babies

Boosts Immunity

What’s the magic in Ginger that it is loaded with so many medicinal properties? The mystery lies with Gingerol. A complex compound present in fresh Ginger not only activates the spice receptors in your tongue but also curbs down the oral pathogen growth. This keeps the bacteria at bay and helps you maintain good health by boosting your immunity! Do you still wonder ‘Can babies eat ginger?’

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Can babies eat Ginger?

Can babies eat ginger? Yes, absolutely!
Can babies eat ginger? YES!

Absolutely yes! Once you start giving solid foods to your baby (from 6 months), you could add ginger to their food in small quantities. To lessen the zingy effect, ginger should be finely grated before adding it to their food. You could also boil grated ginger in water, extract the syrup and give it by mixing it with some honey. Ginger could also be given to babies by adding finely grated ginger to curd or yogurt. This could nurture the growth of good bacteria in the babies’ guts and helps in digestion and subsides gas formation. 


Ginger, being a common household spice, has numerous health benefits. Can babies eat ginger? Yes! You could introduce ginger into your baby’s regular diet when you start to give them solid foods. Not only does this boost their immunity but it also helps to maintain proper gut health in babies. Say no to bloating, stomach aches, and indigestion in your babies with just a piece of ginger! Eat healthy, stay healthy and follow TheKeenKid for more tips on parenting and baby care!

Here is a detailed description and properties of ginger and steps to give it to your babies

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