Is nendran banana good for babies? A must-know for moms.

Is nendran banana good for babies?

When it comes to baby food, we as mothers have a lot of questions. In this article, let us look at the question ‘Is nendran banana good for babies?’

Banana is often the first solid food that most babies are given. This is because they have numerous health benefits along with natural sweetness. There are numerous varieties of bananas but let us look at nendran banana in this article.

The Nendran banana also known as the Kerala banana is rightly called the King of Bananas. Compared to other bananas, the nendran banana is very versatile as there are a lot of ways to give it to babies. Without any delay, let’s look at the health benefits of nendran banana.

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Health benefits of nendran banana

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous health benefits of nendran banana. I’ll list out a few so that you can decide your answer to the question ‘Is nendran banana good for babies?’

High fiber content

Nendran bananas are high in fiber content and this helps with keeping the babies full for a long time. This helps with the healthy weight gain of the babies. As soon as starting solid food, the first health issue that most babies face is constipation. The high fiber content in the nendran banana helps with easy digestion and thereby curing constipation in babies.

High vitamin content

Nendran banana has a high source of various vitamins. Vitamin A helps with the improvement of their eyesight. Vitamin B6 in the nendran banana helps with improving brain function in children. Vitamin C helps with improving the immune system while also acting as an antioxidant.

High nutrient content

Nendran banana is loaded with numerous nutrients like iron, potassium, magnesium, and folate among others. Folate helps with the improvement of memory power while potassium and magnesium help with the development of the nervous system.

Apart from the above-mentioned nutrients, the nendran banana is one of the few fruits that has phosphorus content. This phosphorus helps with the growth, health and repairing of body tissues. It also has enough protein content which helps with the overall growth of your little one.

High calcium content

The nendran banana also has a large amount of calcium content. The calcium along with the potassium helps with the strengthening of the bones. It also helps with the strengthening of the budding teeth of your little bunnies.

Other benefits

The nendran banana when consumed regularly gives a healthy glow to your little one’s skin. Another important health benefit is that the protein, carbohydrates and natural sugar in the nendran banana gives instant energy. This in turn keeps your baby active and happy all throughout the day.

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Things to consider before feeding babies

Even though there are numerous health benefits of nendran banana, we need to take a few precautions before feeding to make sure that our little bundle of joy is well and good.

Most fruits these days have pesticides in them. So to avoid harmful chemicals, try to source organic nendran bananas.
Even though banana allergy is not common, it is always a possibility. So, start with two tablespoons the first time to avoid any complications.
Keep the banana diet to a limit as it easily fills up the little one’s tummy and they would not drink milk or have other foods.
Even though nendran banana doesn’t cause a cold, it is advisable to not risk giving it at night particularly if your baby has a cold.

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Tips and tricks

Now that we have looked at the health benefits of nendran banana and also the precautions to take while feeding it to your little ones, let’s look at a few tips and tricks to gain more clarity.

  • Unlike other bananas, nendran banana needs to be cooked before giving it to babies. You can peel the skin, remove the seeds and steam it so that it is easier and safer for your little one’s consumption.
  • The trick to choosing the best nendran banana is to look for a ripe yellow one with a few black spots. Don’t go for the black ones as they might have gone stale. Don’t feed greenish ones either as they would be raw and can cause stomach pain.
  • When you are introducing bananas to your little baby for the first time, don’t add any other food items except for milk and water. This will dilute the thickness and thereby help them to swallow easier.
  • If you have not introduced your baby to formula milk, you can mix breast milk with the nendran banana. It is comparatively healthier than water and formula milk.

Summing up

I hope this article has given you a clear answer to the question “Is nendran banana good for babies?” As you’ve seen, there are numerous health benefits of nendran banana and it is definitely good for your little bundle of joy. My daughters along with me have one nendran banana every day to this day. You can now confidently give nendran bananas to your little ones and keep their tummy happy!

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