7 Best Wooden Toy Companies – Carefully Carved and Crafted For Kids.

Are you looking for the safest toys to get for your little bundle of joy? I have listed the 7 best wooden toy companies to help you choose the best wooden toys for your kids.

Best wooden toy companies

Finding a toy that is safe for your baby is a tough task. When I had my first daughter, I had a hard time figuring out how to choose the safest toy. It took me a lot of research to understand that wooden toys are easily the safest materials for toys. But even among wooden toys, not all toys are safe. There are a lot of companies that claim that they make the safest wooden toys but it is our duty as mothers to analyze if they are actually safe. In order to ease the process for you, I am listing the best wooden toy companies below.

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Why are wooden toys the best and safest?

There are millions of toys made out of different materials. But let us look at why it is advisable to give toys made of wood to your kids.

  • Non-toxic material – Unlike plastic toys, wooden toys do not have harmful substances like BPA and phthalates. These days, a lot of the best wooden toy companies make toys out of medicinal woods like neem.
  • Long-lasting – An important advantage of wooden toys is that they are long-lasting and can be passed from one generation to the next. My kids still play with the wooden toys that I played with when I was young.
  • Safe for the environment – Apart from being utterly safe for babies, wooden toys are also safe for the environment. Since they are easily biodegradable, they don’t add up to environmental pollution like plastic and soft toys.
  • Open-ended play – Most wooden toys encourage open-ended play and it improves their imagination and their creativity.

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Best wooden toy companies

There are numerous wooden toy companies and brands in the world but not all of them produce the safest wooden toys. That is why it is important to know the best wooden toy companies so that you can easily buy a wooden toy for your little munchkin. I have listed the top 7 best wooden companies after trying out numerous other ones so that it is easier for all the other moms out there. Let us jump into the list now.

1) Smartcraft

The first in the list of the best wooden toy brands is Smartcraft. It is an Indian trading company that deals with kid’s toys along with party decor. The reason why I am recommending this toy brand is because they focus on the quality of the products. Another important reason is that their products are also at an affordable cost. When it comes to wooden toys, they have incredible and unique pieces which would definitely attract your little ones. I’ll list a few favorite ones among their toys so that you can easily choose one for your little munchkin.

Mini city wooden theme board.

Twistable colorful wooden number train

Wooden math calculator spinner

2) Channapatna toys

The second on the list of the best wooden toy companies are the channapatna toys. Channapatna toys in general refer to a kind of traditional toys that are like figures. The brand channapatna toys make these traditional Indian wooden toys along with western influenced ones. Personally, my kids and me, like their traditional toys but I will list out some of their other toys as well. I’m listing down the favorites among their multiple toys.

Wooden rattle toys

Traditional pull-along wooden cart

Wooden peg dolls

3) Crafts India Emporium

The third in the list of the best wooden toy companies is the Crafts India Emporium. Being an Indian brand they have a set of traditional Indian peg dolls from different states of India. Apart from that, they also have a number of puzzles and musical toys as well. My younger daughter loves the wooden slippery cars and thus it goes first in the list of favorites.

Wooden slippery cars gravity track set

Wooden colorful ABCD Cow puzzle

Handcrafted wooden spring dinosaur

4) Taruh kids store

The next on the list of the best wooden toy companies is the Taruh kids store. Taruh in Sanskrit stands for trees and this brand takes its inspiration from that. Even though their toys are a little expensive, they are worth the money as they are made of high-quality wood and organic colors. They also have a lot of innovative toys and a beautiful wooden gym set. I’m listing down some of the toys that my kids loved.

Taruh neem rolling rattle

Taruh wooden wild animals set

Taruh wooden play gym mini set (rainbow)

5) Shumee toys

The next on the list of the best wooden toy companies is Shumee. Like Taruh, the toys are a bit on the higher end but it is definitely worth it. I got the 8 in 1 wooden activity push walker for my second daughter and now that she has outgrown it, it is passed to her cousin. Both of them love the walker and the toys that come along with it. So, the walker goes first on the list, followed by two more interesting toys.

8 in 1 wooden activity musical walker

5 in 1 wooden activity learning triangle

Wooden penguin Roly poly tumbler toy

6) Crazy Crafts

The second last on the list of the best wooden toy brands is Crazy Crafts. As per their name, they have a lot of creative wooden toys. These toys are mostly educational while also serving the purpose of being a toy. Their toys also improve hand-eye coordination while also improving brain capacity. My daughters love their mini bowling set as it is quite a unique and entertaining piece. So, without a doubt, that goes in the top of the list.

Mini entertainment desktop bowling set

12 colors domino blocks (pack of 120)

Wooden jigsaw puzzle (40 pieces)

7) Skola toys

Last but not least in the list of the best wooden toy companies is the Skola toys. It is one of the best Indian-made toy and game brands. Like crazy crafts, Skola also focuses on the learning aspect of toys. They have a variety of toys categorized based on themes like hand-eye movement, dexterity, cognition and such. One of their most popular wooden toys is their stacking tower. They also have numerous other wooden toys that would definitely enhance your child’s vocabulary and creative skills. I’ll list down three of their most popular and useful toys.

Step tower – 2 colours

Word wheel

Wooden sand art

All the above-mentioned wooden toy companies and brands are based in India and they provide the best and the safest wooden toys that are out there in the market.

Safety tips and tricks

Now that we have looked at the list of the best wooden toy companies and the reasons why they are the best, let us move to the next segment. Before buying any wooden toy, despite the company, do consider the following tips to make sure that the toy is the best for your little bundle of joy. Let us now jump into the basic tips.

  • Check for the quality of the paints in the toy. Make sure that the paints are made of organic materials and not artificial chemicals.
  • Look for the quality and the material of the wood. Some woods are easily breakable and they are hazardous for the little ones. So, make sure that the toy is made out of strong wood.
  • Make sure that the wooden toy does not have any detachable parts. These might pose a choking hazard for the baby.

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Summing up

I hope the list of the best wooden toy companies mentioned above along with the tips will help you with choosing the safest wooden toys for your little munchkins. Most of my kids’ favorite toys are wooden toys and I hope that you can also find a wooden toy that would become your child’s favorite from the best wooden toy companies that I have listed in the article. Happy and safe playtime for your kid from mine!

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